How London is Being Infiltrated by Brutal Foreign Hitmen and Cocaine-Kingpins

Good to see the NBM getting a mention alongside Albanian cocaine kingpins, Somali street gangsters, Russian hit squads, turkish-cypriot mobsters, jamacian yardies, chilean burglary tourists and the italian mafia.

Full article:


London has become a hotbed of international criminals….

in the capital, people have been beaten to death, knifed in the street, found impaled on railings and had their homes raided, in incidents all linked to international gangs….

“We’ve observed a rise of internationally-affiliated gangs controlling illegal trade and organised criminal activity in areas of London and across county borders surrounding London and further afield,” says top London-based defence solicitor Nick Titchener.

“These criminal networks can span continents and will engage in activities such as drug, firearm and people trafficking, fraud offences and prostitution, with the proceeds of criminal activity then being laundered in a variety of ways to disguise the profit that is being generated.”

“Unfortunately, with the drugs and sex trade there is often an associated increase in violent crimes, serious assault charges, and murder offences as control of an area is fought for.”

Nigerian criminals were also linked to London last year, when three siblings were convicted of laundering nearly £1 million through UK bank accounts for the Black Axe organised crime ring.

The trio, who lived in Greenwich, were working directly for the leader of the gang – which is banned in Nigeria and has been linked to murders, rapes, extortion and drug dealing, the CPS said.

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