The NBM Murders – Feb 2020

The NBM Murders continue in February 2020….

On the 3rd Feb it’s reported that 22 NBM members in Lagos State are arrested and arraigned on two charges: conspired to commit murder and conducting themselves in a way likely to cause a breach of the public peace. The accused persons were alleged to have killed one Ajibola Muyideen, 40, Afolabi Onifade and four others.

On the 16th Feb it’s reported Lagos State police arrested the “most wanted Aiye Confraternity cult leader, Samora, and eight other members”… “for murder, armed robbery and other related offences”. Police sated ““The gang is responsible for a series of violent attacks and gang violence in Imota and environs. One of such violent attacks happened on February 12, at about 8.30 am  which led to the death of David  Nwanga, 30 , of Araro Adamo area”

On the 21st Feb it’s reported two are left dead following a battle between two cults. When “the dust had settled, two people including “Soko” have been butchered to death”. In another report further information is added that the victims were killed and their hands removed by members of the NBM.

Also on the 21st Feb it is reported that 15 people have been killed in the space of 4 days in Edo State relating to violence between the NBM and Eiye. Victims reportedly “mowed down in gruesome manner”.

On Feb 22nd it’s reported that after another clash in Lagos State between the NBM and Eiye “two persons had been hacked to death”.

On the 23rd Feb it’s reported Lagos State police arrest 17 cultists following a battle between NBM and Eiye. Which after “freely brandishing cutlasses and axes” left “many of the participants with various degrees of injuries”.

On the 24th Feb it’s reported 3 people have been killed in different clashes in Lagos State. Firstly NBM members kill two Eiye members who then followed with a reprisal attack leaving an NBM member dead.

On the 25th Feb it’s reported that 4 people are murdered in Benue State. Making it 5 people killed in 3 days following clashes between the NBM and “Red Axe”. A source who “did not want to be named said one Black Axe cult member was killed and in a reprisal attack, four Red members were killed including the pharmacist who was a Red member; he was shot in his shop”

Also on the 25th it’s reported that the Inspector General of Police has deployed a special team to Edo State to curb the killings. The latest violence between the NBM and Eiye there leaving the “son of a Benin Chief was shot and rushed to the hospital where doctors are battling to save him” and “A headless body suspected to be related to cult killing was Tuesday morning found”

NBM & Eiye Edo Killings Continue. IGP Deploys Special Squad.

With the NBM’s Henry Idahagbon no longer in his position of Attorney General  perhaps Chris Ezike’s “Special Squad” will have more success this time around. 


More persons have been killed in the ongoing cult war between eiye and aiye confraternities in Benin City, Edo state.

At Sokponba road, son of a Benin Chief was shot and rushed to the hospital where doctors are battling to save him.

Several other persons have been killed in different parts of the state especially in Murtala Mohammed Way, Second East circular and other areas.

A headless body suspected to be related to cult killing was Tuesday morning found at Third Junction by Ikpoba Slope.

However, to curb the cult killings, it was gathered the Inspector General of Police drafted a special squad to the state.

The Special Squad was said to have contacted a former Edo Commissioner of Police, Chris Ezike, to help them tackle cultism in Edo.

Ezike once led a special squad to Edo where cult leaders including those serving in the then administration of Adams Oshiomhole were arrested, paraded and detained for several days.

The intervention of Ezike saw many cultists fled the state and cult related killings stopped.

Sources said the Special Squad has begun raiding of black spots.

Edo: 15 Killed as NBM and Eiye Clash

Edo State has seen a fresh spate of violence in the State. At least 15 murders related to a cult war between the NBM and the Eiye Confraternity in the past week.

Mr Crusoe Osagie, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy giving a little nod and a wink suggesting he knows who’s involved.

He’s stated: “anyone who used delinquent youths to cause mayhem in the state would not be spared” and the local government were sounding “a note of warning to persons disrupting public peace and security in the state”

A similar warning was issued a little over a week ago with the suspected protagonists named (EPM/NBM Members) who he ordered to be put under “surveillance”.


15 killed in Edo cult clash

More than 15 persons have been killed since Monday February 17 in renewed cult war across Edo State, The Nation has learnt.

It was gathered that the killings were to mark the one year anniversary of the killing of two rival leaders of Aye and Eiye confraternities.

Eight persons were killed on Tuesday at Nomayo Junction, Aifuwa and Three House areas along Upper Sakponba Road in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area.

Witnesses described the scene as a war theatre.

One man said over 30 persons hid inside his shop at Three House Junction while the cult boys were shooting intermittently.

At the notorious Third Junction, four persons were killed while others were killed in different parts of the state.

It was gathered that some suspects arrested in connection with last year’s killings, especially two leaders of Eiye and Aye confraternities, were released last month.

Policemen were later seen at Third Junction arresting suspected cultists but residents said they were arresting innocent traders and artisans.

Police spokesman Chidi Nwabuzor said he was yet to be briefed on the cult killings, adding that the police have a right to randomly arrest people within the vicinity of crime, release the innocent and prosecute suspects.

The state government has decried the increase in cult-related killings in the state.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Crusoe Osagie, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, said the state government would not condone any act of violence.

He said that anyone who used delinquent youths to cause mayhem in the state would not be spared.

Osagie said it had become expedient to sound a note of warning to persons disrupting public peace and security in the state.

He noted that the government had directed security agencies in the state to bring violators to book.

“We are working closely with the Nigeria Police Force and other relevant security agencies in the state to arrest the rise in cult clashes.

“We assure that these clashes will be contained,” he said.

Osagie appealed to parents to keep a close eye on their wards and children and monitor their whereabouts so they would not be used to do the bidding of desperate persons.



War in Edo 2020 – Violence, Bombs, Gunmen, False Flag Terror and The NBM.

It’s not click-bait… It’s Edo State politics.

What i’m starting to notice about news reporting in Edo State (and Nigeria generally) is that the press pick up on individual stories but very rarely seem to link them into what are clearly ‘mega-stories’ of significant public interest.

Another all out war in Edo State looms as the next governorship election draws closer and the first shots have been fired (very literally).

Usually it’s one political group against another (say APC v PDP). However this year the APC currently have full control of Edo State and the power struggle is an internal one. It’s already turning very nasty.

Two sides have formed. One group supporting the current governor: Godwin Obaseki

The other group supporting a breakaway faction hoping for the instillation of: Osagie Ize-Iyamu

The breakaway faction (supporting Ize-Iyamu) have formed an internal “pressure group” called The Edo Peoples Movement (EPM). Whilst their counterparts supporting Obaseki have formed The Obaseki/Shaibu Movement (OSM).

The pressure group EPM consist of a nefarious bunch. A mix of cultists, cultist utilizers and terrorists. Their idea of “pressure” is the use of violence, bombs, gunmen, false flag terrorism and the NBM.

A good article here documents how the two sides are comprised.

Many of the same names just happen to appear in this blog post from 2016 (which also details EPM’s Adams Oshiomhole’s historic relationship with the NBM and cultists generally)

Other notable figures in the EPM aside from Adams Oshiomhole are: Osaro Obazee (NBM), Tony “Kabaka” Adun (NBM) and Hon Henry Idahagbon (NBM). Just to name a small few. Most of the EPM in fact seem to be of notably bad character.

Tony “Kabaka” Adun is the hired thug you hire to hire hired thugs. He was weaponized by Adams Oshiomhole during his governorship election and rewarded with a government role which saw him extorting (through brutality and murder) the population of Edo. He’s now a billionaire. Quite an oddball one.

Hon Henry Idahagbon is the former Edo State Attorney General responsible for the release of hundreds of cultists arrested for murder some years ago.

And last but not least is the EPM’s governorship hopeful himself Osagie Ize-Iyamu. Ize-Iyamu is the character mentioned here in this post referred to as “Kpelebe” and is notably at the time of writing awaiting a court trial for corruption.

The unhappy NBM member stating “The politicians wants to control NBM for the thugs Mayor have been supplying and using to collect vast amounts of money from the government (through) kpelebe”

It’s fair to say the EPM have a very strong affiliation with the Neo Black Movement. Both historically and currently today.

So where is the violence, bombs, gunmen and false flag terrorism?

This is where it gets interesting….

On one hand Governor Godwin Obaseki seems to be playing by the book. He recently ordered the arrest of Adams Oshiomhole accusing “Adams Oshiomhole and his co-dissidents in the proscribed Edo Peoples Movement (EPM) were causing violence and crises in the state”

“Oshiomhole’s unholy romance with the EPM has continually threatened the peace in the state, causing bodily harm to Edo people and destruction of property worth millions of naira.”

“Oshiomhole along with his lieutenants in the proscribed Edo Peoples Movement (EPM) resorted to the use of explosives and other dangerous weapons in some parts of the state, thereby endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens.””

Governor Godwin Obaseki also ordered and carried out the demolition of Tony Kabaka’s multi-million dollar luxury hotel that was built of the grounds of a primary school. Even despite Kabaka employing two lions as security guards.

However the EPM are claiming otherwise and are claiming Governor Godwin Obaseki is out to kill them. Their claims are somewhat non credible.

In October 2019 Adams Oshiomhole claims he is set upon by a horde of thugs sent by Governor Obaseki. He claims his own army of “APC Youth” countered the attack and nobody was hurt. The police responded by saying no such incident had occurred and the story was fabricated.

Next it was the NBM and EPM’s Henry Idahagbon who was subject to a high profile alleged assassination. He claims that assailants arrived in three cars to his Benin City office and fired from the road into the third floor of his building. Somewhat baffling to me that hired killers would expect to hit anything located in a third floor office from the ground.

Edo State police said they were unaware of any incident having taken place but Henry Idahagbon’s aide claimed “If I take you upstairs now, you will see things for yourselves and you will see the bullet holes on the wall”

EPM’s Lawrence Okah was next to be claiming to be subject to an equally hapless series of attacks. First he claims that gunmen arrived one night and “I heard gunshots. They shot at my bedroom. The police came and picked 52 bullets from my house”.

The following week he claims to be the victim of an attempted bomb plot to kill him. Again not a single person is even scratched by the incident. A bomb goes off at his gate and an un-exploded device is found close to his bedroom window.

During this incident it just so happens Osagie Ize-Iyamu is present at the property. Very curiously he offers an explanation of what didn’t happen: “Who will go and throw a bomb in his own house because he wants to do mischief?”

Osagie Ize-Iyamu been in the orbit of similar mischief back in 2014 when he claimed (his new best friend) Adams Oshiomhole had ordered the bombing of Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s wife’s dental office. Adams Oshiomhole claiming Ize-Iyamu and his cohorts were “stage-managing assaults on its agents to be used as pretext by its thugs to attack officials of Edo State Government”

Which is exactly what Governor Obaseki and the Edo State Government is asserting is happening with these recent incidents. They claim the EPM are staging attacks against themselves to blame the government.

The state government described Ize-Iyamu, Oshiomhole and their alleged cohorts as the common denominators of political violence in Edo State.

“On the 19th of October, 2014, this same Ize-Iyamu announced that his house along Dennis Osadebey Way, GRA, Benin City, where his wife carries out her dental practice was bombed and at that time, he pointedly stated that Oshiomhole, who was then governor of the state, was responsible for the attack. From that time till now, there has been a cessation of the use of explosives and other dangerous weapons in causing mayhem and heating up the political space in the state.

“It is, therefore, rather curious that with the same Ize-Iyamu coming back into the political space in the last three months, extreme political violence has resurfaced with bombs going off in parts of the state and gunmen attacking politically exposed persons.”


The Edo State government recently released a press release on the whole debacle detailing their theory of the EPM’s motive for carrying out the attacks.


The Edo State Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Hon. Paul Ohonbamu, has said the former governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Osagie Ize-Iyamu and members of the proscribed Edo Peoples Movement (EPM) are working towards forcing the Federal Government to declare a State of Emergency in the state.

This followed the use of explosives and other dangerous weapons by persons linked to the group in causing mayhem and heating up the political space in Edo State.

Ohonbamu, who spoke with journalists in Benin City, reiterated that the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki is not prone to violence and has nothing to gain in threatening the lives of opposition members.

He said it was laughable that the bombings have continued to follow the same pattern, noting, “In the past two weeks, we have had incidents of bombings in the state allegedly orchestrated by the members of the Edo People Movement (EPM) who went ahead to point accusing fingers to the Obaseki-led administration.

“The genesis of the whole problem started with the inauguration of the Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA) as the group, EPM, accused the governor forgetting that he doesn’t inaugurate the House but rather issues proclamation. They tried to use the National Assembly, the Senate and Federal House of Representatives against the governor but failed. Now their option is to resort to bombings to create the impression that the state is not safe so that the President will declare a state of emergency in Edo State,” he added.

He noted, “The recent moves in deploying bombings have merely portrayed their weakness and fear of electoral defeat. The defeat is sure and it is in fixed deposit. Osagie Ize-Iyamu was defeated before and will be defeated again any time any day. What is happening now is not a surprise as the intention of the EPM is to embarrass the Edo State Government by creating the impression that the state is not safe and the government is not doing well in terms of security but their plans have failed.

“Violence is a vice, which Ize-Iyamu imbibed right from childhood as Oshiomhole told us how Ize-Iyamu bathed people with acid while the pastor was schooling in the University of Benin (UNIBEN).”

The commissioner urged the people of Edo State to remain calm as the state remains peaceful, adding, “There is no cause for alarm as the security architecture is effectively keeping the state safe for all who reside in the state. The EPM wants to create the impression that the state is not safe, so that President Muhammadu Buhari will declare a state of emergency in Edo State. They should wait till the party primary and show how strategic they are by winning.”



It would seem to be a fair assessment of the situation.

I’d go on to conclude that whereas the Italian security services have recently stated it’s a concern that the NBM could be become responsible for extremist activities then they are probably unaware of the NBM’s activities in Edo State.

Activities that are pulled right out from Adolf Hitler’s book of tactics and that of far right elements in the orbit of Operation Gladio and other such other things.

Interesting weeks and months ahead in Edo State.

“We Are All Black Axe”

Is the NBM the same organisation as the Black Axe?

Lord Hasting’s view: 

“Make I answer question 5 to the best of my knowledge. Firstly the national body knows we are all black axe even though they have openly denied the fact. but the truth of the matter is that NBM is a registered organisation/movement in Nigeria and has very prominent members and these members have high posts or positions in various organisations or societies. The Nigerian press and media have always called ayes killers, blood suckers, rapist, and 419 just to name a few. So because of the bad names the media and some ayes have in our various temples, the national body decided to disassociate themselves from temple ayes popularly known as black axe. For NBM to remain registered in Nigeria and the world as a whole, it must not be associated with killings, rape, armed robbery and the rest. Take for instance you are a senate president, inspector general of police, governor of the state or even a chairman or board of trustees in a company, will you come out and say you are a black axe member? The answer is NO! and the reason is simple you might end up losing your job.

Lets be honest, we dey enjoy the glory of say naija na corrupt country. the reason why i talk so na because NBM dey register and we get constitution. But we no dey follow the constitution. If Nigerian government serious about or matter, members of the national body and ayes in general will be arrested and sentenced simply because we dey break the rules of our own constitution and also the Nigerian constitution.

Lastly, another reason why NBM dey dis associate themselves from the black axe na like wetin happen recently for Germany. ayes were not allowed to participate in the Berlin carnival because SOMEONE wrote to the German authorities that they should not allow ayes “black axe” to gather. once we gather na to kill and cause trouble.  They were even given links on the internet to see the atrocities black axe has done in nigeria. We will still be back axe but we must use our 6 with the government and jus in general. I greet all axemen.


egede36 - BLACK AXE

An Expression of Love to the Inmates on Valentine’s Day

The NBM has donated $1000 worth of noodles to inmates at Warri Custodian Centre (formerly known as Okere Prison) in Delta State. A move that an official at the prison described as “an expression of love to the inmates on Valentine’s day”.

The NBM described it as “a way to identify with inmates”

I’d describe it as a way for the NBM to deliver noodles and bog roll to members in the State arrested and waiting trial for murder, armed robbery, kidnapping etc etc whilst getting their picture in the paper in the process.



WARRI: A group simply  identified as NBM of Africa has donated items valued at almost four hundred thousand naira to Warri Custodian Centre (formerly known as Okere Prison)  on Okere road, Warri,Delta state. Flanked by Chairman of the body in the state  Prince Ochuko Oyoroko,  ,Olorogun Reginald Asiuwhu,Zonal OC Legal and Pippa Ochuko ,Member Legal Committee the National OC Legal Forum  of the body Chief Kelvin Agbroko said the Welfare Visit was a way to identify with inmates. He further enjoined the inmates to take advantage of the correctional programmes offered by the Nigeria Correctional Service to be properly rehabilitated .

Continuing, he said they should know that they can still contribute meaningfully to society when they are released, adding that the NBM was ready to offer probono (free) legal services for inmates in need.  items donated include water dispenser, noodles ,toiletries,confectioneries. The Forum also undertook to take up cases of some indigent inmates. An official of the Custodian Centre, Mr Onyi Polinus who received the items thanked the donors, saying tit was an expression of love to the inmates on Valentine’s day. Other members of the group present were Nnamani Obiora , Tombrien Menekpo, Ogieriakhi Clement, Edirin Odiolio.and Wilson Ofoghoma .


Bemigho Temple Wahala

Historic wahala from Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo’s time as National Head of the NBM.

The Elders at Futajallon Temple questioning why “If Zonal and National bodies have in the Open denounce link with temple activities why should they in secret be having a romance with Temples, interfering in temple activities and playing politics”

and recommending “all Axemen, temples and NBM bodies in Nigeria and beyond to deassociate themselves from His malreasoning and go about with their activities in disregard the acts of Bemingho and his cohorts”


Update from Futajallon….
We the Council of Elders in Futajallon would love to inform the members, bodies and Temples of the Neo Black Movement of Africa, that the ongoing activities of Jew Name Bermuda the supposed National Head, of Suspending Temples and various Temple Head in the Neo Black Movement is Ultra Vires his powers. The big questions that border our mind is? If Zonal and National bodies have in the Open denounce link with temple activities why should they in secret be having a romance with Temples, interfering in temple activities and playing politics. We say with great regret that Bermuda wants to drag himself to an egumon music that he would not love the dance that follows. Thus we are saying that there has never been anytime FutaJallon Mother Temple 1 has been under Zone or National Body in the past, present or in the future. We will like to say that the acts of Bernuda is as a result of his uncontrolled selfish interest, political ambition, tyrannical attitude and lastly his lack of basic orientation. We urge all Axemen, temples and NBM bodies in Nigeria and beyond to deassociate themselves from His malreasoning and go about with their activities in disregard the acts of Bemingho and his cohorts.
Aye axe men..

Bergamo Head Busting Wahala

This a report of one lord who stay in Bergamo ju name JUDE (+39********99) stroge name OBA AKENZUA blended 2010 at Benin zone.

On sunday a groove was at Brembate sopra(Bergamo) very close to my house, and i was invited by ju name Osas, when i got there i saw ju name Jude he ask me to drop him at ponte train station when an going i say ok, so we where together,suddenly i did not see ju name Jude i check for him he was no where to be found then i went home.After about five minites ju name osas call me to inform me that there is cops in that groove because Jude has bust a boy head at the same time Jude called me that i should please come and carry him from the groove i went to pick him, i asked him why did he burst the boy head he denied until i find out that it was true, then i called 3 lords in the town to tell me more about him i find out that he is a constitutor in the town that he did this same thing with one lord ju name Austine that was why he when to Nigeria for blending i believe this great movement will not accommodate this kind of act that is the reason i tender this issue to the zone for observation of ju name Jude.

Lord Abela Titular Crier 2 Italian Zone

Brescia Drunken Wahala


The Brescia inter-talk/seminar commenced @5:10pm with 14 lords in attendance,Lord thiogo wantiogo was the emergengy cp, introduction of lords present was followed and NBM anthem was recited, LP was sang to make the house colorful. Lord thiogo wanthiogo advised lords on issue concerning onelove among our self.

Lord el kanemi told the house that Lord ibin godidi (zonal Head) is on his way to this IT and all lords should be of good conduct and behave their self, Lord nnmadi azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added to what lord el kanemi said by telling the house that we should be very happy and privileged to have our zonal Head in brescia. lord bizingo (Ju name Eghe) asked if the zonal head is coming for our inauguration, Lord el kanemi replied by telling him that our zonal Head is coming to give a seminar not for our inauguration and Brescia as a city has not meet up to the requirement and we all are still in the process.

Lord El kanemi read the requirement needed for operating a neighborhood and told the house that we elected our chairman in our first IT, which was an over sight and was suppose to be number 5 in the requirement but all the same we have done number 5 in the requirement and we should work together to successfully have our neighborhood.Lord sudiata kaiyita( ju name police) asked if our elected neighborhood chairman has been accredited by the zone? He replied and said No but he will do so very soon.

At 8:01 the zonal head arrived with his B1, B2 and verona neighborhood chairman and verona neighborhood B1.

Lord ibin godidi(Head) started by telling lords in brescia to do away from violence and the days of temple behavior is over. If you feel too rugged, why don’t you go to reggio emilia where earthquake happened and donate 2 euro instead of thinking about violence. He also added and said how can a lord enter a train without a train ticket and when he is later sent to the deportation camp, the same lord will start complaining that italians are racist. How can a lord walk up to another guy(ju) and slap or beat him up just because he is an axeman.

We should all work together to make Italian zone one of the best zone in the world. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) ask lord bula wire (ju name marvel) to explain the meaning of July 7, he stood up and said, it is a day were all Ayes come together and flex, Lord ibin godidi (Head) corrected marvel and told him that july 7 is not just to come together and flex. He later added and told the house about july 7 coming up in Padova and the dressing code is black and white or Regalia (African wear) and the time is 5pm till 00 hours.
Lord bula wire(Ju name marvel )was asked to tell the house a brief history of Bula wire, He replied and said that bula wire is a freedom fighter. Lord ibin godidi (Head) asked him if that is the only thing he knows about bula wire, he replied yes.

Ju name marvel was asked to tell the house what really went wrong that he had to slap a grown up man. He replied and said, that very day he was with lord walter susulu(ju name collins) and lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) he was drunk already and slept off in the parco so when he woke up, the two lords started calling him Obote for drinking and sleeping in the parco even a ju came around and laughed at him when he was sleeping. He asked the two lords where is the ju that was laughing at him they pointed at one boy, he walked up to the boy and slapped him twice. Lord ibin godidi (Head) told his B2 to discharge his duty by giving ju name mavel 22 jenet.

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked Lord walter susulu (ju name collins) to tell the house how everything happened because he was there. he narrated a similar story but disagreed that no body told ju name marvel that a ju came and laughed at him, He woke up and just went to the boy, slapped him for no reason. Lord ibin godidi (Head) also told lord Marcus Garve to narrate his own side of the story, which he did. Lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) told the house that when ju name marvel woke up they told him that he has been sleeping for over 2 hours and so many ju’s have been passing by. Then marvel woke up walked up to a certain ju close to them and slapped him twice.

Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked Lord El kanemi (ju name Hennessy) if he was there when the whole incident happened and if what ju name Oz said is correct, Lord El kanemi replied and said yes. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked the zonal B2 to give Lord Bula wire (ju name marvel) 30 jenet and placing an embargo on him to stay away from alcohol in any public place for a period of 3 months.

Lord ibin godidi (Head) told Lord sodiata kaiyita(ju name police) to stand up and tell the house why he collected money from a zonal exco and lied to him that you wanted to use it to travel along with them to the IT held at marche region which he never attended. Lord ibin godidi told him to fall out for 20 jenet.

Lord Austin momento (ju name wizzi) raised another issue concerning some lords that drink and misbehave, he later use Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) as an example. Lord nnmadi Azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added by saying ju name Eghe do get drunk and become too violent. Ju name Eghe was asked by the zonal Head if what these lords just said are true, he replied and said No. Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) told the house that what these lords are saying are things that happen last year and since this year he have been of good conduct. Lord El kanemi (ju name hennessy) told the house that Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) use to be too aggressive when he drinks but he have not seen eghe in such act again.

Lord ibin godidi(head) asked four lords to observe and contribute on the issue concerning ju name Eghe. the four lords that contributed were Lord Sodiata Kaiyita(ju name police), Lord lourent Kabilla (ju name kizzo. zonal B1), Lord Muta muta Baruka(ju name John. Verona neighborhood chairman) and Ju name atekha (verona neighborhood B1).

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked ju name Eghe to fall out for 30 jenet but later reduced to 20.

Lord El kanemi was ask to fall out for 20 jenet for taking laws into his hand when marvel was drunk but later reduced to 8.

Lord walter Susulu (ju name Collins) was asked to fall out for 30 jenet by the zonal Head for slapping a fellow lord and fighting the lord with his eiye brother but later reduced to 20.

The closing prayer was said at 11:59pm by the emergency cp.

FJ 2 2002
Brescia Caretaker committee Member

Temple Wahala – NBM’s Most Wanted

Wanted Dead or Alive…. 25,000 Naira reward! 

Another instance of NBM meddling in the university system. Something they claim (lies) to have removed themselves from in 1994. Their presence in the university system is highly illegal under Nigerian law.

In this case the NBM have issued a “Most Wanted” notice for 5 Temple Ayes including the former FJ1 Temple Head, former Udi Temple Head, former FJ1 Chairman, former Ashanti High Temple Head and the former Nge High Temple Head. 

Whats very curious about this notification is that the former officials are standing accused of “operating closed down temples” and yet the notification states “The temple CP is to take over the leadership of the temple immediately”

Wouldn’t then the CP be operating (illegally) a closed down temple? 


Aye! Axe-men,
On the orders of the National Head,  FJ1 & Nge High Temple Heads and chairmen are hereby deaxed.
The temple CP is to take over the leadership of the temple immediately.
Also, the NEXCO has also declared a manhunt on the following deaxed persons for carry out various heinous crimes, illegal blending and operating closed down temples.
1. Wisdom Oboh ( former Udi Temple Head )
2. Osasu ( former FJ1 head)
3. Nicholas (former FJ1 C-man)
4. Uyabeme Ijeoma Martins (former Ashanti High Temple Head )
5. Maye (Former Nge High Temple Head )
If apprehended,  they should be taken to the nearest Police Station and a call put through to the National Eye (08******** ).
The NEXCO is given the sum of twenty five thousand naira (N25, 000) to anyone that can help apprehend any of these men.
Also, the following persons are hereby placed on indefinite suspension for forcefully leading Lords and Ayes in Isoko Sub-zone to renunciation through sworn affidavit:
1. Ibave Raphael (Lord Oba Akenzua
2.  Epike Blessing (Lord Marcus Garvey)
The National Head have also directed the leadership of the Kwale Zone to swing into full action and stop the proposed jolly by Kanta Ethiopia II High Temple today.

Aye! Axe-men,
Lord Ibn Walata
( National Eye )