International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 3

Part 3 of the ‘International Index of NBM Wahala’

Part 1 is available here…

Part 2 is available here…

And all 3 collections live here…


Abia Zone Wahala – Lord Mafaraja Safaraja (more commonly known as Idika Chidinma) standing accused of “gross incompetence, misconduct, lack of orientation, flagrant abuse of office and embezzlement”

Abuja zone Wahala – Dr. Ukiri Richard recalls the Abuja Zonal Head “breaking bottles, threatening to stab a former head (Emma) and the head subsequently returned with a metal which he used to heat the COE table”

Barcalona Wahala – Don Tete Smart is accused, by Lucky Iriemwin, of working as a police informant, been responsible for another Lord finding his way to prison and for kicking that member’s girlfreind out from their flat.

Cocaine Wahala – Part 1 -Unhappy NBM member in South America a little upset regarding a “bird” (drug courier) getting cold feet. Seems not even any cocaine was lost. Only the money for the flight and for the ‘bird’s’ pocket money for their 2 week stay was lost….. but still the punishment is death.

Cocaine Wahala – Part 2 -NBM member a little upset again about been scammed… This time for 1kg of coke. More threats….

Cocaine Wahala – Part 3 – More unhappiness from NBM/Black Axe cocaine traffickers… In this instance an NBM member describing how his “bird” (drug mule/courier) has vanished.

France Wahala – Lord Kwame Nkruma of the France zone complains about: EXCO Positions for cash, nepotism and slaps.

Germany Wahala – Another Lord “drugged a lords wife and sexually embarrasssed her. The lady is now going through a therapy with the aid and advise from a medical doctor”

Italy Zone Wahala – a petition against the attempted removal of the former Italy Zone Head by the Italy COE (Council of Elders). Following an incident that involves a car accident, strangulation, “thrumped up” charges, the embezzlement of 18,000 Euros and someone vomiting money.

Media Wahala – Huge media backlash as the NBM’s latest feeble image laundry attempt gifting two iron shelters to the traffic police in Osun State

Napoli Wahala – Historic incident effecting the Napoli Forum (sub-zone of the Italy Zone) Co-ordinator Iroguosa Orlando AKA ‘Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’ featuring the now well known Austin Ewosa AKA ‘Johnbull’ AKA ‘Fifty Cent’ AKA ‘Lord Barsi Bagada’ 

River State Wahala – A graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, identified as Ikeadighim Michael Nwachukwu arrested for been a member of the NBM

Spain Zone Wahala – NBM in the Spain Zone scratch their heads over whether or not a member can resign from their position as an ‘Elder’… Added complication in this instance with the member doing a u-turn and attempting to reacquire his position

Switzerland Zone Wahala – Broken legs, bottles smashed over heads, a violent ambush and embezzlement in the Switzerland Zone. 

Woolwich Wahala – a member comes over from Nigeria to London and is killed by the UK Police during been restrained. 

Zino Fazizi Wahala – Allegations a member was chatting up another’s wife. 



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