Site Going Offline….

Only joking…

But in fact, more accurately, the site will not be posting any new content until the 29th Jan 2020. 

The 29th Jan 2020 marks the 5th Anniversary of Bemigho147Watch and as a special treat some exciting posts will be shared. Nails in the NBM coffin.

As a new years resolution I’d resolved to gather together as much new, unseen and contemporary information as possible… and for the princely sum of $2 I have managed to do that in only 15 days.

It’ll take some time to get together and will be posted in parallel with other efforts to essentially destroy the NBM in Nigeria. Something I really believe now might be possible. 

So as a special 5th Birthday I hope to announce: the death of the NBM

Feel Free to Leave your Thoughts on the Matter Here



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