Houston – Zonal Application

From 2012 some documentation that demonstrates how a ‘Forum’ (a small handful of Lords located in one particular geographic location) apply to the National Body to become registered within the NBM as a fully fledged “Zone”. 

The National body request the ‘Forum’ apply in writing, submit their intended ‘codes of conduct’ and several of their recorded minutes as evidence they are meeting within that location. The NCOE (National Council of Elders) receive the application before handing off to the National Head to sign off on the matter. 

The subject was addressed at a NCOE meeting on 25th Feb 2012 held in Esan Zone as the 4th matter:


  1. Application for Zonal status was received from Houston-USA forum and was handed over to the National Head to treat.







This code of conduct is intended to cover situations commonly encountered by members of NBM Houston Zone. Membership includes acceptance of this code and other provisions spelt out in the NBM constitution which remains supreme and superior to this Bye-Law/code of conduct.

Adherence of this code of conduct.

Members of Neo Black Movement Houston Texas Zone shall ensure that their conduct meets the ethical principals laid out in this code of conduct. Members shall report any violations of this code of ethics to the Head or Chairman COE. A review of the allegations will be conducted by the COE. Violations of this code may lead to expulsion from NBM or other punishments that may be prescribed by the COE.

Part One: Ethical Principles.

In addition to the provisions of Article 8 Section 65 Sub-Section 1-11; All Lords in Houston Zone must:

Act In the best interest of Movement
Be honest with everyone
Do no harm and if possible provide benefits
Act with integrity
Avoid conflicts of interest
Respect privacy, confidentiality and anonymity

Part Two: Meetings

The general meetings shall be held once every month on the first Saturday of every month.
General meeting should start no later than 7.00pm and end exactly at 9.00pm.
Punctuality to the meeting is highly important.
There shall be no inappropriate dressing while attending the meeting (e.g.  Body hugs, flip flops, shorts, face caps).
There shall be a fee of $20 for lateness: lateness to meeting starts immediately after reading of the late minute meeting.
There shall be a fine of $30 for absentees from the meeting without permission.
There shall be no refreshments until after the meeting.



Part three: Benefits

A  newly registered member in the zone must maintain membership for a minimum of 6 months unless otherwise herein stated, to be entitled to any benefits. Wherever “member” is used in these benefits recommendations; it refers to an Axe-Lord in good standing as at the date and time of the occurrence that warrants such benefits.
Death of a member: The movement shall give the sum of $1000 to the bereaved surviving spouse of a member. Where here is no surviving spouse known to the movement before the death of such member, this money will go to the children of record i. If the children are minors the fund will be given to their legal guardian.

Death of Child: The movement shall pay condolence to the bereaved parents with the sum of $500.
Death of Parent(s): On being informed of the death of a parent of a member, the movement shall pay condolence visit with $500.00.
Death of a spouse: On being informed of the death of a spouse, the movement shall pay the surviving spouse, condolence visit with $1000.
New Born: On being informed, the movement will visit with $200 to any new born child.
Graduation: With the receipt of a letter or card for graduation from high school, the movement shall give the new high school graduation a gift of $200.The parent of the child shall meet the criteria for benefit, for the child to receive the gift.
Response to invitations: The movement will honor an invitation from legitimate and recognized organization that did such with at least a bottle of VSOP and $100 to the Zone. In response the movement will donate a gift ranging from $150 to $200. The exact amount will be determined by the COE.
Relocation of a member: The movement will give a $200 gift certificate to a member who is relocating. The member will have to notify the zone that he is relocating.
Immigration awaiting deportation: The movement will do a fund raising for a member that has immigration problem (on the point of deportation).
Wedding Ceremony: When invited to a wedding ceremony of a member, the movement will present the couple with a gift of $500. On request, members will put on their full regalia, if the hosting member wants full NBM ceremony.
Marriage Anniversary: When invited to a wedding or marriage anniversary of 5, 10, 25years wedding/marriage anniversary of a member, the movement will present the couple with a gift of $300.
Catastrophic illness: If a member has a catastrophic illness/sickness, the movement will give the sum of $1000, to that member or his immediate family for his and the family support. During the next general meeting of the movement, levy will be imposed on each member, except the affected member, to cover the $1000. Catastrophic illness/sickness/injury, for the purpose of this benefit is defined as a “a severe condition that affects the mental or physical health of a member and requires that person be hospitalized or institutionalized for a lengthy period of time and prevents him from working for a period of one month or longer. During this period the said member MUST be under the care and services of a licensed Practitioner. Examples of illness/injury/sickness generally severe enough to be considered catastrophic include but not limited to stroke with residual paralysis or weakness, severe heart attack, major surgery, terminal cancer, hepatitis with complication, broken hip that requires lengthy rehabilitation. Under any or all of these health conditions, the total length of hospitalization/institutionalization and rehabilitation under the directives of a licensed practitioner will be at least one full month.

Part four: Finances.
Every member of the movement shall pay a monthly due of $20.
Every member will pay a onetime levy of $100 every year.
The Ihaza will be in charge of all the finances.
None payment of dues for a period of six months will result to suspension of membership.

Part Five: Membership.
To become a member of the movement, the intending member must be a college/University graduate.
The intending member will provide three referees. {Three Dedicated Lords}
There must be thorough vetting of the intending member.
The intending member must believe in the goal and objectives of NBM.
The intending member MUST not have any criminal records or felony case.

Plus other requirements as provided in Article 3 Section 13 {1-5} NBM Constitution on Membership


Part Six: Public Events
Members must abide by the provision of Article 8 Section 62 Sub-Section 5 and Section 65 Sub-Section (1-11) NBM Constitution on Miscellaneous Provisions including Public Events.



Minutes of Houston forum IT held on the 10th day of December 2011Minutes of Houston


forum IT held on the 19th day of November 2011MINUTES OFNBM HOUSTON FORUM




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