Napoli Wahala – The Adventures of Johnbull

Historic incident effecting the Napoli Forum (sub-zone of the Italy Zone) Co-ordinator Iroguosa Orlando AKA ‘Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’ featuring the now well known Austin Ewosa AKA ‘Johnbull’ AKA ‘Fifty Cent’ AKA ‘Lord Barsi Bagada’ 

Austin Ewosa was in 2016 sentenced to 12 years in prison after standing accused of: assault, intimidation, criminal association and attempted murder.

He testified against the Neo Black Movement exposing the organisations activities of drug running, human trafficking, murder, economic crimes, prostitution and various other nasty activities. 

In this incident he faced disciplinary action by the NBM for his part in a burglary of  Iroguosa Orlando’s apartment. 

Another of the countless examples of NBM disciplinary action been taken against a member not for committing crime but for committing a crime against another member of the organisation. 

Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong (Iroguosa Orlando) explains the events:


Aye my regional cordinator and my other heads in the
na me be lord ngugi wa thiong’o jn name alasa shedrack present cordinator napoli forum.
I have a little matter to present and i want the Regional Head and the rest Heads in the Region to look into it and use their good office to make a proper disicion,it all started one morning when some lords came to my house to see a fellow lord that lives with me on a businees matter his name is (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma fj 2/ 2001)at the long run the lady that was introduce by (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma,,,,, into the business ran away with the goods up till now she is no were to be found but the other lords say it was a plan work between the lord and the woman, this said lord has gone round to the placeses were he knows that the lady can be found but all to no avail.
I told (JN goodluck ogbor ,AYE idris aloma,,,,,,that what he has to do is to find a way to talk to the lords to give him more time to find this lady if she was arrested or she ran away just like that if the worst come to worst he will find away to pay back the money but he needs some time to do all this.
I was not in town when one of the lords came to my house (JN oshodi  shegun Aye Mutamuta baruka  Fj 2 1998 )and broke 1 of my speckers and fought with (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma)when i came i saw it was not that damage so i left it that way,i bought a ticket amount 50euros for (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma) to go to padova were he got a code that the lady was hiding before now (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma) has also gone to sardegna to look for this same lady,when my lord came from padova i told him to go and meet up with the rest lords and tell dem his outcome after some hours time i got a call from (JN oshodi  shegun Aye Mutamuta baruka  Fj 2 1998  )saying he got the message i sent to him through (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma)and that he was going to send his own message that i should be ready for it,i called him back to know which message was that but he did not pick his call again,i reported this whole issue to my head austria zone jn isa,he told me to call them but i tried and no body was picking my calls.
I left town on sunday which was on the 7th of august and on the 10th the jew friend that was with me brought his phone and said that (JN johnbull osas alies 50 aye barsi bagada ikpentan 2004 ) called him to open the door that he has message 4 me the jew told him i was not at home,later i called (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma)he told me he was not at home then he said that he saw missed call on his phone and then he called back the number it was (JN osasuwmen, Aye Ayakata Morhammend  FJ 1(1999 )A bucher in the forum, he told (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma) that he was lucky that he was not inside the house if not he would have been a dead man that they just want to inform him that they have vadalize the house,when (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma)got home he saw what they really did in the house then he called me that things are missing in the house then i called my austria head but his phone was not going then i called my germany head then i narracted everything to him,even before then he said he had goten the gist and that i should get home first to see what they really took.
I want to ask a question why will a LORD break into another LORDs house?
is that not a criminal act?
In NBM that is Aye Omila and that is what we don,t want in this great MOVEMENT.
When i got to the house my mind was to report the case to the police but BASE on the LORD when i be and my position as a corditor my mind will not let me don it.
this are the items they took from my house when they broke in
1)    3 laptops——include 1 sony and 2 HPS with their wires.
2)    2  decodas.
3)    1 dvd player and wolfer
4)     hand chain and neck lace
5)     printer and a catton of evelope
6)     1 motorola phone
7)     cd plates
8)     role of wires.
9.     wind internet key
As for the door i have taken pictures of it so that my fellow lords can see,my landlord has ask me to get a police report and to replace the door as soon as possible or i will lose the my house.

I swear by KOROFO that if i know about their business or i was part of it may KRF squice life out of me.

I want this matter to be looked into ASAP.
May Baba K  provide all my heads world wide with wisdom .   Assseee.!
lord ngugi wa thiong’o
IKpitan 97
napoli cordi.



The matter is examined by a committee set up by the NBM and a proposal to resolve the issue is made by the Italian Care-taker Committee Chairman Lord Ibin Godidi (Uwagboe Osahenagharu):


Aye Axemen

Aye my European Regional Coordinator
Aye my Zonal Heads in the Region and to all Chairman COE

The committee extend invitation to all the concern  lords involved in the breaking and entry into the resident of napoli forum coordinator without his concept
and some of his properties  was removed. The European Region and National body has been informed about the ugly incident . The Italian Caretaker committee approved by the national body here by invite the following lords to present at the committee IT slated for verona 13th saturday of this month 2011 without excuse to resolve the chaos in napoli    1  OSASU  2  OLA  3  OSHO  4  FIFTY CENT and the rest other three men . Ignoring the zonal committee IT INVITATION to look on how to resolve the whole issues amicably might lead to ugly decision by recommending those involved to the European Regional
body for De-axetiation. May korofo grant us all travelling mercy to attend the Inter-Talk. Ase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Care-taker committee adopted disciplinary measure against the concern lords involved in the ugly incident for ignoring the committee IT
after full dully observation to the matter presented to the committee by the napoli forum coordinator and evidence of prove that was tended
to  the house along with his testimony ju name Goodluck lord Idris Alooma(FJ2  2001) after seven minutes interrogation prove Napoli forum CD
innocent of been part of the dubious drog business that lead to the crisis. We the caretaker committee members to look into the affairs of the zone before the
full zonal flag administration begin will not condol with that can of miscrat attitude exhibited by the concern lords involved in breaking and entring
well is unfotunat that those can of Ayes are blended into the Neo Black Movement of Africa. Indeed illitracy is a deceased.


The Italian zonal Caretaker Committee agreed on the following resolution
Lords involved data base:  1 JN oshodi  shegun Lord Mutamuta baruka ( Fj 2 1998  )  2 JN johnbull osas (a.k.a Fifty cent) Lord barsi bagada( ikpitan2004 ) 3  JN osasuwmen, Lord Ayakata Morhammend  FJ 1(1999 ) while investigation are sill going on


1 The concern Lords should return back Napoli Coordinator properties with immediate effect(Deadline 7 days)
2 The chance of grace to resolved the whole issues can be re-visited if only they meet up with the deadline
3Thereafter the next step will be taken to know how to resolved the issue without violence
4 Taking laws into your hands is unconstitutional in NBM, it shall be adress on orientation class .After (item 3) adopted
5 tendering apology to Napoli coordinator for mercy and unification of all lords in napoli forum for peice and unity
6 Above all failing to meet up with the deadline of (item 1) Recommendation for De-axetiation to the European Regional Coordinator to
be  effective from on  the day 14th sunday august this month 2011 after 00 hour.
7 There after the coordi can report the issue to the Italian government authority for justice in the court of law.

Lord Ibin Godidi
Lippopo 2006
Italian Cate-taker Committee Chairman


An Inter-Talk is then arranged and time is dedicated to address the issue. It is arranged as the 14th matter during the IT to address (along with another instance of violence occurring in Vicenza):




However the IT does not go well.

Steve Osagiev (Italy Zone human trafficker now serving 6 years in prison) the Zonal Ihaza AKA ‘Lord Jessy Makoko’ explains:


The minutes of the last excos itohan,Napoli Forum on the 20-08-2011
na jew name ebuwa ,lord jessy makoko,s.k high temple2002,
       On that day during the excos IT some temple ayes that was not invited entered into the ground and started interupting my C.D..
        Jew name santus edokpayi,(Aye kaduna nzogwu)
        Jew name john osas aka fifthy(Aye Gbasi gbagada)
       As the itohan was going on,Jew name osho(bucher) said categorically that he doesn`t Recognise Jew name shedrack as the cordinator of the forum and shortly after Jew name fifthy also sophocated my cordinator and that was how the itohan was obstructed without due protocols observed…Then as the caios increased,all men decided to move but Lord Jessy Makoko was attached by Jew name Fifthy and Jew name Santus,tearing my shirt and harrassing me publicly..After some time Jew name ola and kp joined and they pronounced to raba me but The police interveined due to the crowd alert and constituiting of nuisance within residential area..
     After some time,the excos was able to move and change ground in other to fulfil the cry of Mama itohan…
    We were able to agree that Jew name Oshare should pay the for lost item in question..
    He agreed to pay without stress for the item in question within the period of three months..
 I n conclusion,with all due respect my Lords, I hereby leave this case for all the Head in the european region to look into this matter whereby uninvited  Temple Aiyes burst into escho sophocating my CD and attemted to rebel the escho..I will appreciate if my Regional Head look into matter and judge in the NBM way…
          With all Due Respect,
         Lord Jessy Makoko,jew name ebuwa
         Treasurer Italian zonal comitee..


Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong (Iroguosa Orlando) adds to the story documenting an incident before the IT where he was threatened by Johnbull who told him he’d tell all to the police should action be taken against him (a promise he clearly followed through on)


na me be lord NGUGI WA THIONG’O
Cordi napoli forum
AYE my regional head,COE,other Heads in the region,fellow cordi’s and to the committe chair man.
I don’t have much to say because JN ebuwa lord jessy makoko,s.k high temple 2002,as said it all about what happened at the last exco itohan,when those that were not invited came and disturb the peace of the itohan,what i really want is for my regional HEAD and my chair man care taker committe to help me ask (jn JOHN osas known as 50 cent,AYE barsi bagada ikpentan 2004 ) what is his aim in the movement and what he wants from me or the movent? he saw me at the train station before the itohan and he was insulting me and wanted to fight with me and treating to use police for lords if any thing happens to him,this he also said to my committe chair man.
OBSERVATION:I will want the region heads and committe chair man to look into the issue of (jn JOHN osas AKA 50 cent,AYE barsi bagada ikpentan 2004 )and the rest of his loyalist because they are out to bring the name of NBM down and for that simple reason i don’t belive they are needed in the system any more.
Make my heads when nor be headace use their good office to tackle this issue and may your regime never fail ASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Italian Care-taker Committee Chairman Lord Ibin Godidi (Uwagboe Osahenagharu) forwards the matter to the European Regional Coordinator recommending Johnbull be de-axed:


Aye Axemem

Aye my European Regional Coordinator

We the members of the Neo Black Movement of Africa that constitute the care-taker committee  working out modalities to meet up with National Body’s requirement in line with the constitution of NBM on acticle 5 section 19 amendment under the guidance of the European regional body to re-activate Italian zone felt it necessary to announce to the European regional body notification on progressive step taken so far in napoli incident of breaking and entering
The committee resolution items that was sent to the region (item 1) has be archived after inter- contact conversation with the napoli coordinator confirmed
that his properties was return back  to his resident by one of the involved  lord JN osasuwmen, Lord Ayakata Morhammend  FJ 1(1999 ) time reported
22:45 pm before 00 hour the deadline immediately RCD was informed through fhone contact . Before we move on to the next (item 2) the committee executive here by agreed and recommend to NBM European Regional Coordinator. JN johnbull osas (a.k.a Fifty cent) Lord barsi bagada( ikpitan2004 ) for
De-axetiation, while JN santus edokpayi,(Aye kaduna nzogwu)  for indefinite suspension.
The Italian committee urge the region to act as quickly as possible before things fall apart . lords who have the goes to insult coordinator, fight and tear
committee treasurer shirt in the pubic, neglecting NBM constitution can also do the same to any zonal head if he is not death with for others to learn
may korofo grant us all our heart desire as work together with unity to archive a better aim for NBM world wide Aye Axemen !!!!!!!

Lord Ibin Godidi
Lippopo 2006
Care-Taker Committee Chairman


The recommendation is accepted and the de-axation notice is served by the Austria Head (this would generally be an unorthodox member to make that decision but this came at a time when the Italy Zone had been stripped of it’s Zonal status and all Lords placed under the Austria Zones authority) 


Notice of Suspension and Deaxation

Aye my ZH, Cordis and Axemen world wide,
By the powers conferred on me by the council of elders neo black movement of africa, I hereby deaxe Juname fifty, Lord Bazi Bagada (Ikpitan 2004).
Juname Santus Edopkayi,(kaduna Nzeogu), Juname Oshodi, juname Ola and Juname KP are all placed on indefinite suspension till further notice.
As agreed, Oshare should pay the said amount within the time frame or he will be the next for deaxation.
Aye axemen!!!
Jesse Makoko,
Axe Head, Austria Zone.



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