Germany Zone Wahala – Rape of Lord’s Wife

Not the first sexual offence documented in the blog. 

Another instance been the year long raping of a 12 year old child by a member of the Canada Zone

Whats notable in these instances is that members aren’t de-axed for raping children or for drugging and raping women. They are de-axed for raping the children of other members (or close associates) and de-axed for raping the wives of other members.

How many instances of rape and paedophilia go unpunished because the victims are unrelated to other “Lords”?

Cultists are well known to use rape as a weapon. The NBM say they “against rape”. This yet another example of how they do the things they say they are against. 


Neo Black Movement Germany e.V

                                                         NBM German zone
Office of National Head/EXCO
Office of National Chairman/CEO
All Zonal Heads/EXCO Members
All Zonal Chairmen/COE Members
All Forums Coordinators/Members
NBM Worldwide
Aye Axmen,
                                                           De-axed Notification
This is an official message to all member of NBM worldwide about De-axed pronouncement against previously known as Lord Obafemi Awolowo and Jew-Name Moris Okah. This decision was taken during the IT held in Hamburg on the 3rd March, 2012 and those reasons involved are as follows:
The said Axe-man above drugged a lords wife and sexually embarrasssed her. The lady is now going through a therapy with the aid and advise from a medical doctor.
It’s a very humiliating thing and a crime. A rape against our brotherhood, and a gross misconduct.
All Axemen worldwide are advised to distance themselves from the DE-AXED Aye and stop any further communication with him.
Lord Patrice Lumumba
Ikpitan ‘99
Eye, German zone.


2 thoughts on “Germany Zone Wahala – Rape of Lord’s Wife

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