The NBM have withdrawn (in order to comply with the law) from the universities they say…. Their secret ‘Manual of Procedures’ says otherwise. 










  • Interested candidates shall obtain application form from the Zonal Council of Elders.


  • Completed application form shall be returned to the Zonal COE Chairman in duplicate with relevant highest certificate.


  • The Zonal COE shall invite the applicants for screening/interview at a date determines by the Council.


  • Successful applicants shall be forwarded to the National COE through her Chairman for final approval.


  • Approved applicants shall be invited for initiation/induction and shall pay the approved prescribed fees before initiation.


  • Applicants shall be sponsored by two active Black Lords from the Zone in, which application is obtained.


  • Membership application forms shall be issued to zones by the NCOE Chairman with a prescribed fee, which shall be determined from time to time.


  • Initiation ceremony shall be conducted according to the Movement traditions. Prospective members shall kneel before the Head, Chief Priest and the Chairman Council of Elders, and swear to an oath administered by the Chief Priest as provided under Section 2 below.


  • There shall be induction of qualified initiated members into the fold of the Black Lords on the National Convention day.


  • There shall be prescribed fees approved by the National Council of Elders payable by intending Black Lords through their resident Zones for the purpose of induction.


  • Intending Black Lords shall swear to an oath administered by the National Chief Priest as provided under section 3 below.




I ————- wishing to be an Axe man do hereby make oath and say as follows:


That I will live, speak and fight for the best interest of all within the Neo-Black Movement. That with the cooperation of my fellow Axemen shall fight and struggle for the unity of all oppressed people. A cry from anyone of us in the Neo-Black Movement shall echo in the body of our common goal and in self defense we shall protect our common interest. The day I become an agent of murder, oppression or discrimination against the black race, should this Kokoma squeeze life out of me. So help me God.




The head shall after the Oath initiate the applicant with the following words:


“According to the powers conferred on me by the Council of Elders, I initiate you into the Neo Black Movement of Africa. You shall henceforth be known and called Aye-­within the Neo Black Movement of Africa”.




I __________________________________ do solemnly swear to continue at all times to be loyal and dedicated to the Neo Black Movement and to do everything within my capability that could enhance the well being and objectives of the Movement. So help me God.




I ________________________ do solemnly swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Neo Black Movement that as _______ I will discharge my duty creditably without fear or favour, affection or ill-will to the best of my ability, faithfully in accordance with the constitution of the Movement. That I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person(s) any matter which shall be brought under my communication except as may be required for the due discharge of my duty. That I shall strive to preserve and uphold the aims and objectives contained in the constitution of the Movement and devote myself to the service and well being of the black race. So help me God.




  1. No initiation shall be accepted except it is approved by the National Council of Elders, conducted according to NBM constitution and this membership procedure.


  1. Initiation shall be presided over by the National Head or his designate.


  1. All membership application forms shall be duly endorsed by the NCOE Chairman and National Head.


  1. No person other than a graduate from institution of higher learning shall be initiated into the movement, except such initiation is approved by the National Council of Elders.


  1. The original membership application form of Jus shall be submitted to the NCOE Chairman, while the duplicate be retained by the Zone.


  1. No Zone shall initiate more than Fi1teen (15) Jus in one NBM year.


  1. Any Zone that fails to comply with the provisions of this membership procedure shall be guilty of an offence and liable to sanction, whereas the Zonal officers shall be punished by the National body according to NBM tradition.


  1. Initiation shall be organized and conducted by the National Body in accordance with the membership procedure of the Movement.





_________________                                                                           ________________

CHAIRMAN NCOE                                                                                     NATIONAL BEAD










  1. Attendance/accreditation of delegates
  2. Introduction of high table officials
  3. Opening prayers from National C.P
  4. Introduction of all present
  5. B.M Anthem
  6. NCOE Chairman address to declare Convention open
  7. Review of the previous National Convention Action Items.
  8. National Head address/report
  9. Zonal Heads Report
  10. Response to National / Zonal Heads address
  11. Constitutional amendments (where applicable)
  12. Motions/resolutions
  13. Ratification of National EXCO appointments (Where applicable)
  14. Dissolution of National EXCO (Where applicable)
  15. Swearing in of Zonal Heads
  16. Swearing in of National EXCO
  17. Adjournment
  18. Closing prayers from C.P


(b)         NCOE MEETING

  1. Attendance/accreditation
  2. Prayers by the Chief Priest
  3. Introduction of all present
  4. B.M Anthem
  5. Reading/adoption of minutes
  6. Matters arising from the minutes
  7. Correspondence/messages
  8. NCOE Chairman address
  9. National Head report
  10. Response to Chairman / Head reports
  11. Financial matters
  12. O.B,
  13. Election of National EXCO(where applicable)
  14. Election of NCOE Chairman/Scribe (where applicable)
  15. Adjournment
  16. Closing prayer by the CP




  1. Attendance
  2. Prayers by the Chief Priest
  3. Reading/Adoption of minutes
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
  5. Head reports
  6. Report from other Exco members
  7. AOB
  8. Adjournment
  9. Closing prayers from the C.P


  2. Attendance/accreditation
  3. Opening Prayers
  4. Introduction of all present
  5. B.M Anthem
  6. Reading/adoption of minutes
  7. Matters arising from the minutes
  8. Correspondence/messages
  9. ZCOE Chairman address
  10. Zonal Head report
  11. Response to Chairman/Head reports
  12. Financial matters
  13. AOB – Appointment of Zonal Exco (where applicable)
  14. Election of ZCOE Chairman/Scribe (where applicable)
  15. Adjournment
  16. Closing prayer


  2. Prayer by the host Chief Priest
  3. Introduction of all present
  4. RM Anthem
  5. Pronouncement by the presiding head
  6. Jolly of all present
  7. Initiation of Jus (where applicable)
  8. Refreshment
  9. Announcements
  10. Jolly by all
  11. Closing prayer by the Chief Priest








  1. The general uniform for Axemen shall consist of:

(a)         Black beret cap

(b)         Black regalia with NBM logo printed on the back and Personal national number printed on the left breast side.

(c)          Yellow waist chord

(d)         A pair of long yellow stockings.

(e)         A pair of black trousers

(f)          A white long sleeve shirt

(g)         Yellow bead: – band (Lords only.)

(h)         A pair a black canvas (A pair of black shoes during outing service)

(i)          A metallic coated small AXE


  1. The uniform for Head shall consist of all items in (l) above except item The regalia for Head is made of red material.


  1. The uniform for Chief Priest shall consist of all items in (1) accept the regalia for Head is made of white material.





_________________                                                                           ________________

CHAIRMAN NCOR                                                                                     NATIONAL HEAD








The approved ceremonies of the Movement which shall be attended by members include:

(a)         Member’s death

(b)         Member’s marriage

(c)          Member’s wife death

(d)         Member’s parents death



(a)         The Zone the member belongs shall be responsible for the arrangement of such ceremony.


(b)         Whereas the ceremony is taking place in a Zone other than the resident Zone of the member, such other Zone shall assist to achieve the desired goal.


(c)          The Zone of the member shall be responsible financially and shall be supported by other Zones.


(d)         In case of a members death, NBM shall participate in the burial ceremony with the- member’s family. And shall also assist the family financially.


(e)         In case of member’s marriage, wife’s death or parent’s death, NBM shall aid a member financially as may be decided by his Zone.




  • NBM shall be notified not less than two months to the day of ceremony, unless in the case of death where short notice shall be honoured.


  • Invitation to ceremony shall be addressed to the Zonal/National Head, accompanied with two bottles of wine.


  • Accommodation shall be provided for National Head and NCOE Chairman.


  • A clear statement of NBM responsibility shall be stated in the invitation to such ceremony.


  • All approved ceremonies shall be deemed to be National Ceremonies presided over by the National/Zonal Head.




  • Members shall be on ceremonial Christmas dress and ceremonial regalia to attend member’s marriage or death ceremony.


  • In case of wife’s death or parent’s death, members shall be on civil dresses.


  • Jollification/procession shall be held only during member’s marriage or death


  • Jollification shall be held at the discretion of a member during any other ceremony where the movement is duly invited.




  • A registered qualified due paying Lord is entitled to invite NBM or to be invited by other members to such approved ceremonies.


  • Such member must have invited the movement officially in accordance with this ceremonial procedure.




_________________                                                            ____________________

CHAIRMAN NCOE                                                                     NATIONAL HEAD






The Black High Temple should remain the primary most active cadre of the movement. These young men possess tremendous amount of energy. If they are well informed and directed could serve the useful purpose of keeping the masses of our people informed of their democratic rights and obligations.


Neo-Blackism if properly packaged and imbibed can lead to a greater state of contentment in our youths, dynamite their potentials in new direction and enable them to see the potentials around them. With the fraternal-instincts and ruggegity most of them already have, compiled with knowledge and proper understanding of Neo-Blackism, we will have a new source of potential leaders with the ability to speak for Africans and the Black man worldwide.



The institution of higher learning is a Black High Temple. This law empowered the Zone to establish a temple in the area of its jurisdiction and report to the National Body. No Temple shall be under any other Temple



The Zone shall provide guidelines for the management of the Temple(s) under it.



The Temple should be organized and structured in a manner to control admission of members and right to initiate.



Black High Temple shall engage in the following activities:


Observance of certain special days like African liberation day, international day for the elimination of racial discrimination, Sharpville and Soweto massacres, Aba women’s riot day, Founders day, Martin Luther King day, Malcolm x, Bob Marley day as well as the usual student solidarity days like Kunle Adepeju and Akintunde Ojo day. These days could be marked with posters, notices, write-ups, Mourning’s or Jollies.


Organization of workshops, seminars, lectures both in-house for members only or for the general student body or indeed members of the public on Pan-Africanism, Blackism, Black history, Traditional Religion.


Student unionism, sports and socials community development and charitable activities, good works to complement Government efforts and give back to society.


Liaison with the local zone or other blackist organization in the college or local area.


Serve as a local distribution centre for the Uhuru magazine and engage in publication of their own local magazine if possible.


Engage in commercial and fund-raising activities on campus and in the immediate local community commercial activities should be such as would positively develop the campus and local community and reflect the aims and aspirations of the N.B.M


Promote, organize and participate in local cultural activities that reflect our aims and aspirations.


Organization of a movement-week once a session to create awareness about the activities of the organization.


Stand resolutely inn defence of the week both on the campus and in the local community Resist attempts by campus authorities, lecturers to oppress students especially females using the law and other legal means to effect justice for the oppressed.




The duties of an AXE-MAN shall include to;


  • Show a positive commitment and a willingness to sacrifice for the development of African and the Blank-man world-wide as reflected in the aims and objectives of the Neo-Black movement.


  • Engage in active student unionism, sports and socials while striving for Excellence in academics. Strike a balance between the various facets that make up college or campus life.


  • Develop leadership attributes, resourcefulness, focus, initiative, fitness, discipline as behooves Neo-Black men of the Neo-Black movement.


  • Develop an understanding of Neo-Blackism, especially the pan-africanist, blackist components as well as a proper grounding in African and Black history enhanced by private study, participation in seminars, workshop, meeting and other activities of the local temple, zone or national body including those organized by other blackist organizations.


  • Engage actively in community development, charitable activities and good works as a way of complementing Government efforts and giving back to society.


  • Participate in the Fraternal and ritual elements of Neo-Blackism as reflected in the foot­ball, initiation rites, mournings, jollies and’ other related activities of the Neo-Black movement.


  • Develop an understanding of the inner workings of democracy as a system of Government, Nigerian constitution, citizenship rights and legal system as a step towards full awareness of legal right, self-empowerment and the empowerment of others.






In the interim the following measures should be approved for implementation.


  • The Zones to carry out cleansing exercises in the temples under them.
  • Temple initiations shall be approved and organized by the Zone.
  • Hence forth Temples within a Zone shall conduct joint initiation.
  • No non student shall be allowed to hold any office in the Temple.
  • Those involved in killing rape and robbery should be deaxed.
  • Those involved in examination malpractices should be deaxed
  • Those lagging non students within the campus should be identified and deaxed
  • No non student should be initiated in the Temple.
  • Only twenty persons shall be approved for initiation in a Temple every academic year.






_________________                                                            ____________________

CHAIRMAN NCOE                                                                     NATIONAL HEAD



See also: https://bemigho147watch.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/nbm-2016-constitution/


  1. Dont worry JN Whiteman an article demonstrating the imperial heights of NBM charitable donations and the unfaltering culture of our giving is coming soon… We will be seen as God wants us to be seen. In the mean time we must copy, paste and say a lot of things: NO TO CORRUPTION, NO TO SLAVERY, NO TO POLITICAL THUGGERY, NO TO RAPE, NO TO ELECTION VIOLENCE, NO TO CULTISM, NO TO MURDER, NO TO CRIME.

    Feel free to remind me of any platitudes I may have missed.


  2. JN=Bemigho..thanks for your co-oporation..the earlier,the better…Am very greatful..soon NBM will seen as an good and peaceful organisation…I thank Almight God that he has throughly opened the eyes of our leader…WE MUST SAY NO TO CORRUPTION..and fight for our right and our fathers land…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thank my National Head,Chairman NCOE..
    as this constitution is been amended..all Axemen must complly..failure to do so will be deaxed..this is for the betterment of NBM and Black Africans Worldwide,not to be seen as a voilent or criminal organization. Rather be seen as a peaceful organisation fighting for opression,racism,and black man freedom worldwide…


    • True talk my brother I hail. Indeed the perception we are a violent or criminal organization is been offset well with image laundering techniques such as posting photographs of us visiting orphanages, helping prisoners, gifting nominal things to charity etc. The more orphanages we visit the better given all the current bad publicity.

      JN Whiteman, I will make a great post very soon about the NBM’s supreme charitable efforts. It will be very fitting and will tell the full story.


  4. This makes an interesting reading, I have been an Axeman in in spirit, body and soul right from my University days and a lot of people think I am one even among the Axeman off and on Campus, however, my reservation stems from the the anttics and behavior of some self acclaimed Axeman whose character is at variance with the lofty ideals of the movement, hoping to pick up a form soon. I reside in Abuja and a lawyer by profession. Thanks.


    • Dosky from the institute of management technology in Enugu. Remember what you call a “temple” is supposed to be an institute for learning not a place for beating other men off in the woods and then killing fellow students together.


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