Blending in Diaspora

Rare insight into the blending (Initiation/Recruitment) process of new members in diaspora. In this case new members been recruited in the Spain Zone. 

As explained below the potential members are firstly vetted by the Zonal Council Of Elders and then upon approval are transported to the “bush” (no idea what their idea of the “bush” would be in Spain) where they are given their FM (First match) which involves other members beating the life out of them several hours in order to prove they wont succumb to police interrogations in the future. 

Better details now posted here

Then they are sent of their merry way to commit as much crime as is humanly possible (in the Spain Zone it’s most commonly fake lottery frauds & credit card crime). 

Interesting addition below too of a “re-blending” of a member who had been de-axed from the NBM. In his case de-axed due to causing a disturbance at a NBM ‘boogie night’ which led to the “police invading the venue” and also “stabbing the zonal chairman and gross misconduct”

Very typical behaviour for a lot of axemen so not really seen as good reason to permanently exclude the member. 


Aye my Regional Co.ordinator.

Aye axemen,



With reference to our telephone conversation this is to inform you that we have completed the blending of our balance of Jews as requested,the initial was conducted according the Neo Black Movement of Africa,the jew was interview and screen by the Zonal Council Of Elders,the jew want to bush to pay the FM before them were duly initiated according to the Neo Black Movement,this bring us the end of this government after a successful election.


The name of the blended lords are :


1.Jew Name :Martins Akitain.

Lord Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Qualification:Diploma Holder.

Work as Construction worker.


2.Jew Name:Sam Obi

lord Martin Luther King Jr. 1


Personal Business here.


(3) Jew; Robinson Egede.

Lord Idris Alooma 1

Qualification: LLB Uniben.

Personal Business.


4) Jew name:Goddy Felix Imosunu.

Lord NeLson Mandela 2.

Qualification Diploma From EDSU.

Farica work here.


5)Jew name:Emma Iweriebon

Lord Desmond Tutu.


Factory Foreman.


6).Jew Name: Brown Iyekekpolo.

Lord Askia Mohammed 2.

Qualification:Diploma From EDSU.

Worker here.


7)Jew Name: Solomon Alkhomogbe.

Lord Patrice Lumumba.

Cerificate in pub.Admin Uniben Campus 2.

Factory Worker.


8)Jew name: Ken Igbogun.

Lord Walter Sisulu 1.

Qualifiaction NCE College of Eduaction Benin City.

Factory Worker.


9) Jew Name : Efosa Amadin.

Lord Jaja of Opobo 1.

Qualification:Diploma in Uniben.

Factory work.




10) This was a lord that was de-axe from the Neo Black Movement 2004 because for dis-organizing a Zonal Bnite which led to police invading the venue and also stabing a the zonal chairman and gross misconduct.

He was blended back  to the movement:


Jew name:  Osaze Iyawe.

Lord W.E.B DU Bois 1.

Qualification: Diploma Uniben.

Private business.



(11) The son of one of our founding father who base in benin.

Jew: Vicent  Ikubo.

Lord Shaka Zulu 1.

Qualification: Diploma Holder.


We thank Korofo for guarding all us through this period to a successful handover.We member of Spanish Zone are very happy for what Korofo as done.


Aye my lord.


Lord Steve Biko 1´

Zonal Chairman.


Lord Ibn Battuta

Out Going Zonal Head.




Further Spain Zone activity documented here:


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