NBM – Masters of Election Violence

Was quite surprised to see this posted in a Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) Facebook group. 


The Department of Political Science University of Amsterdam is looking for two PhD candidates to work on ‘Elections and Violence in Nigeria; funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and led by Dr Ursula Daxecker.

Essential: A Master’s degree or equivalent in political science or closely related discipline.

Salary: €2,325 to €2,972 gross per month.

Closing date: 15 January 2020.

Please share, so Nigerians can apply.

All the details via


Though to be fair there is no individual with more expertise in the field of ‘Election Violence’ in Nigeria than a member of the NBM. So it was probably posted in the most fitting place. 

Lets not forget the Benin Zone Wahala where members of the NBM squabbled over the “misappropriation of funds” in regards to money given by the Governor of Benin to ensure his victory. 

This is widespread and the NBM are utilised throughout the country to ensure various individual’s route to power through the use of violence and election fraud.  

I used to joke that if you see members of the NBM holding banners saying they are against something…. Then they are almost certainly doing it. 



They say they are against something (cultism, fraud, human trafficking, rape, drug abuse, violence, kidnapping, terrorism, vote buying, election violence, illegality, oppression, racism) then they are very often the masters of it. 

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