Zino Fazizi Wahala

Dear Zino Fazizi KB 95)


Re: Your Allegations towards Lord idris Alooma (Udi 1997



The COE of London Zone in its meeting deliberated on your complaint that the Zonal Chief priest Lord Idris Alooma was chatting up your wife which was minuted at your request.


We heard from yourself at our Zonal COE meeting, we also heard from Lord Idris Alooma as well as from your wife by phone and a witness who was present throughout the time Lord Idris Alooma was at your house

Having deliberated on the issue at hand the COE came to the following conclusions;

  1. Lord Idris Alooma did not speak to your wife throughout the time he was at your home
  2. Lord Idris Alooma was never alone with our wife throughout the time he was at your home
  3. Lord Idris Alooma has not contacted your wife in any shape or form subsequent to his leaving your home
  4. The whole basis of your complaint is that lord Idris Alooma looked at your wife
  5. Your wife told us three times on the phone that the main reason that she was upset was that you were too drunk on the day to deal with any matter that could have arisen
  6. you Lied to the Zone and subjected the Zonal CeePee to false allegations of chatting up your wife



The Coe decision is as follows


1. You are to apologise to Lord Idris Alooma by phone

2. You are to apologise in writing to the house for lying

3. You are to be fined as follows £50 damages to Lord Idris Alooma, bring your dues up to date and £100 to COE for wasting our time with an allegation found to be false.



COE London Zone

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