Blended on Social Media

Reluctantly venturing into the world of ‘celebrity gossip’….

Though it is important to determine which celebrities are axeman and which aren’t. 

Celebrities serve as role models for youth and live lives others aspire to. If celebrity X eats Y then you can be sure lots of people are going to start eating Y. If celebrity X wears Y then you can be sure Y is going fly off the shelves as youths start to buy and wear it. 

Is Davido a member? Seems a lot of people believe so and as his popularity rises so does that of the NBM. Is Grammy nominated Burna Boy a member? Again seems a lot of people think so and are equating more and more that becoming a member of the Black Axe is a way of getting on the inside and a way to fast-track to international stardom.

In the last week a video was shared in NBM facebook circles and Twitter purporting to show an NBM member “giving egede” (arm bumping) Anthony Joshua. The video was picked up by a popular South Africa musician who helped cement the narrative that Anthony Joshua was a member and the video went viral. 



So, Nigerian-British heavyweight boxerAnthony Olufemi Joshua has appeared in a viral video that suggestshe is not a jew. Anthony who hails fromSagamu, Ogun State has been heavily linked to being a member of the Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Aye-axemen.In the viral video, Anthony Joshua and a man could be seen doing the axe salutationwhich is the emblem of the NBM. It demonstrates the readiness to confront the most difficult tasks


I think the analysis above of what the video shows (and what is been popularly spread on social media) is misconceived.  The video doesn’t show an axeman giving AJ egede. It appears to me to be fellow boxer Omotunde Tabiti. 

And although Anthony Joshua is a convicted drug dealer (also somehow given an OBE – Order of the British Empire) and would probably fit in with his violent drug dealing counterparts in the NBM it seems very unlikely the video is evidence of his membership.

NBM members are either 1) blended officially through the correct channels 2) blended in a corner 3) blended unknowingly on social media.

Anthony Joshua would appear to be a victim of the later…

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