The thoughts of Aye Santos Kabaka 1, ZAR ’04, South Eastern Zone:

On the judgment day, all men shall stand to give account of themselves before the throne, you will stand and I will stand but before you dance ‘Egumo’ in the circumference of the authority of a mortal without being ignorantly stupendous. But with a more probing mind and mentality one may say that the Neo-Black Movement has not leaved to its philosophy.

Sadly and very regrettably the stage or internal power structure that was once synonymous with objectivity, rationality, wisdom, discipline, strong moral values, anti-oppressive tendencies etc. have since been captured by hangers-on. Thus celebrating mediocrity and ignorance to the values and ideals of the NBM and the society at large through leadership imposition and recycling. Rather than be a part finder for the social transformation of the Nigerian society, the NBM may have lost its flavour not yet its taste. And only those with a faulty periscope and intellectual obstruction would not concur and rather choose to prolong this chaotic, visionless structure without any concrete development plan for the movement like any civilized organization.

Today the social dynamics of our society may support the morally bankrupt saying that the end justifies the means, with a consolatory concept that no condition is permanent. Going down the memory lane, all African state may have overcome colonial domination and oppression, an ugly trend that once held our people captives in their own land. But for those brave and strong African soldiers like Nkrumah, Julius Nyirere, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Oliver Thambo, Siaka Steven e.t.c. Africans would still have been treated with disdain and subjugation. Every Axe-Man ought to be an Africa Soldier.

However, it is in line with the struggle and the progress of the black man, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa has anchored its philosophy, which is against oppression, indignity, exploitation, rape, injustices and all racist tendencies that once characterized our land, yet it is not “UHURU”.

Regrettably, most states in Africa are in worse situation than they were during Colonial Rule, no thanks to indigenous leadership, which is often credited with insecurity, corruption, selfishness, the lack of political ideology and the vision which has made the betterment and enjoyment of her people very elusive. Ironically the people seem to be okay with Nigeria as one of the “most corrupt and most happy people in the world”.

Rather than the end to these unproductive and retrogressive internal and external influence buried in an implosive and explosive elements of social degeneration of society. Nigerians themselves are collaborators of this retrogression, both as individuals and a group promoting the parochial and unimaginable degree of social and economic injustices prevailing in Nigeria .

So bad is this situation that has eating so deep into our psyche and resulting in a near state of hopelessness. Morality and good Conscience have become fugitive to our people. The “ends they say justify the means” rather than allow the means to justify the end. Power rest in the hands of the very strong and power no longer belong to the generality of the people. And if you can’t beat them, you join them. These statements are unprogressive and barrier to civilized development.

In the face of economic challenges people have resulted to politics and financial crimes as the only means to financial and economic emancipation at the expense of the people. Unfortunately Ayes are often recruited as political thugs and land speculators, so dirty and pitiable development that has claimed the lives of so many Ayes. Worst still is the near transformation of the Neo-Black Movement into an extension of every political party in power for the benefit and aggrandizement of a very few. This brings the leadership of the Movement in particular to bear, at every facet of the Movement.

The Neo-Black Movement according to “Encarta” dictionary has been defined as a criminal organization, how would a registered organization be so define, however with critical analysis of the activity and conduct of members of the Movement, one maybe tempted to agree that the Movement has over the years drifted from its original objectives and the old order, due to the conduct of some very few members of the organization, that have giving the NBM a bad reputation..

Every organization, movement and states progress and development is built on strong internal structure and mechanism that justifies its super structure. No organization progresses on weak internal mechanism. Therefore it is critical that NBM should have quality membership through its recruitment and orientation processes, to support the philosophy and ideology of the organization.

There is no doubt that the problems confronting the Movement are multi-hydra in nature and among the many problems of the NBM is its commercialization, the quest to make money particularly at the Temple Level, which have never been financially responsible to the Zones and National as the later have not proven to be sufficiently financially Accountable and Responsible. All manner of persons have been admitted into the movement without quality control. Majority of them lack in intellectual flavour, discipline and other moral values. With little or no proper orientation, they are like viruses polluting the entire system which has earned the Movement negative image in the eyes of the public and have cursed the Neo-Black Movement of Africa more troubles resulting in clashes with other groups.

Because the system has been polluted, Ayes no longer care for one another and members are no longer united as was the case before the last ten years, due to decadence, “unity is gone with the winds”. Reprisal attacks on other fraternities do not demonstrate love and unity among members. Such energies should be chaneled into more positive areas of benefit for Ayes. Every black-man is a brother of a true Axe-Man.

However, the no brother for NBM slogan no longer make a meaning to Ayes and the Neo-Black Movement, this has been brought by economic dependence, poverty and lack, and as a result poly-communualism and click is the order of the day in NBM with some Ayes showing double loyalty. Based on financial reward some Ayes have lost their integrity and would rather “obey their office chairman than any other person” what a decadence!

Our problem has been compounded by the lack of a comprehensive database of members which has made it difficult for effective monitoring of the activities of Ayes and Lords, where necessary appropriate socially justifiable disciplinary action can be taking. “Not the pady-pady style” that is the practice today.

With all sense of modesty, of all the Confraternities in the country, there is no doubt that none of them can match the philosophy of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa. Suffice to say that if its ideology is pursued with a commitment to assisting each other, members will excel in every area of their chosen profession and carrier, so that Ayes and Lords can be able to contribute to the political and economic emancipation of our people and ensuring a stable and developed society, certainly not when youths and members turn into thugs and criminals for agents of destabilization and exploitation for “peanuts”.

The growth of NBM over the years have brought it much envy and hatred from other rival Confraternities, such that any one the want recognition and popularity will always have to “fight or clash with Ayes” to make the public feel they are strong. NBM is the most militant and African consciences centered. But most worrisome is the conduct of some Ayes, who feel they are superman and “nothing dey happen” without regard for other people even fellow Axe-men create unnecessary clashes with other groups that has resulted in the death of innocent and unsuspecting members.

There is no doubt the NBM has the capacity to engage and neutralize any opposition from any rival Confraternity, if not all. Our strength is not in the number of wars and scores of rival deaths recorded, but in our strength to promote peace and development for social transform. It is therefore expedient that the human capital of the movement be directed to a more intellectual and wealth creating ventures in the interest of Nigerians and Africans in general. There should be a mechanism to assist qualified members secure jobs, to productively engage them and keeping them off the streets.

Therefore there has to be a structural re-engineering of Neo-Black Movement to meet the current socio- political and economic challenges that will promote innovation, research and development which will translate into wealth and improved standard of leaving for the black-man. As socio-animals we can not continue to pretend to be apolitical but none participating. If this must be realizable, it is incumbent on all Ayes and Lords to synergistically pursue this objective.

As an albatross, financial impropriety and lack of accountability, transparency and failure to manage generational gaps contradicts the very ideal of moral uprightness. Power is transient. The Headship is temporally for a period and to promote discipline; ‘H’ and Council of Elders must be accountable. As NBM affair is not for the exclusive preserve of a few to continually decide the direction of the pendulum of the Movement. Over the years the movement has been held to ransome by a “cabal of very rich and influential members”.

It is therefore expedient that the NBM must restructure itself or face the consequence of being a breeding ground for disoriented and criminally minded individuals as thugs and puns in the hands of some anti progressive and development elements in our society, who are very self-centered. Thus the movement should partner with security agencies and other fraternities for a more holistic peace plan in the society with commitment to common standardized entry requirement In the interest of the Movement, to promote discipline and other relevant values.

It is expedient that Lords with criminally gotten wealth should stay clear from NBM leadership. For a registered organization as the NBM, its financial transaction and accounts should be periodically audited to promote accountability at all levels of NBM, while we continually pursue social re-engineering of all Ayes and Lords to improve their lives and better the movement’s public relation. NBM should at this time be seen as a proactive and productive organization whose philosophy can be emulated through the evolvement of a new NBM in the personality and orientation of Ayes. After all any organization that can not improve the lives of its members and contribute to the development of the society is evil and there will be no need to be part of it. Am therefore constrained to leave you with the following questions, who is a true Axe-man, what is the membership strength of the movement, why has the older generation of the movement not comfortable with the statuesque, what is the level of its financial discipline and how well has the movement leaved up to its philosophy?


Aye Santos Kabaka 1
ZAR ’04.
South Eastern Zone

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