NBM Media Wahala

The NBM/Black Axe subject to some media wahala. No shortage of it in fact since their latest feeble image laundry attempt gifting two iron shelters to the traffic police in Osun State. 

Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji posting the news on her blog (since removed due to NBM threats) and entitling it: Photos of ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police and correctly referring to them as “a dreaded cult group”

The NBM not too happy and issuing the following statement: 



Neo Black Movement Of Africa gave LINDA IKEJI 14 days I mean 14 days to bring down the nonsense she posted about NBM and also apologize and pay 30m for calling NBM a DREADED cult group and Black Axe Cultists. NH u deh game o, Linda Ikeji must pay and also apologize publicly to NBM Worldwide so that others journalism blogs will learn from it.

Nbm is not a cult group and it will never a cult group

Nbm have tried a lot in Nigeria and not only Nigeria but to the whole wide world where Our Zone had been established.

Nbm is well registered under CAC and it never a cult group I repeated 👌

Linda Ikeji is owing us apologies for the good we does to our great country Nigeria and don’t forget that she must also pay for it. Linda Ikeji can never come and tarnished the image of our great movement and go free, Nbm no be child’s play, she’s must pay for it, few days remaining.

Kodus to NB💪
Greetings to NBM Worldwide 💪💪

Video: Neo Black Movement Don Vex 4 Linda lkeji


The NBM got their work cut out in getting the article removed from the web… It’s been reposted/reblogged dozens of times….

For those often asking are the NBM and Black Axe the same. This is popular opinion in Nigeria: 

“NBM is the umbrella under which the dreaded ‘Black Axe’ cultist group otherwise known as ‘Aiye’ operate in Nigeria.”

“The Black Axe has been fingered in most of the violence across campuses in Nigeria.”

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa also known as Black Axe…. dreaded cult group looked happy”

“dreaded cult group, Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe”

“The Neo Black Movement (NBM) cult group…. also known as Black Axe or Ayee confraternity…. killings and shootings allegedly carried out by the Black Axe….. organized a murder squad that hacked the student union secretary-general, George Iwilade and four others to death….. they kill, rape and cause threat to the public and yet police felt they are good to collect iron shelter from them”

“In a bizarre move, members of Neo Black Movement of Africa more known as Black Axe has taken up the project of donating an iron shelter to traffic police…. Is this a kind of cult partnership between the police and members of Black Axe?”

“outlawed cult groups are being given recognition by the Police….. What is more appalling is that the police were happy for the gesture and even took turns to snap selfies with the members of the secret society….. What kind of partnership should exist between the police who swore to protect Nigerians and a secret society which has been known to be a threat to peaceful living?”

“They frolic , party and are in bed with our Law enforcement agencies , politicians and big people anytime.”

and a few more…


Photos: Black Axe Cultists donate Iron Shelter to traffic Police in Osun State





Photos Of ‘Black Axe’ Cultists Donating Iron Shelter To Traffic Police In Osun State




Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe, donate shelter to police in Osun state




PHOTO: Black Axe cultists donate iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State

Photos of ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State

Black Axe Donates Iron Shelter To Police In Osun



Aiye ‘Black Axe’ cultists donates iron shelter to police in Osun (Photos)

Black Axe Cult Group Donates Iron Shelter To Traffic Police In Osun.

Photos Of ” Cultists Donating Iron Shelter To Traffic Police In Osun



Photos of ‘Black Axe’ Cultists Donating Iron Shelter To Traffic Police in Osun State




Photos of ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State


TRENDING: Controversy trails Black Axe’s ‘donation’ to police – Premium Times Nigeria



Photos: ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State




Black Axe cultists donate iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State



May have managed to spook Linda Ikeji but still a bit of work to do….

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