NBM Barcalona Wahala

Don Tete Smart,

The following allegations were made against you by Lucky Iriemwin to the zonal council of elders and in the principle of equality and justice,we deem it fit to inform you of these allegations and ask you to defend yourself accordingly in writing.

(1) Lucky Iriemwin alleged that you accused him of being a police informant even as a black Lord
(2) Lucky Iriemwin also alleged that you accused him of sending one ju name OSAYANDE to prison
(3)Lucky Iriemwin further alleged that you accused him of advising his girlfriend to also pack out of the house .

In view of the aforementioned allegations,Lucky Iriemwin has petitioned the council of elders demanding that you prove your allegations or disclose the legitimate source of your information and accusation against him.

Finally, please in your response remember to write your strong name,ju name,temple and year of blending and your present zone or forum and or position and telephone contact,after your response the council shall sit to consider both applications and may, if neccessary invite both of you to address the council in person.

You are to respond to these allegations immidiately.

Greetings from Madrid

Santos Kabaka
Udi 97
Head,Spanish zone


The accused response:


strong name Malcolm X ,ju name don smartete ,temple ikpitan year of blending 2004 present barcelona forum spanish zone

The following allegations made against me by Lucky Iriemwin it was not an accused but words about what i heard from jew and jewress saying
(1) he inform the police about the contract marriage of his brother wife jew name AB
and he agreed to that, ask him,
(2) osayande in prison is not caused by anybody, i only ask if he call osayande 2days before he was arrested, then he started calling names that jew name oscar is the one telling people about him that he is police informant, then i say to him you are not, but why calling ju,name oscar, then he said i will look for all ways to bring oscar down even as a black Lord he doesn’t care and i will go as far to africa to native
dr and ayelala to brind oscar down then i said to him you are not talking like a Lord, jew name kelvin ask smart are you sure that lucky is a Lord i say yes but i dont understand the way he talks abut ju,name oscar.
(3)there was never a time i accused him of advising osayande girlfriend to pack out of the house i only ask if he was aware that the girl is going to pack because she said that you and some other friends of osayande know that she is packing,

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