France Zone Wahala Again

Lord Kwame Nkruma of the France zone complains about: EXCO Positions for cash, nepotism and slaps.

Greeting to National Head and National COE.
I Lord Kwame Nkruma of France Zone which to inform the national body that france zonal head is taken money from lord’s to make them his exco’s and he is also intoducing sentiment into the zone. So many things has been going on in the zone. A lord who slaped a fellow lord,still remain and elder in the zone. 90% of the zonal exco’s did not finish their secondary school and are less than two years in the movement and france zone. There is no check and balance in the zone bcos the head and chairman are rotating the office among themselves and also live in the same room. All the elder’s who opposes them where suspended
I am pleading to the national body to look into this issues and upgrade the zonal head and chairman about been sentiment why deciding on zonal issues.
dodorima to my National head and Ncoe.

One thought on “France Zone Wahala Again

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