Abuja Zone Wahala

Dr. Ukiri Richard recalls the Abuja Zonal Head “breaking bottles, threatening to stab a former head (Emma) and the head subsequently returned with a metal which he used to heat the COE table”


Aye axemen,

I (Dr. Ukiri Richard, the Chairman COE of Abuja zone )am sending this mail as a crying ahead of a foreseeable disaster about to take place in Abuja zone due to the fact that the National head whom I give due respect as he deserves is trying to ignore constitutional powers, insult my office as a chairman of the zone and create a setting that will definitely not be contained by nature.


During a recently held( 31.05.2010)zonal COE IT to table the running of the zone by the head and his exco with lots of petitions against the suspension of zonal members, exco butchers and elder of the zone amongst other issues, the heard surfaced to the COE with full exco representation except the eye who tendered his resignation due to constant humiliations from the head.His excuse for bringing them was that they were to serve as witnesses to some petitions. As the COE proceeded under my experienced chairmanship and Korofo guidiance, the head who apparently didn’t see things as going his way, connived with the exco to scatter the COE , breaking bottles, threatening to stab a former head (Emma) and the head subsequently returned with a metal which he used to heat the COE table, pronouncing the dissolution of the COE. He thereafter left the scene with his entire exco. I immediately reported to national COE and National head and based on advise, I carried on my COE meeting as planned. The COE decided amongst other things to dissolve the exco and place the head on indefinite suspension from NBM activities. This message was distributed to all zonal members and concerned national offices. Contrary to expectations of apologies from the head and his exco, they went on spreading the news of COE dissolution and planning of an IT to reconstitute a new COE. I immediately called the national head who stopped the planned IT and showed his interest in a peaceful settlement by coming as an intermediary to Abuja on Sunday. I have called two emergency COE sessions to stabilize the zone until the National head´s visit. We have started looking for safe and convenient hotel and hall for this purpose but the national head just informed me that he wasn’t going to use hotel and hall we plan to book but rather he will be received by the head and his exco.


– It is obvious that the head came to my COE IT with the intention to dissolve the COE with the backing of the Exco. What whoever advised didn’t know was that , the head with or without his exco does not have the power to dissolve the COE in a COE session.
– After the chaos, COE continued (with a quorum attendance) and made above stated pronouncement
– The COE has the powers to dissolve the exco and pronounce punishment on the head
– In the absence of head and CP, the chairman COE is in charge of zonal activities.
– The national head has no powers to dictate to zonal COE or ignore zonal COE resolutions
– When the head is paying an official (NBM) visit to a zone, he has to be received and hosted by the head or acting head (the zonal chairman) in this case.


This case is a case of failed coup attempt. It is like somebody pulling a trigger on your with not knowing that there were no bullet. It is a blunder and a betrayal. It was very clear from the beginning that the head was power conscious and that the running of the zone needed a change. A head that could suspend an elder that was a former head and a former national CP because he said he was too busy to see to a lord that was in detention. This pronunciation was done without consulting any other elder or the chairman. A head that suspend his butcher because he refuses to do his personal / private chore without consulting other exco members or the COE. A head that went ahead to de-axe a lord after the matter was tabled in congress and he was told not to take that action. The list is endless.
We , with respect for the national head have slowed down our effort in constituting a new exco due to his interest in mediating for peace. It is now clear the a national head that is fully aware of the constitutional stand in such matters is trying to turn thing around, relating with a suspended head who now is calling for a congress to receive the national head which will give the conception that the exco are still in-charge.


I have been in the movement for more than 2 decades and was put on the sit as chairman based on my experience and love for the movement. In as much as I respect the position of the national head, I will go to any length to defend to confidence put on me and to fight to uphold the constitution. I shall never allow any person whether national head or national cp to come and create two NBM bodies in a zone I am presently the number 1 man. I will not see this happen in NBM in my time and in my zone. I am pleading to you all to call the national head to respect the constitution and desist form actions that are obviously going to have fatal outcome. If he decides to come to this zone through the dissolved exco meaning he has come to rubbish the zone, the COE and me as the Chairman / acting head. I shall not fold my hands and watch. I pray for Korofo to take charge. As you lay your bed, so you shall lie on it. The Abuja head has laid a coup / dissolution bed which he is lying on now.

My views

I still give room for peaceful negotiations but it has to be via right ways.

Aye axemen

Lord Leopold Senghor (Acting head / Chairman Abuja zone COE)
Dr. Ukiri Richard

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