NBM – Masters of Election Violence

Was quite surprised to see this posted in a Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) Facebook group. 


The Department of Political Science University of Amsterdam is looking for two PhD candidates to work on ‘Elections and Violence in Nigeria; funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and led by Dr Ursula Daxecker.

Essential: A Master’s degree or equivalent in political science or closely related discipline.

Salary: €2,325 to €2,972 gross per month.

Closing date: 15 January 2020.

Please share, so Nigerians can apply.

All the details via


Though to be fair there is no individual with more expertise in the field of ‘Election Violence’ in Nigeria than a member of the NBM. So it was probably posted in the most fitting place. 

Lets not forget the Benin Zone Wahala where members of the NBM squabbled over the “misappropriation of funds” in regards to money given by the Governor of Benin to ensure his victory. 

This is widespread and the NBM are utilised throughout the country to ensure various individual’s route to power through the use of violence and election fraud.  

I used to joke that if you see members of the NBM holding banners saying they are against something…. Then they are almost certainly doing it. 



They say they are against something (cultism, fraud, human trafficking, rape, drug abuse, violence, kidnapping, terrorism, vote buying, election violence, illegality, oppression, racism) then they are very often the masters of it. 

Zino Fazizi Wahala

Dear Zino Fazizi KB 95)


Re: Your Allegations towards Lord idris Alooma (Udi 1997



The COE of London Zone in its meeting deliberated on your complaint that the Zonal Chief priest Lord Idris Alooma was chatting up your wife which was minuted at your request.


We heard from yourself at our Zonal COE meeting, we also heard from Lord Idris Alooma as well as from your wife by phone and a witness who was present throughout the time Lord Idris Alooma was at your house

Having deliberated on the issue at hand the COE came to the following conclusions;

  1. Lord Idris Alooma did not speak to your wife throughout the time he was at your home
  2. Lord Idris Alooma was never alone with our wife throughout the time he was at your home
  3. Lord Idris Alooma has not contacted your wife in any shape or form subsequent to his leaving your home
  4. The whole basis of your complaint is that lord Idris Alooma looked at your wife
  5. Your wife told us three times on the phone that the main reason that she was upset was that you were too drunk on the day to deal with any matter that could have arisen
  6. you Lied to the Zone and subjected the Zonal CeePee to false allegations of chatting up your wife



The Coe decision is as follows


1. You are to apologise to Lord Idris Alooma by phone

2. You are to apologise in writing to the house for lying

3. You are to be fined as follows £50 damages to Lord Idris Alooma, bring your dues up to date and £100 to COE for wasting our time with an allegation found to be false.



COE London Zone

Time To Proscribe Cult Groups

Time to understand they already are ‘proscribed’


Source: https://leadership.ng/2019/12/22/time-to-proscribe-cult-groups/


Cultism is spreading like wild fire in our schools with its attendant consequences.

In the past, cultism was apparently limited to higher institutions of learning, involving undergraduates.

But now, these activities have spread to secondary and primary schools, where rival groups attack one another in an endless battle for supremacy, causing the deaths of many, members and non-members inclusive.

The scourge, as being seen today, has become a smear on the proper development of the Nigerian youth. There are a number of students that have abandoned schooling and many were either maimed or killed due to this vice.

The activities of these groups range from torture, making painful inscriptions on the bodies of new members, voodoo ritual practice, murder, drinking of human blood and urine, and taking of hard drugs. They also hold nocturnal meetings and in unconventional places including cemeteries, forests and river sides. Members are also known for indecent dressing, intimidation, political thuggery, armed robbery, assassinations, sexual assault and, lately, kidnapping.

The initiation process of secret cult groups are extremely dangerous and life threatening. The males are made to go through different forms of torture where they are severely beaten with sticks and machetes to test their endurance. The female intending members are usually raped by several young men. On survival of the above, both males and females are made to drink alcoholic substances mixed with blood as a form of oath taking to pledge their allegiance to the group among other odious practices.

In some cases, some youths are forced to join these groups due to intimidation, peer pressure and some to actualize their desire for vengeance from past hurts.

The first cult group in Nigeria dates back to 1952, and precisely in University College, Ibadan, now University of Ibadan, when the now Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka and a group of six friends formed the Pyrate Confraternity. The group was formed to advocate against the discrimination and oppression of poor and disadvantaged members of the society.

But in spite of what they stood for, their activities were not violent. They were brilliant students who respected the rights of others. But unfortunately, unscrupulous elements found their way into the group and thus the purpose of fighting for the right of all was jettisoned by the group. This led to the break-up of the group into various confraternities and the introduction of violence into the activities of cultism.

In 1972 the Buccanneers Association of Nigeria was founded by former members of the Pyrate Confraternity, and by the 1980s, there was an explosion of cult groups and  their activities in higher institutions throughout the country.

The pluralisation of these groups led to rivalry and disunity, leading to violence and supremacy battles.

They carry out revenge killings on rival groups, intimidate other students and teachers into doing their bidding. There have been incidences where cult members attack their victims in broad daylight with dangerous weapons much to the dismay of onlookers. And while the attacks were restricted to members in the past, these days family members have been caught in the crossfire in some cases.

This newspaper recalls that, in May 2017, the only child of a pastor was reportedly killed in a cult clash while many others were wounded at the gate of the Benson Idahosa University, Benin.

Also in June 2017, a student of the Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) and other unidentified persons were reportedly killed in a cult clash between the Vikings and KKK confraternity in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Similarly, on March 14, 2016, two students of Abia State University were beheaded as rival cult groups clashed on campus. Also on April, 2014,  one student was shot dead during a clash at the Ambrose Alli University. The list very long.  In fact, this has become a recurring occurrence, leaving sorrow, tears and blood in many homes and schools.

All these point to how disastrous cultism has become  and why urgent steps need to be taken to curb the menace.

Cultism has consequences  on both the individual and  society as lives and careers of many of our youths are wasted needlessly.   

The young ones who are killed may otherwise have become valuable members of the society. In the same vein, cultism has led to  increase in crime rate. They are the breeding ground for all kinds of crime as members usually carry over their nefarious activities on campus to the larger society.

As a newspaper, we urge the government to wield the big stick in cultism. All cult groups should be proscribed henceforth and stiff penalties stipulated. Those caught in cult related activities should no longer be treated  with kid gloves but as enemies of the state.

Benin On Siege: Ayes Behead Manphite Vows To Sustain Killings

Source: https://www.mcebiscoo.com/benin-on-siege-ayes-behead-manphite-vows-to-sustain-killings-graphic-photo/

This is really getting out of hand as the security situation in Benin City is completely out of control.
Since two weeks a bloody cult war has ensued between Ayes ,Eiye and Manphite and over 32 lives has been lost.
This gory picture shows a manphite that was beheaded by Black Axe members.
An audio that was disseminating alongside this photo was a voice claiming to be an saying we have just started.




Source: https://www.mcebiscoo.com/tension-in-benin-city-30-killed-as-cult-wars-increase-in-edo/

THERE is tension in Benin City, the Edo State capital and its environs, especially Ugbowo area, following renewed cult wars that have claimed over 30 lives.

The killings have occurred in parts of Benin City and its environs.
Sources said the ongoing cult war is between Maphites, Black Axe and Eiye confraternities.

A video online showed how the heart of one of the victims was removed after he was killed.
The rival cults have displayed the weapons they acquired to shoot their victims.

One of the cultists with a pump action gun was heard saying he wanted to kill “all the Ayes.”

He said: “Na violence make men dey run. All my army brothers why dem dey drop. I wan pursue Aye comot for Benin. Make dem package car for me make I use drop many.”

Another group displayed an English made pistol with cartridges.
A background voice in the video said it was a new arrival to finish off the enemies.

It was gathered that the recent cult clash began from the University of Benin when a 200-level student, Moses Adeshina, was shot dead at a jeans carnival at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Police Commissioner Mr. Lawal Jimeta, in a chat with reporters after a security meeting with Governor Godwin Obaseki, said that the command and other security agencies were working to prevent a planned clash by rival cults in Benin metropolis.

He said he has studied the videos by a rival cult and will take action on the threats.
Jimeta noted that a committee has been set up to tackle cultism with a view to checkmating cult-related activities.

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Command spokesman DSP Chidi Nwabuzor said it is difficult to ascertain the accurate number of those killed in the cult clashes.

He, however, said videos on the social media should be ignored, as their authenticity could not be immediately verified.
Nwabuzor said police crack teams were in the streets carrying out raids with a view to arresting suspects.


Operation Puff Adder

In short: “on assumption of office on 16th January, 2019, we inherited an internal security space that was challenged by the prevalent threats of kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry, cultism and communal violence…. Against these realities, we immediately launched ‘Operation Puff Adder’ on 5th April…. between January 2019 to date one thousand, six hundred and twenty-one (1,621) suspected cultists arrested…. Happy Christmas”


Source: https://www.npf.gov.ng/information/pressdetails.php?news_id=394

I welcome you all to this Conference which is the last strategic management meeting of the Nigeria Police for the year 2019. This meeting is being convened for four major objectives.

2. First, is to dissect the internal security dynamics within the out-going year and critically review the impact of our strategies. Second, is to evaluate our performances, challenges, and achievements within the framework of our policing strategies, and the third objective is to project and set targets for the Nigeria Police Force against the New Year.

3. The fourth major purpose of this Conference is to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices of all officers of the Nigeria Police in our collective strive to attain our internal security Mandate. In this regard, I pay due tribute to our colleagues who have paid the supreme sacrifice or become permanently incapacitated within the year in their exceptional, courageous and selfless commitment to the protection of lives and property of all Nigerians.

4. It will be recalled, ladies and gentlemen, that on assumption of office on 16th January, 2019, we inherited an internal security space that was challenged by the prevalent threats of kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry, cultism and communal violence across various sections of the country. In addition, we inherited a workforce that was demoralized and lacked the requisite motivation, logistics, right orientation, and appropriate strategies to depend on for the optimal performance of their duties.

5. Against these realities, we immediately launched ‘Operation Puff Adder’ on 5th April, 2019 as an operational intervention blueprint to stabilize the internal security space within the shortest possible time frame. With the support of strategic police managers seated here today as well as the encouragement of other cadres of officers of the Nigeria Police, the citizens, traditional institutions and governments at all levels, I can confidently confirm that the objective of Operation Puff Adder was achieved fully and within the set target period. Several high-profile anti-banditry, anti-kidnapping and anti-robbery operations were successfully undertaken by Police operatives across the country under this framework.

6. A unique element of these operations is that they were not only well-coordinated, they were largely intelligence-driven and community supported, and the orientation of the operations was proactive rather than re-active. Hence, we courageously took the anti-crime battle to the doorsteps of the criminals deep into their camps across various forests.

7. We succeeded in an unprecedented manner in destroying their operational bases which until now were considered safe heavens and a no-go area for security operatives. We did not only demystify them, we successfully reclaimed the public space from them and denied them the liberty to attack citizens at will without fear of a superior response from gallant operatives of the Nigeria Police.

8. Our achievements under the Operation Puff Adder restored citizens’ confidence in the Nigeria Police and provided us with the opportunity to emplace long-term policing plans with a view to strengthening our achievements on a sustainable basis. It is in this regard that we outlined a Strategic Policing Plan which is predicated on the full adoption and integration of citizens-oriented, intelligence-led, and technology-driven policing practices.

9. We also set out to address the welfare concerns by restoring confidence and integrity in the promotion process in the Nigeria Police. Under this policy, we have discouraged the abuses associated with special promotion and stabilized the promotion system by upholding the principle of merit and seniority. Hence, the anxiety associated with promotion in the Police which often impact on productivity has been addressed and officers are now motivated, more than ever before, to perform their duties assured that they shall be rewarded within the dictates of our traditional policing standards.

10. Let me clarify, though, that exceptional professional excellence shall still be duly and appropriately recognized where deserving. However, the yardstick for this shall be measurable and the process shall be transparent and immune from abuses.

11. Aside this, we have set out to enhance the knowledge of personnel across all ranks with the delivery of tailor-made training packages to strategic police managers as well as operatives of the Action Units of the Nigeria Police comprising of the Special Forces, Anti-Robbery Squads, Police Mobile Force, Anti-Kidnapping Units, Intelligence Response Team and the Special tactical Squad of the Force. Similar specialized trainings were also held for detectives of the Force Criminal Investigation Department all in a bid to enrich their professional horizon and align their orientation towards the dictates of policing Nigeria in the 21st Century.

12. In relation to manpower gaps, we are glad to note that the recruitment process of the ten thousand (10,000) Police Constables approved by the Federal Government under the 2019 batch has been successfully completed and the shortlisted candidates are currently undergoing training at various police training institutions across the country.

13. Furthermore, in appreciation of the need to enhance the operational capacity of the Nigeria Police we have acquired new sets of policing assets comprising of patrol vehicles, electronic surveillance vehicles, civil disorder management trucks and special operations vans and we have completed the Nigeria Police National Command and Control Centre (NPF-C4i) and the first phase of the Nigeria Police Crime and Incident Data Base (NPC & IDB) Centre projects.

14. I am sure that most of you have been linked to the Nigeria Police National Command and Control Centre (NPF-C4i) and you shall in the course of this Conference be taken on a guided-tour of the facility as well as the Nigeria Police Crime and Incident Data Base (NPC & IDB) Centre in order for you to appreciate the operational values of the projects.

15. The sum total of these initiatives is that the orientation of the Force is being slowly but steadily and positively altered and our operational capacity has been significantly enhanced. In consequence, citizens’ confidence in the Police is being gradually restored. Most significantly, our intelligence generation and utilization capacity as well as our operational competence have been significantly enhanced such that today, I can confidently confirm that we have succeeded in addressing the prevalent crimes we inherited as well as aided in the entrenchment of our democratic values.

16. This is also evidenced by the successes we recorded in relation to emplacing and coordinating security during the 2019 General Elections and other off-season elections that were conducted in the year. It is also corroborated by the fact that our capacity to prevent crimes, disrupt highly organized and deadly criminal networks and apprehend high-profile felons has been strengthened, thereby engendering unprecedented volume of arrests and the phenomenal reduction in the rate of crime.

17. In this respect, between January 2019 to date, a total of six thousand, five hundred and thirty-one (6,531) high-profile suspects were arrested in various police operations. This comprises of a total of two thousand, six hundred and twenty-seven (2,627) armed robbery suspects; one thousand, six hundred and twenty-one (1,621) suspected cultists; one thousand, five hundred and twenty-seven (1,527) kidnapping suspects; and seven hundred and fifty-eight (758) murder suspects.

18. Within the same period, we also recovered a total of two thousand and thirty-seven (2,037) firearms of various calibre and descriptions; twenty-one thousand, eight hundred and seventy (21,870) ammunition; and one thousand, six hundred and sixty-two (1,662) vehicles. Similarly, nine hundred and forty-five (945) kidnapping victims were rescued in various police-led operations in the country.

19. All these achievements would not have been possible without the sacrifice of all of you seated here as well as other officers across all ranks who are out there sacrificing, day and night, for the safety and security of citizens of our beloved nation. I am very proud of you and I use this opportunity to immensely commend and thank you and to assure you all that your efforts are constantly recognized and deeply appreciated.

20. Having covered these grounds, however, the Force leadership is challenged to project into the future and emplace strategies that will aid sustainability in our operations. It is for this purpose that this meeting will focus on the content of our future projections. As a guide however, let me inform you that the agenda of the Force in the up-coming year will focus on five thematic areas as follows: i. Improving the overall efficiency of the Force through capacity building in policing technology, intelligence, investigation, prosecution as well as crime prevention and control through a more robust visible policing architecture. ii. Full implementation of the community policing strategy and the strengthening of other strategies with a view to aligning them to projected crimes and thereby, remaining ahead of criminal elements and sustaining the current gains we have recorded in our internal security management functions. iii. Boosting of our special operations capacity iv. Enhancement of our logistics and operational base through a well-thought out re-equipment plan that will lead to the acquisition of more operational assets to support our special operations, bridge operational gaps and strengthen the safer highway and safer city initiatives across the country. v. Training and Human capacity development, the improvement of the welfare of officers and enhancement of post-retirement conditions through the push for an improved Police Pension entitlement.

21. At this juncture, I want to thank our critical partners, the members of the fourth estate of the realm, who have continued to share our vision, showed immeasurable understanding and stood by us all through the year. In appreciating your roles within the internal security framework, permit me to again encourage you to continue to resist the urge to project narratives that tend to suit the interests of criminal elements. You should appreciate that you have a strategic role to play in presenting the internal security situations in the most factual manner and to continually balance your news reportage with national security interests.

22. This requires that you report progress being made in our anti-crime operations in a manner that will restore confidence in the citizens rather than sensationalize issues in a manner that will create undue and unfounded fears in the psyche of the citizens.

23. For instance, it is a fact that the rate of banditry, armed robbery and kidnapping have drastically reduced across the country in comparison to what we witnessed in the early part of the year. This fact was alluded to by Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State who in a recent public statement was quoted as affirming that: ��.In the last few months, there has been a great reduction in cases of kidnapping�.. and this was achieved because security agencies have changed their strategies from reaction to action. So, they don’t wait until kidnapping takes place. They identify where the bandits are and they go and attack them; So, the bandits have been on the run. In the past, we wait until it happens and then, we start running helter-skelter. A very good example is the Kaduna-Abuja road. The Kaduna-Abuja road has not witnessed a single incident of criminality or kidnapping in the last two and a half months. But many people still think it is not safe, they are not plying it (yet), the road is the safest road in Nigeria today because of constant (security) surveillance �and kidnappers that use to stay around the road have all been wiped out or chased deeper into the jungle’.

24. This is a statement of fact which came from an informed and credible authority. I encourage members of the Press to project positive realities of this nature in national security interest.

25. Let me conclude by once again appreciating the consistent commitment of all strategic police managers across all levels of Command in the Nigeria Police and, particularly, members of the Rank and File for their resilience and loyalty. I do acknowledge that we are not there yet. But certainly, we are on the right path.

26. The journey to reposition the Police may be tortuous but desirous and I can assure the Nation that the Force leadership will continue to demonstrate the requisite professional will needed to bestow to the Nation a Police Force of their dreams. In this journey, we are counting on the support and understanding of all Nigerians as we look forward to sustaining our partnership in the upcoming year.

27. I thank you all and wish you a Happy Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in advance.

Friends Mourn Young Man Hacked To Death By Alleged Cultists In Calabar

News on very typical axeman behaviour. Shooting a young man then hacking his head off with machetes until the police arrive….

Source: https://www.withinnigeria.com/2019/12/17/friends-mourn-young-man-hacked-to-death-by-alleged-cultists-in-calabar/


No fewer than five people have been reportedly dead in Calabar owing to a renewed cult war between alleged members of the Axe Confraternity and Klansmen.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that the latest victim of the cult war identified as Samuel was shot and hacked to death on Monday.

The victim, Samuel was suspected to be a member of a cult groupcalled Axe which is reported to be at loggerheads with rival group, Klans.

According to reports, the incident happened around 8:30am on Iboku Street in Calabar South LGA near a barber’s shop where the victim had gone to have a haircut.

He was reportedly standing in front of the barber’s shop with the barber when his assailants shot at him severally before attempting to severe his head with a machete.

“There was stampede when the two men, dressed in black pair of trousers and tee-shirts, brandished their machetes and guns. They wanted to severe Samuel’s head after they had shot and hacked him severally with a machete. They were about to completely severe the victim’s head when they were dissuaded by the blaring of police siren.

It was further learnt that the victim, a resident of Idang, Atim Edem Rise Street was a trader at the popular Watt market in Calabar while his mother is a petty trader in the neighbourhood.

He said the victim must have been trailed by his killers, adding that police operatives from the Mbukpa division who arrived the scene after the suspected rival cultists had fled, evacuated the body.

Earlier, another victim identified as Victor Edem was hacked to death at his shop, where he sold cooking gas and two others were killed at Mayne Avenue also in Calabar South.

It was gathered that men of the Special Anti -Robbery Squad were immediately deployed in the affected areas to restore normalcy. The SARS team reportedly made some arrests.

The latest killings followed last week’s beheading of two suspected cult members , one of whom was killed around Wilkie by Ephraim Street in Calabar South, while the other victim, identified simply as Cafu, was murdered in the Afokang area of Calabar South.

While reacting to the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Irene Ugbo confirmed the killings and further added that it was the outcome of the ongoing rival cult clash between Klans and Axe groups which, she said, has claimed many lives already.

Shortly after the demise of Samuel, his friends and loved ones have taken to Facebook to mourn his death.


Police arrest two fake soldiers, accomplice in Anambra

A special “anti-cult unit” surprisingly doing it’s job in Anambra State.  Arresting 6 alleged members of the NBM.

Source: https://punchng.com/police-arrest-two-fake-soldiers-accomplice-in-anambra/

Tony Okafor, Awka

The Anambra State Police Command has arrested two persons for impersonating soldiers in the state.

Also nabbed was their accomplice.

The Public Relations Officer of the command, Haruna Mohammed, disclosed this in a statement in Awka on Saturday.

He said the suspects were wearing military uniforms and pretending to be serving military personnel when they were arrested.

He said, “The Command Special Anti-cult unit arrested one Joseph Onyedika, 23, of Okposi in Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State, Emmanuel Christopher, 27 of Oraifite in Ekwusigo LGA of Anambra State, (and) ThankGod Sike, 25, of Obioma Ngwa in Abia State but residing at Nnewi in Anambra State.

“Suspects were arrested wearing military camouflaged uniforms under the pretence that they are serving military personnel and a jackknife was also recovered from them.

He said a preliminary investigation revealed that two of the suspects were fake soldiers while the third one was undergoing further investigation at the military cantonment to ascertain his true identity.

Mohammed also confirmed the arrest of four men suspected to be cultists.

He said the suspects confessed they were preparing to initiate new members into the Black Axe confraternity before they were arrested by the police.

He added, “Following intelligence report, police operatives attached to Special Anti-cult unit stormed a forest located within Abagana in Njikoka LGA of Anambra State and arrested four male suspects who confessed that they were to initiate new members into Black Axe confraternity before they were rounded up by the police.

Mohammed said, “Exhibits recovered from the suspects include one locally-made double barrel pistol, one locally-made Beretta pistol, five live cartridges, 12 expended cartridges, one musical drum, one big axe, one gallon containing concoction, charms and other incriminating items.”

He said the suspects would be charged after investigations were concluded.

Blended on Social Media

Reluctantly venturing into the world of ‘celebrity gossip’….

Though it is important to determine which celebrities are axeman and which aren’t. 

Celebrities serve as role models for youth and live lives others aspire to. If celebrity X eats Y then you can be sure lots of people are going to start eating Y. If celebrity X wears Y then you can be sure Y is going fly off the shelves as youths start to buy and wear it. 

Is Davido a member? Seems a lot of people believe so and as his popularity rises so does that of the NBM. Is Grammy nominated Burna Boy a member? Again seems a lot of people think so and are equating more and more that becoming a member of the Black Axe is a way of getting on the inside and a way to fast-track to international stardom.

In the last week a video was shared in NBM facebook circles and Twitter purporting to show an NBM member “giving egede” (arm bumping) Anthony Joshua. The video was picked up by a popular South Africa musician who helped cement the narrative that Anthony Joshua was a member and the video went viral. 

Source: https://www.mcebiscoo.com/aye-axemen-busted-anthony-joshua-is-a-member-of-black-axe/


So, Nigerian-British heavyweight boxerAnthony Olufemi Joshua has appeared in a viral video that suggestshe is not a jew. Anthony who hails fromSagamu, Ogun State has been heavily linked to being a member of the Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Aye-axemen.In the viral video, Anthony Joshua and a man could be seen doing the axe salutationwhich is the emblem of the NBM. It demonstrates the readiness to confront the most difficult tasks


I think the analysis above of what the video shows (and what is been popularly spread on social media) is misconceived.  The video doesn’t show an axeman giving AJ egede. It appears to me to be fellow boxer Omotunde Tabiti. 

And although Anthony Joshua is a convicted drug dealer (also somehow given an OBE – Order of the British Empire) and would probably fit in with his violent drug dealing counterparts in the NBM it seems very unlikely the video is evidence of his membership.

NBM members are either 1) blended officially through the correct channels 2) blended in a corner 3) blended unknowingly on social media.

Anthony Joshua would appear to be a victim of the later…


The thoughts of Aye Santos Kabaka 1, ZAR ’04, South Eastern Zone:

On the judgment day, all men shall stand to give account of themselves before the throne, you will stand and I will stand but before you dance ‘Egumo’ in the circumference of the authority of a mortal without being ignorantly stupendous. But with a more probing mind and mentality one may say that the Neo-Black Movement has not leaved to its philosophy.

Sadly and very regrettably the stage or internal power structure that was once synonymous with objectivity, rationality, wisdom, discipline, strong moral values, anti-oppressive tendencies etc. have since been captured by hangers-on. Thus celebrating mediocrity and ignorance to the values and ideals of the NBM and the society at large through leadership imposition and recycling. Rather than be a part finder for the social transformation of the Nigerian society, the NBM may have lost its flavour not yet its taste. And only those with a faulty periscope and intellectual obstruction would not concur and rather choose to prolong this chaotic, visionless structure without any concrete development plan for the movement like any civilized organization.

Today the social dynamics of our society may support the morally bankrupt saying that the end justifies the means, with a consolatory concept that no condition is permanent. Going down the memory lane, all African state may have overcome colonial domination and oppression, an ugly trend that once held our people captives in their own land. But for those brave and strong African soldiers like Nkrumah, Julius Nyirere, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Oliver Thambo, Siaka Steven e.t.c. Africans would still have been treated with disdain and subjugation. Every Axe-Man ought to be an Africa Soldier.

However, it is in line with the struggle and the progress of the black man, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa has anchored its philosophy, which is against oppression, indignity, exploitation, rape, injustices and all racist tendencies that once characterized our land, yet it is not “UHURU”.

Regrettably, most states in Africa are in worse situation than they were during Colonial Rule, no thanks to indigenous leadership, which is often credited with insecurity, corruption, selfishness, the lack of political ideology and the vision which has made the betterment and enjoyment of her people very elusive. Ironically the people seem to be okay with Nigeria as one of the “most corrupt and most happy people in the world”.

Rather than the end to these unproductive and retrogressive internal and external influence buried in an implosive and explosive elements of social degeneration of society. Nigerians themselves are collaborators of this retrogression, both as individuals and a group promoting the parochial and unimaginable degree of social and economic injustices prevailing in Nigeria .

So bad is this situation that has eating so deep into our psyche and resulting in a near state of hopelessness. Morality and good Conscience have become fugitive to our people. The “ends they say justify the means” rather than allow the means to justify the end. Power rest in the hands of the very strong and power no longer belong to the generality of the people. And if you can’t beat them, you join them. These statements are unprogressive and barrier to civilized development.

In the face of economic challenges people have resulted to politics and financial crimes as the only means to financial and economic emancipation at the expense of the people. Unfortunately Ayes are often recruited as political thugs and land speculators, so dirty and pitiable development that has claimed the lives of so many Ayes. Worst still is the near transformation of the Neo-Black Movement into an extension of every political party in power for the benefit and aggrandizement of a very few. This brings the leadership of the Movement in particular to bear, at every facet of the Movement.

The Neo-Black Movement according to “Encarta” dictionary has been defined as a criminal organization, how would a registered organization be so define, however with critical analysis of the activity and conduct of members of the Movement, one maybe tempted to agree that the Movement has over the years drifted from its original objectives and the old order, due to the conduct of some very few members of the organization, that have giving the NBM a bad reputation..

Every organization, movement and states progress and development is built on strong internal structure and mechanism that justifies its super structure. No organization progresses on weak internal mechanism. Therefore it is critical that NBM should have quality membership through its recruitment and orientation processes, to support the philosophy and ideology of the organization.

There is no doubt that the problems confronting the Movement are multi-hydra in nature and among the many problems of the NBM is its commercialization, the quest to make money particularly at the Temple Level, which have never been financially responsible to the Zones and National as the later have not proven to be sufficiently financially Accountable and Responsible. All manner of persons have been admitted into the movement without quality control. Majority of them lack in intellectual flavour, discipline and other moral values. With little or no proper orientation, they are like viruses polluting the entire system which has earned the Movement negative image in the eyes of the public and have cursed the Neo-Black Movement of Africa more troubles resulting in clashes with other groups.

Because the system has been polluted, Ayes no longer care for one another and members are no longer united as was the case before the last ten years, due to decadence, “unity is gone with the winds”. Reprisal attacks on other fraternities do not demonstrate love and unity among members. Such energies should be chaneled into more positive areas of benefit for Ayes. Every black-man is a brother of a true Axe-Man.

However, the no brother for NBM slogan no longer make a meaning to Ayes and the Neo-Black Movement, this has been brought by economic dependence, poverty and lack, and as a result poly-communualism and click is the order of the day in NBM with some Ayes showing double loyalty. Based on financial reward some Ayes have lost their integrity and would rather “obey their office chairman than any other person” what a decadence!

Our problem has been compounded by the lack of a comprehensive database of members which has made it difficult for effective monitoring of the activities of Ayes and Lords, where necessary appropriate socially justifiable disciplinary action can be taking. “Not the pady-pady style” that is the practice today.

With all sense of modesty, of all the Confraternities in the country, there is no doubt that none of them can match the philosophy of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa. Suffice to say that if its ideology is pursued with a commitment to assisting each other, members will excel in every area of their chosen profession and carrier, so that Ayes and Lords can be able to contribute to the political and economic emancipation of our people and ensuring a stable and developed society, certainly not when youths and members turn into thugs and criminals for agents of destabilization and exploitation for “peanuts”.

The growth of NBM over the years have brought it much envy and hatred from other rival Confraternities, such that any one the want recognition and popularity will always have to “fight or clash with Ayes” to make the public feel they are strong. NBM is the most militant and African consciences centered. But most worrisome is the conduct of some Ayes, who feel they are superman and “nothing dey happen” without regard for other people even fellow Axe-men create unnecessary clashes with other groups that has resulted in the death of innocent and unsuspecting members.

There is no doubt the NBM has the capacity to engage and neutralize any opposition from any rival Confraternity, if not all. Our strength is not in the number of wars and scores of rival deaths recorded, but in our strength to promote peace and development for social transform. It is therefore expedient that the human capital of the movement be directed to a more intellectual and wealth creating ventures in the interest of Nigerians and Africans in general. There should be a mechanism to assist qualified members secure jobs, to productively engage them and keeping them off the streets.

Therefore there has to be a structural re-engineering of Neo-Black Movement to meet the current socio- political and economic challenges that will promote innovation, research and development which will translate into wealth and improved standard of leaving for the black-man. As socio-animals we can not continue to pretend to be apolitical but none participating. If this must be realizable, it is incumbent on all Ayes and Lords to synergistically pursue this objective.

As an albatross, financial impropriety and lack of accountability, transparency and failure to manage generational gaps contradicts the very ideal of moral uprightness. Power is transient. The Headship is temporally for a period and to promote discipline; ‘H’ and Council of Elders must be accountable. As NBM affair is not for the exclusive preserve of a few to continually decide the direction of the pendulum of the Movement. Over the years the movement has been held to ransome by a “cabal of very rich and influential members”.

It is therefore expedient that the NBM must restructure itself or face the consequence of being a breeding ground for disoriented and criminally minded individuals as thugs and puns in the hands of some anti progressive and development elements in our society, who are very self-centered. Thus the movement should partner with security agencies and other fraternities for a more holistic peace plan in the society with commitment to common standardized entry requirement In the interest of the Movement, to promote discipline and other relevant values.

It is expedient that Lords with criminally gotten wealth should stay clear from NBM leadership. For a registered organization as the NBM, its financial transaction and accounts should be periodically audited to promote accountability at all levels of NBM, while we continually pursue social re-engineering of all Ayes and Lords to improve their lives and better the movement’s public relation. NBM should at this time be seen as a proactive and productive organization whose philosophy can be emulated through the evolvement of a new NBM in the personality and orientation of Ayes. After all any organization that can not improve the lives of its members and contribute to the development of the society is evil and there will be no need to be part of it. Am therefore constrained to leave you with the following questions, who is a true Axe-man, what is the membership strength of the movement, why has the older generation of the movement not comfortable with the statuesque, what is the level of its financial discipline and how well has the movement leaved up to its philosophy?


Aye Santos Kabaka 1
ZAR ’04.
South Eastern Zone

Dozens of Nigerian Mafia Arrested in Europe-Wide Operation

Source: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/12/08/dozens-of-nigerian-mafia-arrested-in-europe-wide-operation/


Police in several European countries have arrested dozens of suspected Nigerian mafia members as the crime organisation spreads across Italy and the wider continent.

Authorities in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malta conducted the international operation, which was directed at two major Nigerian mafia groups. Police accuse the gangs of people-trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion, and prostitution, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia reports.

According to the news service, arrests in Italy took place across the country in Puglia, Sicily, Campania, Calabria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Marche, Emilia Romagna, and Veneto.

The District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Bari Prosecutor’s Office has described the Nigerian mafia as “tribal and ruthless”. It noted that the Nigerians have managed to expand significantly in northern Italy and even in the south and Sicily, where they now compete with traditional mafia groups.

The two main groups in Italy are the Supreme Eye and the Black Ax, the latter of which is also becoming more influential in countries like Sweden, according to a report from October.

Nigerians have lived in Italy since at least the 1980s, and the first arrest of a Nigerian for drug dealing occurred in 1987. Since then, the Nigerian mafia has rapidly grown and established major presences in areas like Palermo and Cagliari.

The mafia is also known to use “juju” — a form of voodoo practised in Nigeria to better control drug traffickers and prostitutes, most of whom are imported into Europe from Africa using counterfeit documents or illegal migration.

Drugs are also a significant source of revenue, with the Nigerian mafia using a tactic of having many smugglers transporting small amounts of drugs each to mitigate losses for any of the criminals who are caught by authorities.

The Italian Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate (DIA) also expressed concerns earlier this year about the possibility of radical Islamic groups like Boko Haram radicalising members of the Nigerian mafia.