Neo Black Movement & Cocaine Trafficking

Individuals within the NBM can be seen trafficking fairly large amounts of cocaine (furthermore periodic news articles appear documenting members been arrested with very serious amounts).

It’s important to point out: These individuals are conducting this work (whether between themselves or not) autonomously. The same can be said for all their criminal exploits.

It is not the case that, for example, the South Africa Zonal Head, will order lower ranking members to do this or do that. In the same breath if the South Africa Head is doing this or that he is not receiving orders from the Regional or National Head to do anything.

They have no obligation when committing any particular crime to even participate with other members. However several factors mean that any one crime committed by a member which requires the need for another individual to make it work are with a greater probability going to commit that crime with another NBM member.

The main factor at play would be that of ‘trust’.

Members firstly have sworn an oath of secrecy. Breaking this oath is punishable by death.

Secondly the member, should any wrongdoing occur, has the organisation behind him to resolve any disputes and dish out any punishments. If ‘Axeman A’ can prove ‘Axeman B’ ran off with his money then the powers that be can take steps to resolve the situation (such as de-axing the individual, ordering repayment and/or having him killed).

This works firstly as a great insurance policy for the members and also serves as an effective deterrent to an individual who might otherwise run off with any drugs or money.

The above can be seen to work (or not work) during members of the group engaging in drug trafficking.

Members of the NBM/Black Axe/Neo Black Movement utilize 3 main methods to traffic drugs:

  1. Postage
  2. Drug Courier/Mule (Also referred to as ‘Birds’ or ‘Ununus’)
  3. Cargo

Links to detailed explanations and examples of how each are done will appear here very soon….

Update: Postal Method Added

Update: Mule method Added


foto 001

NBM Concealment of Cocaine

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