Cocaine Wahala – Part 3

More unhappiness from NBM/Black Axe cocaine traffickers…

In this instance an NBM member describing how his “bird” (drug mule/courier) has vanished. The NBM member had received the ‘bird’ in Ecuador, given him the coke to take back (to Belgium), taken him to the airport, ensured he checked in ok, ensured he was on the flight…

But then an accomplice (Sunny) was been trusted with waiting at the airport in Belgium to ensure the bird didn’t run away with the coke but says he never arrived.

The NBM member not convinced with this story and threatening to “go kill all him family”. In this instance he hadn’t sourced the coke from his usual local producers but gotten it from some crazy Columbians who weren’t now happy with him.

Also  he describes another time ‘Sunny’ let him down after posting him 1kg coke and Sunny’s story been that his girlfriend flushed it down the toilet ($3500 paid back to him of the $6000 lost).

The NBM member’s shoulder to cry on ‘Dave’ recalling his own tale of a bird claiming to have left the coke on the plane. Dave not purely a shoulder to cry on though. He’s been contacted due to been located in Belgium and well placed to investigate and find the missing mule and the NBM cocaine. 



Coke Mugu:(10:00:05 (UTC)):<ding>

Coke Mugu:(10:00:10 (UTC)):how far

Coke Mugu:(10:00:19 (UTC)):good morning

Dave(10:00:46 (UTC)):morning bro

Dave(10:00:51 (UTC)):how u dey?

Dave(10:00:56 (UTC)):how dat side?

Coke Mugu:(10:01:00 (UTC)):i no dey fine at all

Dave(10:01:13 (UTC)):wetin happen?

Coke Mugu:(10:01:35 (UTC)):boys for ur country wnt take me make money

Coke Mugu:(10:01:41 (UTC)):and i dey vez

Dave(10:01:54 (UTC)):wetin happen again?

Coke Mugu:(10:02:13 (UTC)):na market when enter yesterday ooo

Coke Mugu:(10:02:23 (UTC)):na him them dey carry storry come

Coke Mugu:(10:02:28 (UTC)):say them no see bird

Dave(10:02:41 (UTC)):jesus christ

Coke Mugu:(10:02:55 (UTC)):and the painful thing now be say

Coke Mugu:(10:03:08 (UTC)):the market na colombia people get am

Coke Mugu:(10:03:15 (UTC)):no be my own ooooo

Dave(10:03:16 (UTC)):this birds this days to be honest with you thats how they are behaving seriously running with sturfs

Coke Mugu:(10:03:42 (UTC)):him say him knw the bird reach house

Dave(10:03:58 (UTC)):dat is a big lie

Coke Mugu:(10:03:58 (UTC)):shey the best thing na to go dey look for him

Dave(10:04:16 (UTC)):a dey tell u all de time say no one knows bird reach house

Dave(10:04:19 (UTC)):nawa oooooooooh

Coke Mugu:(10:04:22 (UTC)):i go kill all him family

Coke Mugu:(10:04:26 (UTC)):trust me

Dave(10:04:28 (UTC)):which kind wahala be dis?

Dave(10:04:50 (UTC)):me seld

Coke Mugu:(10:04:51 (UTC)):nw na 5 am here

Coke Mugu:(10:04:58 (UTC)):once is 8am

Dave(10:05:03 (UTC)):jesus

Coke Mugu:(10:05:07 (UTC)):this pple go start to call me

Coke Mugu:(10:05:20 (UTC)):bcos them dey with ticket

Coke Mugu:(10:05:32 (UTC)):and them don track am say it flown

Coke Mugu:(10:05:47 (UTC)):to the final destination belgium

Coke Mugu:(10:06:07 (UTC)):na big problem for me i tell

Dave(10:06:14 (UTC)):na big wahala i understand.and if to say na catch dem catch am now you for collect proove from them and show pple u work together

Coke Mugu:(10:06:23 (UTC)):the useless boy now no dey pick my call again

Dave(10:06:32 (UTC)):but now how to talk am say bird run away with sturfs

Coke Mugu:(10:06:52 (UTC)):which kind bird run away

Coke Mugu:(10:07:05 (UTC)):na my guy won job us

Dave(10:07:10 (UTC)):king e dey happpen seriously……..

Dave(10:07:31 (UTC)):i no no de person wey u dey talk oh but i know say e dey happen well well

Dave(10:07:37 (UTC)):e don happen to me b4

Dave(10:07:46 (UTC)):dey give me bird from uk

Coke Mugu:(10:07:46 (UTC)):u go knw him

Dave(10:07:54 (UTC)):de bird enter belgium

Coke Mugu:(10:08:06 (UTC)):na agbor boy for amsterdam when them dey call biggy

Dave(10:08:18 (UTC)):she come tell me say she left the bag inside plane say she no carry am come out

Dave(10:08:29 (UTC)):but from there she go london back

Dave(10:08:35 (UTC)):a no even see am again

Dave(10:08:51 (UTC)):biggy?

Coke Mugu:(10:08:57 (UTC)):yes’

Dave(10:09:08 (UTC)):se no be dis guy wey abbey stay his place dat time?

Dave(10:09:12 (UTC)):no be him abi?

Coke Mugu:(10:09:23 (UTC)):no be that one

Dave(10:09:28 (UTC)):a go know him sha

Coke Mugu:(10:09:36 (UTC)):but all of them dey together

Coke Mugu:(10:09:42 (UTC)):yeah

Dave(10:09:57 (UTC)):me self still dey belgium thats why i just dey quiet

Coke Mugu:(10:10:14 (UTC)):type me ur e mail here make i send u the track of the ticket

Dave(10:10:34 (UTC)):D***

Coke Mugu:(10:11:36 (UTC)):i sent it

Coke Mugu:(10:11:44 (UTC)):u will see wht i mean

Dave(10:12:18 (UTC)):but if he tell u him know the bird reach house make he go him house then

Dave(10:12:32 (UTC)):no escuse about that if he really know him

Coke Mugu:(10:12:43 (UTC)):offcos na
Coke Mugu:(10:39:02 (UTC)):<ding>

Coke Mugu:(10:39:07 (UTC)):u see it

Dave(10:39:18 (UTC)):i will see now

Dave(10:39:23 (UTC)):hold on

Dave(10:45:22 (UTC)):helo king

Coke Mugu:(10:45:41 (UTC)):hello

Coke Mugu:(10:45:59 (UTC)):did u see it on the attach

Dave(10:46:05 (UTC)):u wan make i tell u the truth?the posibilty that this bird go run with the sturf is 90percent

Dave(10:46:11 (UTC)):i see everything

Coke Mugu:(10:46:18 (UTC)):good

Dave(10:46:25 (UTC)):u know i know no dis guy wey u work togther?

Coke Mugu:(10:46:37 (UTC)):yeah

Dave(10:46:39 (UTC)):but i can assure u that it may be truth

Dave(10:46:47 (UTC)):let me call u

Coke Mugu:(10:46:52 (UTC)):so i fit give u him number make u explain to him

Coke Mugu:(10:47:04 (UTC)):so that him go knw where to start from

Coke Mugu:(10:47:23 (UTC)):ok

Coke Mugu:(10:47:26 (UTC)):pls call me

Coke Mugu:(10:50:43 (UTC)):0031********

Coke Mugu:(10:51:13 (UTC)):sunny

Dave(10:54:36 (UTC)):e no pick my calls

Dave(10:54:45 (UTC)):i just drop masage

Coke Mugu:(10:55:07 (UTC)):him no pick

Coke Mugu:(10:55:22 (UTC)):person when dey wait for bird from benji

Coke Mugu:(10:55:38 (UTC)):as him see that number shay him supose pick

Coke Mugu:(10:55:55 (UTC)):him don carry my market dey talk shit

Coke Mugu:(10:56:07 (UTC)):i go fry that boy

Dave(10:56:13 (UTC)):e just call me back now

Coke Mugu:(10:56:21 (UTC)):ok

Dave(10:56:21 (UTC)):i dey line with am?
Coke Mugu:(12:02:50 (UTC)):<ding>

Dave(12:02:57 (UTC)):yes

Dave(12:03:00 (UTC)):im here

Coke Mugu:(12:03:06 (UTC)):the gods has gone crazy

Dave(12:03:19 (UTC)):what?

Coke Mugu:(12:03:24 (UTC)):this boy is telling me

Coke Mugu:(12:03:49 (UTC)):that the agent he bought the ticket say they can not track the ticket

Coke Mugu:(12:04:08 (UTC)):and that they dont know if the person fly

Coke Mugu:(12:04:16 (UTC)):first in history

Dave(12:04:17 (UTC)):king you still have work to do

Dave(12:04:40 (UTC)):before everythin can be clearify

Coke Mugu:(12:04:45 (UTC)):there is nothing to do

Dave(12:05:22 (UTC)):try and look for a lawyer to check if the guy comot from there also

Dave(12:05:36 (UTC)):becos dis guy dey tell me say de guy no comot also

Dave(12:05:42 (UTC)):i no just understand

Coke Mugu:(12:19:05 (UTC)):him don comot here brother

Coke Mugu:(12:19:20 (UTC)):where him go go look for him na belgium

Coke Mugu:(12:19:34 (UTC)):if at all say the boy get problem

Dave(12:19:36 (UTC)):nawa oh

Coke Mugu:(12:19:49 (UTC)):i just send my agent the info now

Dave(12:19:55 (UTC)):i don tell am sha

Coke Mugu:(12:20:01 (UTC)):na she when call me back they explain to me so

Coke Mugu:(12:20:05 (UTC)):again

Coke Mugu:(12:20:16 (UTC)):say the whole ticket was used

Coke Mugu:(12:20:40 (UTC)):so that means if there is any problem

Coke Mugu:(12:20:47 (UTC)):it should be in belgium

Coke Mugu:(12:20:53 (UTC)):that is if there is

Coke Mugu:(12:20:55 (UTC)):any

Dave(12:21:23 (UTC)):a don tell am make e look for lawyer anyway

Coke Mugu:(12:21:38 (UTC)):him deos nt want to do that

Dave(12:21:48 (UTC)):but just take am easy make him too do him side

Coke Mugu:(12:21:49 (UTC)):just say that the boy didnt send him msg

Coke Mugu:(12:22:01 (UTC)):can u imagine such a stupid boy

Coke Mugu:(12:22:14 (UTC)):he is nt ready to do nothing

Coke Mugu:(12:22:33 (UTC)):that he went to schipol airport

Coke Mugu:(12:22:39 (UTC)):to ask them

Dave(12:22:45 (UTC)):to do wat?

Dave(12:22:53 (UTC)):thas not the route?

Coke Mugu:(12:23:00 (UTC)):but he told u and i in the first place that he is in belgium

Coke Mugu:(12:23:07 (UTC)):now schipol

Dave(12:23:10 (UTC)):he has notin to do with schipol

Coke Mugu:(12:23:22 (UTC)):can u balance the equation?

Coke Mugu:(12:23:34 (UTC)):pls can u tell him that now

Coke Mugu:(12:23:54 (UTC)):he is so stupid and does nt kne wht to do

Dave(12:24:37 (UTC)):a go talk to him again

Dave(12:24:55 (UTC)):just to try n look for a lawyer in belgium

Dave(12:25:22 (UTC)):das all wat he need to clear his side and he should have d proove

Coke Mugu:(12:26:36 (UTC)):yesw

Coke Mugu:(12:26:39 (UTC)):thank u

Coke Mugu:(12:26:52 (UTC)):i have my own prove that the boy left here

Coke Mugu:(12:27:17 (UTC)):so him too now needs to give me prove that he didnt see the boy

Coke Mugu:(12:27:26 (UTC)):or the boy has a problem

Dave(12:27:30 (UTC)):yes of cos

Coke Mugu:(12:27:33 (UTC)):is a very simple matter

Coke Mugu:(12:27:50 (UTC)):atleast now i have show u my prove

Dave(12:28:03 (UTC)):e need to do dat and he will just take it easy with him to do wat he has to do

Coke Mugu:(12:28:06 (UTC)):if u still wnt me to send u the last msg he sent

Coke Mugu:(12:28:09 (UTC)):i have it

Coke Mugu:(12:28:33 (UTC)):now that brother

Coke Mugu:(12:28:37 (UTC)):the one u knw
Coke Mugu:(12:28:41 (UTC)):is with him now

Coke Mugu:(12:28:46 (UTC)):ok

Coke Mugu:(12:29:10 (UTC)):hw can he be so daft

Coke Mugu:(12:29:25 (UTC)):to not be thinking that this boy may run away

Coke Mugu:(12:29:31 (UTC)):i dont get

Coke Mugu:(12:29:40 (UTC)):something is really fishy

Dave(12:30:26 (UTC)):and u yoo too king u made lill mistake..becos if anyone gives u a bird u just need to let the person control the whole thing and the bird should follow the instruction the person wey give u give am…becosall dis thing dey cos problem..if to say na dis guy sunny na him d bird send mesg to everything for the easy to talk

Dave(12:31:00 (UTC)):becos sunny dey tell me say the guy to leave there becos e no send am msg say him don dey inside moto

Dave(12:31:18 (UTC)):like if na u get d bird fine that one dey understandable

Coke Mugu:(12:31:21 (UTC)):i told him even b4

Dave(12:31:27 (UTC)):u have the total control

Coke Mugu:(12:31:31 (UTC)):the bird start leaving

Dave(12:31:43 (UTC)):becos d birds fit used the advantage also

Coke Mugu:(12:31:49 (UTC)):that he will nt send him msg rather than me

Dave(12:32:00 (UTC)):das not good at alll

Coke Mugu:(12:32:02 (UTC)):dave i hav edone something with u b4

Coke Mugu:(12:32:10 (UTC)):u knw how i do my thing

Dave(12:32:11 (UTC)):yes

Dave(12:32:14 (UTC)):i know king

Coke Mugu:(12:32:15 (UTC)):i dont bullshit

Dave(12:32:19 (UTC)):na him a dey talk

Dave(12:32:27 (UTC)):becos na u get d bird from grassroot

Coke Mugu:(12:32:29 (UTC)):wht if the bird sent him msg and nt me

Coke Mugu:(12:32:44 (UTC)):would say now that the bird sent him msg?

Dave(12:32:45 (UTC)):i know how dis pple here wey dey give bird dey behave das why im saying so

Dave(12:33:05 (UTC)):dey are all just bunch of a bull ass hungry pple

Dave(12:33:11 (UTC)):seriously

Dave(12:33:20 (UTC)):yes das better

Coke Mugu:(12:33:29 (UTC)):i mean

Dave(12:33:31 (UTC)):now him no go talk say the bird no leave
Coke Mugu:(12:33:39 (UTC)):shey u

Coke Mugu:(12:33:50 (UTC)):u sabi how to track ticket abi?

Dave(12:33:54 (UTC)):becos e don tell am say him dey inside the mtot

Dave(12:33:56 (UTC)):moto

Dave(12:34:58 (UTC)):u know one thing i know about ticket be its say its very hard to get the fact in dis kind of a situation

Coke Mugu:(12:35:13 (UTC)):ok pls

Coke Mugu:(12:35:25 (UTC)):here is how to track it

Dave(12:35:30 (UTC)):even e fit get yawa for spain or anytransit place

Coke Mugu:(12:35:33 (UTC))

Coke Mugu:(12:35:45 (UTC)):go to booking management

Coke Mugu:(12:35:51 (UTC)):u will see

Dave(12:35:54 (UTC)):i no kin

Coke Mugu:(12:35:55 (UTC)):a place

Coke Mugu:(12:35:57 (UTC)):says

Dave(12:35:59 (UTC)):manage my booking

Coke Mugu:(12:36:04 (UTC)):reservation code

Coke Mugu:(12:36:10 (UTC)):and surname

Dave(12:36:29 (UTC)):go just tell yu say d moto don move but e no go tell u say mr so so so follow the flight nowwwwwwwwwwwwww

Dave(12:36:35 (UTC)):na him a dey tell u

Dave(12:36:53 (UTC)):e don first happen to me from guaya to peru .peru to holland

Coke Mugu:(12:36:58 (UTC)):with this info

Coke Mugu:(12:37:08 (UTC)):they tell u weather the person fly

Dave(12:37:13 (UTC)):the man come get yawa for peru when e dey wait for the flight coming to holland

Coke Mugu:(12:37:21 (UTC)):na where u no get me be that

Coke Mugu:(12:37:29 (UTC)):no be moto we dey track oo

Coke Mugu:(12:37:37 (UTC)):na person

Dave(12:37:44 (UTC)):but when i go to track am the info dey tell me say the flight don move but the man no dey there

Coke Mugu:(12:38:42 (UTC)):listen to me dave

Coke Mugu:(12:38:56 (UTC)):na the ticket when him carry

Coke Mugu:(12:39:05 (UTC)):no him we dey track

Coke Mugu:(12:39:10 (UTC)):if him no fly

Coke Mugu:(12:39:20 (UTC)):the airline go put no show

Coke Mugu:(12:39:45 (UTC)):but if the tiko fly meaning say them carry person when get the tiko

Coke Mugu:(12:39:52 (UTC)):them go put am flown

Coke Mugu:(12:40:14 (UTC)):i want give u the koko make u check am by urself

Dave(12:40:20 (UTC)):but as u talk say e tell u say him don collect boadin pass na him come make me dey confused again

Coke Mugu:(12:40:24 (UTC)):so that u go understand well well

Dave(12:40:28 (UTC)):ok

Coke Mugu:(12:40:52 (UTC)):him collect boading pass send me msg say him don check in

Coke Mugu:(12:41:01 (UTC)):the i reply to him

Coke Mugu:(12:41:24 (UTC)):that i only need him to send me msg when he is already in the flight

Coke Mugu:(12:41:29 (UTC)):and abt to move

Coke Mugu:(12:41:34 (UTC)):which did

Dave(12:41:46 (UTC)):haha?????????????????

Coke Mugu:(12:41:48 (UTC)):this sunny boy guy

Dave(12:41:49 (UTC)):nawa oh

Coke Mugu:(12:41:59 (UTC)):this is the second time he is doing me this

Coke Mugu:(12:42:14 (UTC)):he did it to me 2008

Coke Mugu:(12:42:24 (UTC)):when i was in south africa

Coke Mugu:(12:42:56 (UTC)):his girl recieved a parcel i send to her and he to me that the girl flosh it in the toilet

Coke Mugu:(12:43:06 (UTC)):after too much arguments

Dave(12:43:15 (UTC)):lol…………………..

Coke Mugu:(12:43:19 (UTC)):he supose to pay me abt 6k

Coke Mugu:(12:43:29 (UTC)):he later paid 35oo

Coke Mugu:(12:43:45 (UTC)):so i didnt wnt to do anything with him again

Coke Mugu:(12:43:54 (UTC)):he made his father call me

Coke Mugu:(12:44:14 (UTC)):and beg that we should continue with business

Coke Mugu:(12:44:23 (UTC)):that there will no be any problem

Coke Mugu:(12:44:41 (UTC)):since then i didnt do anything with him until now

Dave(12:44:47 (UTC)):nawa oh

Dave(12:44:50 (UTC)):anyway sha

Dave(12:44:59 (UTC)):make e go take lawyer

Coke Mugu:(12:45:01 (UTC)):here is the info

Dave(12:45:11 (UTC)):make dem see wetin happen in belgy

Coke Mugu:(12:45:17 (UTC)):5*****

Coke Mugu:(12:45:38 (UTC)):surname BO*****

Coke Mugu:(12:45:46 (UTC)):check it urself

Coke Mugu:(12:45:58 (UTC)):is abt the person not the flight

Coke Mugu:(12:46:09 (UTC)):u have pple who do online ticket

Coke Mugu:(12:46:22 (UTC)):ask them wht i am telling u now

Coke Mugu:(12:46:30 (UTC)):if is true or not

Dave(12:48:42 (UTC)):i see am sha

Coke Mugu:(12:48:56 (UTC)):so u think say i fit lie u

Dave(12:49:24 (UTC)):but the only thing i know be say its very hard to know dis way becos it has haapen to me b4 na only lawyer for amsterdam help me out

Dave(12:49:46 (UTC)):the person na from naija but he come gey pro for amsterdam

Dave(12:50:04 (UTC)):so make e go take lawyer to find out for belgy

Coke Mugu:(12:50:09 (UTC)):na weitin him supose to do now

Dave(12:50:13 (UTC)):das all

Dave(12:50:19 (UTC)):a don tell am

Coke Mugu:(12:50:26 (UTC)):but saying the guy no fly the gods must be crazy

Coke Mugu:(12:50:42 (UTC)):let him knw say the bobo fly

Dave(12:50:48 (UTC)):him go do dat for u to make urself clear also b4 ur partners over there

Coke Mugu:(12:50:55 (UTC)):so that him go come there

Coke Mugu:(12:51:04 (UTC)):pls u fit help him there

Coke Mugu:(12:51:10 (UTC)):since u they there

Coke Mugu:(12:51:15 (UTC)):as my own person

Coke Mugu:(12:51:26 (UTC)):to find out this thing

Coke Mugu:(12:51:35 (UTC)):bcos believe u me

Coke Mugu:(12:51:53 (UTC)):i am doubting that that boy can nt run away

Coke Mugu:(12:52:05 (UTC)):i showed him so much love

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