NBM Cocaine Wahala – Part 2

NBM member a little upset again about been scammed… This time for 1kg of coke.

More threats….


I was giving you time to come around, but it seems like you are taking my silence for aceptance or a joke. Do you ever think that i was buying your contradicted stories? I dont want to mention all that now becouse you and i know what i am talking about. But this is COCAINE BUSINESS, You know the penalties, what they do to someone who do as you are doing now.
After all my investigations, my one bag of COCAINE is in your possesion and i want it back (money). You will leave me with no choice, to do what ever i can to get my money. becouse I will HUNT you, i will HURT you, i will HURT your GENERATION, i will be your WORST NIGHTMARE, AND I WILL NO REST until i get my money back, not even until we all stop breathing.
Just be a wise man and return what belongs to me becouse the money will not be enough to make up the pain i will COST you. I really do promise you, that until you give me my money, it is going to be an UNEND WAR. You will be in my black book and i will do it in JOBURG WAY.



2 thoughts on “NBM Cocaine Wahala – Part 2

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