NBM Cocaine Wahala – Part 1

Unhappy NBM member in South America a little upset regarding a “bird” (drug courier) getting cold feet. Seems not even any cocaine was lost. Only the money for the flight and for the ‘bird’s’ pocket money for their 2 week stay was lost…..

but still the punishment is death.



Hello homeboy, how are u doing? what really went down? because i cant understand why all this shit went down……you remember i ask you if you know and trust this guy and you said you have 90% trust, what is going on bro? pls i do not want us to agitate on this issue for long, you and i know the consicuncise of the tiko,NOT TRANSFERABLE, NOT REFUNDABLE AND NOT CHANGABLE. but my agent wanted to help us do it in a way, if if can prove the reason why the person didnt go to the airport,but as it is nw we can not work with this kind of people…….. so we are not gonna let it go, since this guy wants to act like an actor, we will give him what he desirve….Go get him and i tell him i want my money for the tiko and the bta, the tiko is $3700 and $300 i sent you…..add your own in and collect it from him, if he refuse,,,kill him and send the evidence.

I will not talk much, i want this money back before nextweek friday.


Talks later about taking the matter to the National Body in Nigeria to resolve the dispute by bringing about “justice” 


AB: THIS NA TONY NUMBER FOR MALAYSIA,0060*******, he is my brother that live in malaysia, so like i was telling u


AB: the guy just took the money and run away just simply bcos my brother does nt belong to any frat


AB: this is so anoining


AB: the total amouth is $5000 and we wnt it back


AB: the number one for malaysia na UFOMA 0060*******


AB: THE guy name when fuck up so na OJB


AB: AND the guy when link my bro and ojb na OSAS him number na 0060*******


AB: and the ojb number na 00601*******


AB: pls i wnt justics


AB: if it means us taking this matter to the overlord head in naija


AB: make we do am


AB: this guy must pay




3 thoughts on “NBM Cocaine Wahala – Part 1

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