International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 2

International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 2

Arab Wahala

Lord Muhammad Ibn Battuta protests strongly against the use of some names used within the NBM as both Temple and Strong Names. After some 40 years of usage he’s come to realize that some of the names, God forbid, are in fact: Arabic.

Canada Zone Wahala

Lords ambush and beat the shit out of another member in a car wash, drink lots and ban members from attending a wedding… plunging the Zone into “crisis”.

Germany Zone Wahala… Again.

Former European Coordinator and Germany Head de-axed for “embezzlement of German Zonal and Austria Zonal monies”

Germany Zone and Karneval der Kulturen Wahala

The Germany Zone discuss their lifetime ban from the Berlin Carnival of Culture (Karneval der Kulturen)

London Zone Wahala – Part 1

London Zone member “attacked a man with a number of offensive weapons” which was seen to make revenge attacks on other members likely and regrettably (for the NBM) attracted the attention of the police.

London Zone Wahala – Part 2

London Zone member (above) charged with “hampering the investigation” and suspended for three months

London Zone Wahala – Part 3

London Zone member “assaulted and permanently disfigured another Axeman in a public event, by biting off part of his ear, causing him to require surgery” and then been too drunk to attend any of the meetings called to discuss it. So de-axed.

Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 1

Akugbe Dennis Ukhurebor (Manchester Zone) ripped off by another scammer and ordering the “five heads dead in their house” as retribution.

Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 2

Akugbe Dennis Ukhurebor (Manchester Zone) ripped off again. This time 7000 euros extracted from a victim in Vietnam. Akugbe pretty sure that killing the fellow scammer’s mother and father will be sufficient in convincing him to return the money

Port Harcourt Wahala

Two dozen axemen arrested in Port Harcourt and the subsequent discussion relating to better techniques and historic security methods for evading police detection and intervention in their activities.

Spain Zone Wahala – The NBM Human Trafficking Bus

Spain Zone member been threatened with death by a another member due to issues relating to a case of bodged human trafficking.


Part One can be read here

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