Nigerian Mafia: the first Black Axe witness found dead in Palermo

Emeka Don, witness against the Black Axe in Italy, is found dead in his prison cell.


(translated by google)

In Palermo he was found lifeless, in unclear circumstances, Emeka Don (pictured), a 29-year-old Nigerian, the first witness against the emerging Nigerian Mafia Black Ax . The man detained at the Pagliarelli prison had been transferred to the hospital on Saturday night. According to the first results it seems that the cause of the death was a hypoglycemic crisis. On 26 January 2014 he was attacked in the neighborhood of BallarĂ² by Austine Johnbull (known as Ewosa ), then convicted of attempted murder using an ax (an object that characterizes the Black Ax band) at 12 years of imprisonment, confirmed by the court of ‘Appeal. Emeka Donhe told everything to the prosecutors, revealing to the magistrates the identity of some affiliates of the Nigerian clan and his testimony, including the scars reported following the episode, was relaunched by the international press which told of the presence of the Nigerian mafia in Palermo.
However, last July he ended up behind bars with the accusation of being part of the Viking (the other violent Nigerian gang present in Palermo) as part of the “Team Disconnection zone ” blitz .
The DDA this morning ordered the autopsy of the body after a collective gathered in a garrison in front of the Palermo squad yesterday evening asked to know how much happened to the young non-EU citizen. ” For us it is really anomalous- commented Frank Obidike , representative of the multicultural Arci Ikenga circle – how do you die in prison for such a disease? We know that there were people in prison who wanted him dead for what he testified . “

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