Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 2


An unhappy victim of fraud…. Ordering people dead again.

My Lordy (Jerry),

How far over there? Pls, let me know what is going on
there so that we can share owo together. I pray for
almighty God to answer your prayers in regards to UK
visa through christ our Lord, Amen. Just believe that
it is done and it shall be so, Amen.

The boy i told you about had realy fork-up big time. I
use his bank account to witdrew Euro 7000.00 from one
of my magar in Vietnam, he took the money and ran
away. I let him know that it will take only small time
that i must get my money back including the commission
on top. I realy want you to handle this Job personally
and make sure that this money come out to your hand
nomater what it takes. The parent will pay the owo to
you because i let the boy know that the Job belong to
my friend in Africa. Let them know that you are the
owner of the owo and after the parent have gone to
grave, the boy will still follow when he come to Nig.

The address of the boy is No; 43 Ugbor Road, Benin
City and it is along the road of Ugbor. The name of
the boy is Agho Nosa. Agho is his father name and Nosa
is his name. He graduated from Ekpoma in 2002 and he
is a small boy. The young brother is also at home and
when you get hold of the father and the mother, the
money will come out immediately.

My share in that owo is Euro 3,500.00 while the
remainning half one goes to the owner of the Job. You
will be entitle to Euro 1,750.00 while i will be in
charge of the remainning Euro 1,750.00 after the
success of the Job.

Pls, i want to see the success of the Job urgently.

Stay cool and God bless,

Dennis. (Lord Muta-Karibo 1).


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