NBM Budget

Interesting budget statement from the NBM/Black Axe

Shows they expect an annual revenue of over 28 million Naira ($78,000+ USD) per year mostly from member payments (generally acquired from crime)

These figures not be confused with the huge sums the individuals themselves make from crime






  1.             EXPECTED REVENUE:


(a)       Annual Due for 17 Local Zones @ N80,000 per zone            –            N1,360,000

(b)       Annual Due for 11 foreign Zones @ N80,000 per Zone        –              N   880,000

(c)       Convention Due for 17 Local Zones @ N80,000 per Zone   –            N1,360,000

(d)       Convention Due for 11 Foreign Zones @ N80,000 per Zone –            N   880,000

(e)       Capitation fee for 28 Zones @ N1000 per Zone                    –                N     28,000 x 2

(f)        Delegates fee to Convention from 17 Local Zones @

N1,000 Per Person X 10 X 17                                                –                    N   170,000

  • Delegates fee to Convention from 11 foreign Zones @

N1,000 Per Person X 2 X 11                                                     –            N     22,000

(h)       Commision from sales of Items                                             –            N   100,000

(i)        Free will donations                                                                   –            N3,000,000


Sub- Total expected revenue                                               –            N15,600,000  



(a)       17 Local Zones: 1000 block equivalent by each Zone is

N90,000 X 17                                                                         –      N1,530,000


  • 11 Foreign Zones: 1000 blocks equivalent by Each

Foreign Zone is N90,000 X 11                                                      –            N   990,000

Sub-Total                                                                                         –            N2,520,000

Free will donations for National secretariat                           –            N3,000,000

Total                                                                                                 –            N4,520,000


Sub-Total of N4,520,000 X 2

–           N11,040,000



1000 Copies of Calendar @ 500 per copy                                           –            N   500,000

1000 Copies of Uhuru Magazines @ N500 per copy                        –            N   500,000

300 Copies of Regalia @ N2,500 Per One                                        –            N    650,000

Sub Total                                                                          –            N,1,650,000



Tours and Travels: Proposed visit by National Head and National exco members to all the Local and Foreign Zones and intending Zones Home and Abroad


  1. Proposed visit to 20 Local Zones

At the average cost of N40,000 X 20                                     –            N800,000

  1. Foreign Trips

(1)       Trip to South Africa                                                    –            N   300,000

(2)       Trip to Europe                                                             –            N   450,000

Sub-Total                                                                                  –            N1,550,000


    • Twenty(20) Reams of copier papers @ N500 per Ream

N500.00 X 20                                                                     –            N     10,000

(b)       Cost of typing Reports and photocoping                    –            N     30,000

(c )      Cost of printing N.B.M official receipts                       –            N     20,000

Total                                                                       –            N     60,000


Sub-Total N60,000 X 2                                                              –            N   120,000



(a)       Internet Services                                                         –            N  100,000

(b)       Courier Service                                                           –            N    50,000


Sub-Total N150,000 X 2                                                       –            N  300,000



(a)       Five Meeting of National Executive at N45,000

Per Meeting N45,000 X 5                                           –            N  225,000


  • Five Meeting of Council of Heads at N25,000

Per Meeting N25,000 X 5                                                     –            N  125,000

Total                                                                            –            N  350,000


Sub Total N350,000 X 2                                                                  –            N  700,000



            N150,000 Per Annum X 2                                                      –            N  300,000



            Newspaper Half Page twice a year @ N200,000 each X 2    –            N  400,000


Sub Total N400,000 X 2                                                         –            N  800,000



            Impress N200,000 X 2 Years                                                 –            N  400,000



Impress N300,000 X 2 Years                                                 –            N  600,000



Impress N50,000 X @ Years                                                 –            N  100,000


            Impress N100,000 X 2 Years                                                 –            N   200,000



Impress N100,000 X 2 Years                                                 –            N   200,000



Impress N100,00 X 2 Years                                                   –            N   200,000



Impress N100,00 X 2 Years                                                   –            N   200,000



Impress N100,00 X 2 Years                                                   –            N   200,000



Impress N100,00 X 2 Years                                                   –            N    200,000



By The National Body N400,000 X 2                                    –            N     800,000



N300,000 X 2 Years                                                               –            N     600,000



N150,000 X 2 Years                                                               –            N     300,000



N400.000 X 2 Years                                                               –            N     800,000


Sub Total for Recurrent Expenditure                                                                                             

                                                                                                            –            N8,570,000





      Production cost per copy N170

1000 copies X N170.00                                                                –            N170,000

Cost of selling a Copy N500.000

1000 Copies X N500.00                                                               –            N500,000

Therefore Deducting production cost from Total sales

N500,000-N170,000 (Profit)                                                        –            N330,000



Production cost per copy N170

1000 copies X N170.00                                                                –            N170,000

Cost of selling a Copy N500.000

1000 Copies X N500.00                                                               –            N500,000

Therefore Deducting production cost from Total sales

N500,000-N170,000 (Profit)                                                        –            N330,000



Cost of production for 300 members @ N2,000 each                  –            N600,000

N2000 X 300 members

Members to Purchase from National CP @ N2,500 each

In order to ensure uniformity

Sales                                                                                             –            N750,000

Profit                                                                                             –            N150,000


    • National Convention (Nigeria) Venue, Accommodation,

Secretariat, Printing, Feeding, Drinking and Logistics

N1,500,000 X 2                                                                –            N3,000,000


  • Regional Conferences at Abuja, Benin, Port- Harcourt

And Lagos at the Cost of N100,000 X 4                          –            N400,000




Venue, Meeting, Hall, Food & Drinks during Convention shall be the responsibility of the Host.

(a)       Accommodation                                                                     –            N


(b)       Flight Ticket for National Head/Exco Members,

National Chairman/Ten (10) NCOE Members                      –            N2,700,000

N150,000 Per Person X 18




Purchase Of Land 100 X 200                                                             –            N1,500,000


Design Cost (Architect)                                                                     –            N   150,000


Foundation                                                                                          –            N1,500,000


Garman Floor                                                                                     –            N1,000,000


Building to Lintel Level                                                                     –            N1,500,000


Decking                                                                                              –            N2,000,000


Building to Lintel Level                                                                     –            N1,500,000

Roofing                                                                                               –            N1,200,000


Plastering                                                                                            –            N 1,000,000


Doors & Window                                                                               –            N  1,000,000


Painting                                                                                              –            N  1,000,000


Fencing                                                                                               –            N  1,800,000


Total                                                                           –            N14,150,000


EXPECTED REVENUE:                                                                 –            N15,600,000



MAGAZINE AND REGALIA                                                         –            N   1,650,000


TOTAL REVENUE:                                                             N28,290,000


RECURRENT EXPENDITURES                                                   –            N  8,570,000


CAPITAL EXPENDITURE                                                            –            N  7,040,000


                        GRAND TOTAL                                                       –            N15,610,000


BALANCE:                                                                                        –            N12,700,000



Presented By National Executive Council,

Neo Black Movement of Africa.

Nigeria’s killing fields flourish as police make futile efforts to battle cultism

Source: https://punchng.com/nigerias-killing-fields-flourish-as-police-make-futile-efforts-to-battle-cultism/

The alarming rise in the activities of cultists across the country, despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to curb them, gives cause for concern, CHUKWUDI AKASIKE reports

MANY years ago, the activities of cultists were shrouded in absolute secrecy. They always held their meetings in the bush at night and away from prying eyes, made bonfires and danced to whatever strange music that fueled their misplaced excitement.

Even in those days, most cultists were students of tertiary institutions, who, after such nocturnal meetings, would sometimes storm their various campuses in the heat of the moment and wreak havoc on their fellow students.


These cultists often form confraternities, such as Aiye, Eiye, Black Axe, Black Beret Vikings, De Bam, De Well, Black Bra and Viqueens, among many others. The Black Bra, Jezebel and the Viqueens are strictly for women.

The members of these confraternities are literally the bad boys and girls on campus, whose main objectives are usually to recruit new members into their various groups and to engage in endless fights for supremacy with rival cults.

Imo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, Akwa Ibom and some other states in the country have had their fair share of violence orchestrated by secret cults, in which many lives were lost in the most vicious, brazen and gruesome manner.

Not too long ago, a student of Engineering at the Rivers State University was killed by suspected cultists along Ada George Road in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

The corpse of the student, who was said to be on his way to school when the incident occurred, was found at the scene of the murder. It was riddled with machete cuts.

The student, whose identity was not immediately disclosed, was murdered less than 48 hours after a final-year student of the same institution, Prince Barisua, was shot by unknown gunmen near a hostel around the university.

Before the incident, which occurred in July 2019, a group of cultists had beheaded a man and ordered his wife to carry the severed head in a bowl into their waiting car.

Also, in Imo State, two daredevil cultists, popularly known as Blackface and Sparrow, were shot by the police during a gun battle in a forest around Assa community in the Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area.


The police later disclosed that the slain cultists were members of the notorious Iceland confraternity and they were allegedly responsible for several criminal activities in Assa and Obile communities.

One locally-made shot gun with five live cartridges and one single-barrelled gun were recovered from the deceased, who was said to have also murdered an inspector and a corporal attached to the Ohaji Police Division. The police said their atrocities included the beheading of a resident of Assa community in September 2017.

Similarly, six persons were killed in Kogi State by some soldiers, following an alleged cult clash at Anyigba in Dekina LGA of the state. It was gathered that the cultists were gunned down at different spots in the community.


In Akwa Ibom State, cult groups have wreaked havoc in places like Etim Ekpo and Ukanafun Local Government Areas.

There have been similar cases in Ogun State. In a particular incident, one Yekini Wahab was reportedly shot by some ‘bad boys’ during an attack on the residents of Odokekere and Ogijo communities in the Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State. The cultists had also invaded the Oniburuku area of Odokekere, where they killed a herbalist, identified as Ifa. The cultists, according to a source, had fired into the air to create confusion before killing their targets and robbing the residents of the community.

In Lagos State, four persons were feared killed in a battle for supremacy between members of the Eiye and Aiye confraternities in the Oworonshoki area of Lagos. It was gathered that the streets affected by the clash, which started around 5.58am, were Olopomeji, Ifako, L and K, and Salami. The suspected cultists reportedly used machetes and other weapons on each other, killing four persons in the process. It was gathered that a suspect was arrested by a team of policemen from the Oworonshoki Police Station over the incident.

With the Boko Haram insurgency still unresolved, there is no doubt that the upsurge in cult activities has compounded the nation’s security woes.

Speaking on cultism-related violence in Nigeria, a university lecturer, Prof Steve Okodudu, said that although secret cults had always existed the society, their undesirable activities had reached an alarming proportion.

Okodudu  attributed the rise in deadly cult activities to the unemployment situation in the country.

“When there is an economic downturn, people begin to take to different means of survival. This has been compounded by the nature of our politics, where politicians recruit all manner people for their election campaign. After the election, the hired hands are left to their own devices.

On the solution to the problem, he added, “I think we must try hard to get the economy working again. The basic infrastructure must be put in place and the economy must have the capacity to provide jobs for people. Again, our government must take its primary responsibility of providing security seriously. The investment made so far in security is neither here nor there. What makes the difference between underdeveloped countries and the developed ones is that there is security in the developed ones.”

Speaking on the origin of cultism in the country, he said, “Cult groups have always been part of our society. They started as part of the political control mechanism in our traditional societies and that eventually spread into the campuses. In fact, what you now call cult groups actually started as students’ associations and in no time, our universities started suffering from such setbacks that you find in the societies by virtue of the political economy of this country. Don’t forget that most of the people there have no jobs. So, they think the only way they can survive is to live by force of arms.”

A sociologist, Prof Mark Anikpo, described cultism in Nigeria as any other crime like armed robbery. He urged the federal and state governments to beef up security at known flashpoints in order to identify and arrest suspects.

Anikpo said that with good intelligence and a stiff penalty for offenders, cult activities, including mindless attack on innocent persons, would be reduced.

“You know that cultism is just like other crimes. Cultists are thieves and people who want to acquire things through illegal means. The penalty for cultism should be severe. But the society has to be restructured in such a manner that everybody should be able to fend for himself properly,” he added.

Also, university lecturer and public affairs analyst, Prof Tunde Fatunde, lamented that ordinary social clubs had degenerated into criminal organisations involved in mass murder, pipeline vandalism, money laundering, kidnapping and other vicious crimes.

He said, “Cultism in Nigeria has become a criminal organisation that is involved in kidnapping, money laundering, pipeline breaking and other vicious crimes. What we know as cultism today is a social phenomenon, especially in the university, that has gone from just being a social club to a mafia with vested political interests.

“Cultism has become a very rich enterprise because the cult members are living with the people of the business world and political organisations. They (cult members) pose a serious danger to university education and its social fabrics.”

Fatunde explained that only a decisive government policy against cultism would be able to eliminate the menace in the society, adding that students and university employees should be on the watch-lists of the federal and state governments and any person found guilty by the judiciary should go to jail, no matter his position in the society. He also suggested that vocational training should be added to the curricula of tertiary institutions in the country in other to keep the students busy.

But the Director, International Institute of Journalism, Port Harcourt Campus, Ibituru Pepple, observed that cultism had become a norm in the Nigerian society and it would be difficult to eliminate.

Pepple said that since most cultists always had the backing of some politicians, Nigerians would continue to live with the consequences of their actions.

“The society is beginning to accept cultism as a norm. If this is how it is going remain, then we are finished in this country. There is a need for government to muster the courage to eliminate cultism,” he said.

However, it appears that the more security agencies make attempts to fight this monster to a standstill, the harder the criminals come.

The Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, in an interview with our correspondent, said the police had killed several cultists during gun duels, adding that some of the hardened cultists were traced to Kaduna and other neighbouring states.

He recalled how one cult kingpin, simply known as Devil, was gunned down in Bayelsa State by policemen attached to the state Police Command. Devil, who was shot dead after another cultist nicknamed Satan met a similar fate, was said to be responsible for most of the kidnapping and armed robbery incidents that occurred at the Ogoni end of the East-West Road.

“We have dealt cultists in this state a deadly blow. While some of them who engaged the police in gun battles were killed, others were arrested and prosecuted. Recently, we arrested some cult members and they are helping us to apprehend others. Remember that the police have destroyed cult camps in Ogoni and some other parts of the state,” Omoni said.

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Nigerian Mafia, Italy, land of conquest: 1700 arrests this year

Source: https://www.leggilo.org/2019/10/18/mafia-nigeriana-guadagni-italia/

(Translated by Google)

The structural model of organized crime in Nigeria is formed by independent autonomous groups dependent on a single summit. National leaders, local leaders, a top-down structure and a change of roles, these are the common elements among the Brotherhoods, each of which has its own turnover and its own nicknames.

The handcuffs were taken for more than 20 people yesterday, Thursday 17 October in Ferrara following an anti-drug operation against a band of Nigerians for dealing in cocaine, heroin and marijuana, writes Adnkronos . Thus the provisional budget is over 1700 arrests from the beginning of 2019 with the prospect, according to the current trend of exceeding the numbers of 2018. Last year the arrests were 2144. Today the Nigerian organization manages to cover the whole Italian territory with rising profits. From the papers of the inquiry Athenaeum in Turin and of which Repubblica  spoke, it was learned that the chief – called don – of the Maphitehe was entitled to a fixed sum of 35 thousand euros every three months; the deputy don – the vice – took 17,000; the chief 0 – the lieutenant – managed to get his hands, in the same period, on 11,000 euros; from the chief 1 to  chief 5, the loot was 9 thousand euros, again every three months. And that was also the basic ‘pay’ of other minor figures.

Ancient methods of transferring money 

But how does money get to Africa? National leaders, local leaders, a top-down structure and a change of roles are the common elements among the brotherhoods, each of which has its own business and its own nicknames. But how do they control and transfer the money raised from their activities?

The most widely used system at the moment is hawala –  as explained by a DIA analyst in an interview with the newspaper – which is a trustee. The passage of money via hawala appears identical to that of a money transfer. The difference for the hawala is all in who moves the money and in the commission applied. The hawala is definitely more convenient. The hawaladars, the bankers, are people with so much money available on which to transfer their debt. It is they who anticipate and circulate money. They anticipate the money on behalf of others: the debts and credits between hawaladar, the one from the country of departure of the money and the one of arrival, will be paid at a later time, following hundreds of operations. Trust is the basis of this method which seems to be, among other things, very efficient.

4 models for practicing crime worldwide

Infiltration in the territory, flexibility, profits and logistic capacity and various levels. At this point, according to the investigators, it can be presumed that the characteristics of the criminal organizations present in Nigeria will soon become a constant of the groups operating in the Italian territory. According to a study carried out by Cesi – Center for international studies – analysis of the behavior of organized crime in Africa, it allowed the identification of four operational models used for criminal activity:

The first operational model is similar to the mafia-type criminal organizations active in Europe and Asia. In this case, criminal associations can be defined as authentic “mafias” because they are characterized by secrecy, unity, verticality, initiation rites, family structure or clans and territorial control. These organizations systematically resort to violence for intimidating purposes and to impose their power in the nerve centers of the illegal economy. The second model is formed by free connections; they are not closed hierarchical structures and recognizable as happens for the mafia model. They are activities carried out by individuals who have differentiated licit and illicit occupations. For example, drug trafficking on the eastern and western coasts of Africa is conducted through “criminal entrepreneurs” who use their own logistic networks, generally used for legal activities, in order to smuggle illegal goods. The greatest danger of this operating system lies in the mixture of underworld and politics – in the ability of some administrators to use illegal revenues to co-opt popular consent – pushing the population to consider criminal activities legitimate as bearers of works with positive social impact. It is the case ofEric Amoateng , Ghanaian politician, arrested in 2005 in the United States for drug trafficking. At the news of his arrest the discontent in his country was strong. In 2011, tribal leaders publicly thanked him for the work he had done: he had financed the construction of new roads, guaranteed salaries and loans without interest.

The third model expands the actors of the criminal network to rebel organizations and irregular armed groups. This model develops mainly in unstable areas. There is evidence of ongoing negotiations between jihadist commanders and criminal leaders. In this context, in some cases elements of the Armed Forces and security, in breach of their professional ethics, behave like rebel militias and jihadist brigades, offering servants armed escort or demanding passage rights to illegal goods convoys. Niger and Mali are key countries for both drug trafficking and migrant trafficking. The Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate in its latest semi-annual report writes that the Nigerian Mafia is “in constant contact with the mother country, which must be monitored to prevent contamination by pro-Islamic extremist expressions in Nigeria, where Boko Haram continues to spread “. According to the DIA, keeping national penitentiaries under control is the basis for preventing the phenomenon from undergoing radicalization.

The fourth model of organized crime is that relating to illegal activities perpetrated on the Internet. This is a deconstructed model par excellence, as the evidentiary material and the investigations carried out so far by the national African and international authorities have shown that computer crimes – scams, fraudulent money transfers – are committed by isolated individuals or small networks with low levels of coordination.


Source: Adnkronos, Cesi, Bbc, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, Il Quotidiano

The Nigerian Mafia child of poverty? No, born in the universities

Source: https://www.leggilo.org/2019/10/20/mafia-nigeriana-dalle-universita-in-italia/

(Translated by Google)

From university brotherhoods dedicated to the discipline of the body and mind to bloody mafia cult. Money and Power. The fast and uncontrolled rise of the Mafia nigeria in our country.

In spite of what one might think, the Nigerian Mafia is not born in poverty and degradation; the uterus in which this creature grew is the university environment. The phenomenon is distorted between the 70s and 80s in the universities of Lagos and Benin City . Talking about it is the writer and sociologist Leonardo Palmisano in a recent survey “ Black Ax. The brutal intelligence of the Nigerian mafia “published by Fandango. The new Nigerian ruling class came to use the Brotherhoods – which were in fact armed and paid – to stifle the attempts at rebellion that came, above all, from university circles. The power they acquired was such, that both political and military ramifications were soon developed. A growth that will see them subsequently forced to adopt a certain structuring. They chose the model of the Italian Mafia , so they created clans with bosses, bosses, sub-bosses, gregarious and simple affiliates, becoming in effect a mafia organization .

Origins and ideals

At the beginning of the 50’s seven young students from the University of Ibidan met to found the ” Pyrates Confraternity”. The original idea was to counter an elite university – attended only by students from wealthy colonial families – to open the doors even to poor but promising students. Certainly they did not think of putting down roots to what would become the most powerful criminal organization in the world.

From the Pyrates other brotherhoods develop and detach. In 1972 about thirty boys, led by Bolaji Carew, were expelled from the Pyrates because they did not adhere to the required standards: high academic and intellectual performance. The result was a split that led to the creation of the Sea Dogs  and the Buccaneers . After a few years, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa, also called Black Ax brotherhood , took possession of the University of Benin in Edo State. After its creation, another confraternity, the Eiye Confraternity, broke away from the Black Axs. The initial objective of the confraternities was the “redirection of minds towards realism and black determinism, the teaching of the discipline of body and mind; the fight against negative images of people of color “. From the Black Ax will come off and form another cell, the ” Supreme Eiye Confraternity “.


The precise moment when things changed was the coup d’état of December 31, 1983, when the military put an end to the experience of the second republic, which lasted four years and, in fact, democracy. At the head of the military junta was General Muhammadu Buhari – current president of Nigeria, returned to power in 2015 – who after less than two years, in August 1985, was dismissed by Chief of Staff Ibrahim Babangida.

The coup d’état created various social and political tensions. Military leaders, struggling with the effects of the oil crisis of the time, realized that the Brotherhoods could be used to their advantage, especially against organized groups – student unions and university staff – that opposed the military regime. They were therefore financed and armed; was the beginning of the end. Sociologist Emeka Akudi noted that some vice chancellors of the universities protected the Brotherhoods, and it is in this period that they introduce new rituals within traditional religious practices: voodoo rituals. Perhaps it was just as a reaction to these changes that in 1984 Wole Soyinka– Nobel Prize for Literature two years later – declared that these cells could no longer operate within any university campus.

The Delta region

In the 1990s, a war broke out between confraternities   that led to the emergence of further urban cells for the first time, especially in the Niger Delta region, an area of ​​the country that covers about 70,000 square kilometers covering 7.5%. of the Nigerian territory. Around 20 million people from 40 different ethnic groups live in the area and speak 250 dialects. The area has seen the rise of many sites for oil extraction. About 2 million barrels are extracted per day throughout the Niger Delta

The birth of the Family Confraternity, also known as the “Mafia del Campus”, dates back to the 90s . To date, it maintains its presence in numerous schools of the state, imitating the same modus operandi as the Italian mafia. Shortly after his dramatic appearance, several students were expelled from the Abia State Univeristy for falsifying some exams. This led to a shift in the activities of the brotherhoods from the university structures of the Delta to the roads and surroundings of the State.

Today most cults in the Delta area are involved in organized crime, from armed robberies to hostage taking. Some of these groups have joined in a single group of activists, known as the MEND, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta , and have made several attacks under this name. In the Delta State every day, every hour and at all times, the members of the different groups kill each other.

1990s the first arrivals in Italy

It is in these years that the first groups arrive in Italy, in particular in Castel Volturno , in the province of Caserta which becomes a stronghold of the organization. The initial imprinting also took place in Verona , where they discovered the great market of prostitution and Italian drugs , which responded perfectly to what were the new objectives pursued by the cult: women, drugs and money. While devoting themselves to criminal activities, the cult items were not particularly violent. Until the 2000s there is not much news. In January 2005 the Italian secret services , speaking of the Nigerians, stated:“The original illicit activities, committed by isolated groups, without a stable organization, have acquired a greater weight in the criminal scene, conquering gray areas of the market, or those controlled by the local organized underworld, which traditionally considered the exploitation of prostitution a low activity performance “.

Italy wakes up

The turning point in Italy comes only in recent years. A 2011 report from the Nigerian embassy in Rome speaks in these terms: ” I would like to draw your attention to the new criminal activity of a group of Nigerians belonging to secret sects, prohibited by the government due to violent acts of hooliganism: unfortunately the former members of these sects who managed to enter Italy have again founded the organization here, mainly for criminal purposes “,

The result can be seen in the comparative figures, reported by the latest report of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies where there is a considerable increase in the increase in migration from Nigeria. A flow that continues to arrive in Italy but “integrates” only with a part of it, as attested by another relationship, that of the DIA . The Italian cities plagued by this plague are mainly Rome, Milan, Turin, Verona, Bologna, Ferrara, Parma, Macerata, Naples, Castel Volturno, Caserta, Palermo and Bari. And from the North East, particularly from Padua, the Nigerian Mafia has strengthened its expansion, Panorma wrote in a recent survey.

We therefore need to ask ourselves whether such a phenomenon appeared about twenty years ago, has been taken lightly and, above all, how much uncontrolled immigration in our country has guaranteed those economic flows indispensable for the growth of the organization. Heroin and opiates are bought in the East, while cocaine in South America: prostitution and drug dealing in Italy to a degree that is not entirely quantifiable, certainly contributed to these investments.

Sources: Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, Panorama, New Roots

Shut down all activities at the tertiary institution level?

The NBM official website states: “The Neo Black Movement of Africa, is a Movement that has its origin at a tertiary institution level.”

Which is illegal….

But claims: “Presently, as a corollary of enacted vague laws of the FGN in regards to any form of associations presence in tertiary institutions, the NBM of Africa as a law abiding entity had to shut down all activities at the tertiary institution level.”

And yet…..

Eight Imo undergraduates belonging to the Black Axe Confraternity arrested

Eight members of the Black Axe Confraternity who are students of various tertiary institutions in Imo state have been arrested by the officers of the state police command for involvement in cultism.

The state Commissioner of Police, Rabiu Ladodo, who paraded the suspects at the command headquarters in Owerri, said the Anti-Cultism Unit of the command had been charged to deal with issues of cultism.

He listed the suspects as Chinasa Nkwocha, 19; Chukwudi Ebendu, 25; Kelechi Anyaegbu, 33; Ikenna Amadi, 22; Chidiebube Emecheta, 26; Chibueze Unegbu, 23; Chiebube Anyanwu, 27; and Joseph Okereke, 26.

The CP said the suspects were members of the Black Axe Confraternity, who were returning from an initiation at Awo-Omamma in the Oru East Local Government Area of the state. Ladodo stated that one locally-made gun, one live cartridge, one machete and a wrap of substance suspected to be Indian hemp were recovered from the suspects.

The CP said, “While on a stop and search duty on the Ogbaku/Onitsha Road, Owerri, operatives of the Police Mobile Force, Squadron 18, Owerri, stopped one commuter bus with number plate ACA 22 WZ conveying 18 male persons suspected to be cultists.

“On a thorough search, one locally-made short gun, one live cartridge, one machete and a wrap of substance suspected to be Indian hemp were recovered from the bus.

“After thorough investigation, it was discovered that the suspects were members of the Black Axe Confraternity returning from a certain bush in Awo-Omamma in the Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State, where they initiated new members.”

The CP said further investigation revealed that the gun and machete were linked to the first suspect, Nkwocha, a student of the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri.

Source: https://www.expressiveinfo.com/eight-imo-undergraduates-belonging-to-the-black-axe-confraternity-arrested/

Secrecy and Security and the NBM

Interesting dialogue between members regarding the need for greater secrecy within the organisation to bolster security from police interference. 

Some of the old guard detailing how things were done in the past and some members detailing how to use or how they have used members in government and law makers to stay out of the trouble.




National Head,
Zonal Heads,
Zonal NCOE,
All Axemen World Wide,

I greet you once again in the African Culture, May i quickly draw your attention to the need for the removal of unethical ethiques, and wrong social conducts that have brought ill names to this movement.

A forthnight ago, over two dozen Axemen were arrested in Port Harcourt for their participation in the Hand Over Jolly in Okemini HT. Held in Etche in Rivers State were over fifty men attended from all works of life to grace an occasion that might be for some as a first time while to some others as a usual IT.

These sets of Strongmen were arrested at about 3-4am on returning from the that IT. Some escaped while others were helpless to the spontaneous response of the Vigilante group conjoint with Nigeria Police men. Which led to the arrest of 28Axemen at this Yuletide season.

May simply ask, why would Initiation always hold in the bush? Would there be any other safe place to hold initiation since we proud ourselves to be incorporated under the Company and allied matter act of 1990? Are we really secret cults? if we are not why do we still allow our temples to hold ITs in the bushes?

I believe we have lots of rebranding projects as stumbled upon one at the airport with the tags “say no to cultism” proudly African. Hence fellow strongmen who might have mounted that billboard are facing cultism charges in Port Harcourt Maximum Prison.

I think the way we sound in collecting Zonal dues, Forum dues,Temple Dues, and anything relating to Monetary terms in this movement should be reciprocated in policy creation that will move this movement forward.

I write with displeasure owing to how the State Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) who might have retrieved my numbered from the cellphone of an arrested axeman seeming to decode the kind of being i look like as to unleash same punishment in similitude of what happened to the rest despite the fact i was not in that IT. Possibly i would have suffered untold hardship from what i know not about. Graciously i was wise enough to scuttle their plans. Likewise might have been done to some Strongmen in Port Harcourt and their response might result them victims of an unknown scheme.

Can we start this reformation and let the world know we are not cultist but Rational Men.

May i leave it open to those who have powers above me to deal with these situation as it concern those languishing in Port Harcourt Prison Now, as it regards positive steps to avert such recurrence in future.

Being Strong Without Wisdom is Foolishness – MZDK

Mbata Mbete
S’Eastern Zone

Patrice Lumumba:

Mbata Mbete,

NBM has tradition and customs that are imbedded in African tradition Religion, there are certain things that are not meant for the public eye and scrutiny, every organisation has a public side and a private or you can call it secret side that is meant for only members…. does that make them a secret cult?

Even among friends there are things that are only knowledgeable only to the circle of friends and not to people outside it, (talking about juus) does that make them a secret cult?

If you read some of the postings by FF, in the early days after the movement was born, the survival of the movement was largely in part because of the secrecy in which things were done, the members were known only by the members of NBM, and that gave us a edge over the other juu frats that were around at the time

Secrecy and surprise is a very vital weapon for anything, NBM wont be the same NBM again the day everything is done in the open. I am sure if the handing over was done more secretly this problem you mentioned now wont have been there, because the cops and vigilante probably acted on information.

The death of NBM will NEVER be heard of….. iseeee

i greet you
Aye Nelson Mandela
Ada 06′


I greet you lord Nelson Mandela,

I buy your idea on the private and public face of any organisation but it does not remove the fact that what the law abhors should not be a norm in NBM. May i furnish you with this knowledge that almost everything has a skeletal part of it before there was a covering.

Thus we should be done with Skeletal part of the Ini which entails the use of bush system of it. I believe if there is a resolution to better that side of this movement credible option will be out rather than the statusquo.

In this light we should do things that are Afro-Modern.

Lord Mbata Mbete
South Eastern Zone


Lord Mbata Mbete

First of all let me salute your courage for bringing up this topic

NBM needs serious reforms as concerns some of our practices and so called traditions.

NBM will never be the “greatest black organisation in the world” if our members are being arrested at 3 in the morning with guns, axes, charms, drugs and other excetera items

I hail

I hail

Haile Selassie
INI: Kiriji 1991
IND: London 2010
London Zone
Email: kiriji1@yahoo.com
tel: 0044 7898938970
Destination 2012 – Uhuru is achievable…Dodorima to those who believe


Mii lords,

There are several tenets and traditions that have been imbibed in our organization. African culture. We Africans, live in close resonance with nature. We pour alcohol on the soil (not on concrete or marble) to honor our ancestors whose bones now lie beneath our feet. We use plants and have the night sky showcasing the celestial bodies over our heads. We are one with nature. Reason with any true CiPe for more understanding.

Secrecy being another one of the most important. Nowadays, a lot of codes, meanings are widely known and even understood & accepted as normal yarns in some areas. Which beats the whole purpose.

It is lamentable that some Axemen returning from an NBM meeting where arrested by combined units of vigilante and police teams but to call a spade a spade.
The Eyes, Butchers and Criers are to blame and in effect, the Temple’s Coordination. Period!
Jolly, IT or any NBM meeting’s end does not mean that these above mentioned office functions have ended. First of all, the right (not just the usual) location must be used even if it means going further or paying more. Get better security. If the Butchers are able to maintain strict decorum among attendees of the event then there would be a huge reduction in alerting surrounding vigilante groups or any other kind of aggressive effect. This even applies to Zones in the diaspora.

The Eyes and Criers are most times the first ones out and if there is any kind of trouble; The information gets back to the House on time for any corrective or punitive measures to be undertaken.

NBM is a movement which also has some secret rites and doings. From the Temple to the National. You wouldn’t find any Temple, Zone broadcasting or televising their meetings. So those looking for an organization with everything public would never get it here.

Take a cue from other notable organizations (they are quite different from the NBM in terms of what they stand for, purposes, doctrine, etc) but they have coordinated and organized themselves to a higher degree of status quo.
* Skull & Bones
* Freemasons
* The Bilderberg Group
* Opus Dei
And so many other organizations with secret as well as public doings.

The Nigerian police force is wanting in several areas such as investigative and forensic techniques so hence their seemingly brutish mannerism. They are also easily influenced if one can reach the top brass (If you get me) – You have them performing part of security for some Temples and Zones these days.

Mii Lord from the S’Eastern Zone, I believe your Zone is the closest in relation to geographical distance and that Temple falls under your Zone’s jurisdiction (correct me if I’m wrong, Amigo). So your Zone should be able to tidy this up and those 28 Axemen would be granted bail or released asap.

Lord Askia Mohammed De 2nd
Bermuda 1 HT ’99
Malaysia Zone (Timbuktu)


Askia Mohammed,

I greet your reasons and input to this subject matter, it implies we can grow and take corrections from the fall of our brother and close up the pits from which the fell into.

Your views were of the NBM conservative views without reference to time and modernity and socio-cultural changes from when the principles were made till now. Have their exist any change in our society from 1977 till this day?

We should be re-informed of things happening in our day to day environment so we don’t become victim of malignant ignorance. Today we’re having gross insecurity issues were every Nigerian is on the high alert and self defensive ranging from the Niger-Delta crisis which I, myself suffered to the resurgence of the Boko Haram incidence. Believe me if we intend to keep IT’s like this were the new Terrorism Bill gives the Police and other security agency permits the arrest of suspected terrorist. May i bring also to you view that it is terrifying for people to walk out from the bush en mass or simultaneously at 4am and you would want to wonder what are the Police doing.

A review at our principles, code of conduct, Belief and practice will elevate us from being victims of circumstances to becoming citizens of Uhuru.

I visited Port Harcourt prison today and reports shows the zones were assisting with all humanly effort.

I believe also that when we start questioning some ethics in our Belief and Practice we would refine them to better and standardize to pass on to the next generation. A wise saying goes this way “all kingdom must expire”. Its time for reformation, the old systems doesn’t work anymore.

Mbata Mbete
S’Eastern Zone



Lord Mbata Mbete, I would like to know your proposal on this issue. What you want? Blending on top of rug in a hotel hall? Going to the bush is not for the mild hearted. It is a passage of rites. As Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu puts it, “The Eyes, Butchers and Criers are to blame and in effect, the Temple’s Coordination. Period”

This kind of situation as been happening for a long time where men are arrested after Jolly in fact I ve been in that situation but was lucky to escape and 2 days later we went back to finish the Jolly. Ayes who enter the bush normally goes there knowing the risk and thats why we have Eyes to check and properly validate the grounds and for Butchers to mount guard when Ayes are going and coming out from the bush.

NBM nor be small pikin thing and any Aye wen never enter bush nor fit know the essence of NBM. Weda u decorate am or call am anything na u know.

Lord Jesse Makoko
FJ 1 98
Member COE
Ireland Zone.

Lord Jesse Makoko
FJ 1 98
Ireland Zone


Lord Jesse Makoko

I furnish you with my proposal below.
wariboko wrote:
A review at our principles, code of conduct, Belief and practice will elevate us from being victims of circumstances to becoming citizens of Uhuru.
I have never thought for a second that NBM was the childish stuff even if it was it should have by now become a mature minds stuff from 1977 till date.
donveejay wrote:
This kind of situation as been happening for a long time where men are arrested after Jolly in fact I ve been in that situation but was lucky to escape and 2 days later we went back to finish the Jolly.
With your statement above i ask must it keep happening? what if the Eyes and Butchers performed outstandingly only to meet an eventuality of possibility which is possible. That’s why I ask if we have been in circumstances like this and it keeps happening the we should change the setting or setup that brings us to premises were it happens.

It is rather unwise to take risk when there is no risk at all to be taken.

Mbata Mbete
S’Eastern Zone


Aye Axemen!!

I personally do not see what is wrong with holding Ini in the jungle or ITs in secret locations in Nigeria. We in Austria hold our Jolly in the Jungle and ITs in Locals, and Austria is a Police country. They have not come to boost our IT ground for once even with all the latest technologies at their disposal.

What we should check is the manner in which ayes carry out their activities and this never ending fighting and killings. When there is fighting my brothers, the Police will do everything possible to make sure they wipe out such groups whether be it in Nigeria or diaspora.

Recently the police boosted the Neo-Nazi group in Germany because they are an anti-social group even when they are German citizens, but the same Police have visited the venue where we were having a European Regional IT in Germany, though they know we were axemen, but since there was no crime committed or against us they left the same way they came.

Lord Kaduna Ezeogwu once posted here that NBM items and logos are displayed in Police stations in Benin, Nigeria; there are warnings against members by authorities, my brothers do you think where such alerts exist the police will not arrest members of such groups? Surely they will, it has nothing to do with our traditions but everything to do with fighting and killings that has become the norm in NBM.

So if we want things to go accordingly without the police arresting members, then we have to change this our business as usual attitude. Na so I see am reach.

The truth did not say we shouldn’t tell it – Etsako Proverb

Jesse Makoko


Aye Axemen!

I have never criticized the holding of Ini in secret place. I only opined that issues of Police arrest in Pre-Ini, Ini, and Post Ini times should not be treated with kid gloves because of the defamation of character of Strong Men Involved. Looking at Austria and Nigeria there is huge differences in Intelligence and understanding between the most country. It is very wrong to place comparison between the both country.

May I suggest. That before an Ini Holds the
1. Zone ought to be aware whether Temples or Kanta Temples.
2. Suggestions of Place of Ini should be Scrutinized by the Chief Butcher of the Zone (which in some Zones Butchers are Government Security Personnel)
3. Name and Total No. of whom to be initiated.
4. Interview on ITJ’s

May criticizing the point of reformation would cause more erection of unethical methodologies going on in this Movement. A review at some of the methodologies of how things are done will elevate the movement and also checkmate the “who is who” in the movement.

I rest my case.

Lord Mbata Mbete
S’Eastern Zone

The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower the Righteous runneth to it and they’re saved – Palsmist


Lord Mbata Mbete

You may not know the meaning of a Police country ( its a place where the police is always on you checking for faults so they can make an arrest), do we have such police surveillance in Nigeria? Its not a fair comparison because we are exposed to greater risk
for partaking in NBM activities than ayes in Nigeria). If we are not arrested for NBM activities or practicing its traditions because we abide to law and orders, I do not see any reason why we should be arrested in Nigeria if we portray what we claim to be and remain law abiding. This is the starting point of cleansing; cleansing the attitude of aye/ Lords and not the tradition of having our Ini in the bush.

Judge for yourself if you were in the shoes of the law enforcement what you would rather have done to a group that never stops to fight? I bet you would look for them any where you hear they are gathered to arrest them. It is a pity that our brothers are arrested but there are issues or backlog of events that led to that decision of arresting them anywhere you find them which holding ini in the bush is the least of them.

Yes reformation is needed but not our ini or jolly procedures but everything to do with our immediate actions which impact the larger society. How to do you see that point?

Would they be arrested coming from ini ground if our actions were peaceful? But they would be arrested even though the ini ground was in a five star hotel in dubai owing to the bitter truth that we are fighting non-stop for years now. This is the problem and nothing else. If you refuse to see my point there is nothing I can do more. But thank God that the Zone is doing what is humanly possible to set them free. I hail you.

The truth did not say we shouldn’t tell it – Etsako Proverb

Jesse Makoko


Aye axemen,
My regard to all that has contributed to this thread the fact is alot of men has suffered from this police bursting in recent time few months ago my younger broda who was a temple butcher in udi escaped luckily as the police encircled them after jolly got home safely but was identified to the police by the temple head whose hand i believed were tied maybe after enough brutish NPF style and was arrestted as he was about taking his bath at home they were all rimanded to the prison custody at Ubiaja only to get bail in court after a month plus the case is still in court till date despite the cry for help no one responded but Lord Abebe Bikila was who was very inspiring.
Let call a spade a spade i fell bad for any true axeman passing hard times and whether we like it or not until a holistic overhaul is carried out in NBM we will continue to experience this untold bad situation and my opinion is…………

Any undergraduate intending juus should channel their application through a links-man to the zona that has jurisdiction over the temple in otherwords initiation should be the exclusive preserve of the zone else we will see more arrest because NBM despite the CAC registration we talk about is not yet recognize maybe based on our activities that are inimical to modern safety and societal development.

seriously sad

Lord kaduna Nzeogwu 1
Ikp 97
Italian zone


Mii Lord Mbata Mbete S’Eastern Zone,

Security is off utmost importance in all NBM meetings. Do you think it’s more easier for the Police to burst Axemen in the bush rather than in some fancy hotel? If your answer is No! Then it still boils down to the question of fully functioning NBM offices and capable hands handling such responsibility.

First and foremost is secrecy. NBM in the Temples especially, should get back to the era when everything was secret. Nowadays, we find Axemen who want to display a badge proclaiming their membership, knacking Egede in every bar, pub or road-side joint or those screaming it from the rooftops.

* Date and Location of ITs should always be secret and a need-to-know basis. There is no such thing as”Our usual ground”. That mentality is a serious bane in the Temples as Axemen tend to become overly confident, sometimes out-rightly boastful.

* There should be several “take-off” LZs where Axemen attending should arrive and be coordinated from; to the location. A coordinated Temple should never allow Axemen to just simple waltz into and from the Ground (afterwards) from any direction they feel like. This helps in securing the location to a certain degree.

* Minimal discharge of FOUR should be encouraged, and maintained during Jolly. Excessive use is bound to draw attention especially if the Eyes did not take the time and zeal to locate a remote or secure Ground.

* Efforts must be made to remove stuff from the Ground after the Jolly. That could showcase the area being used for some clandestine purpose. Just incase, curious minds drawn to the strange night sounds wander into the location later – Sound waves travel great distances at night.

These measures and many more could be used to secure attendees.

I remember back in my days in Bemuda 1 HT. We always had atleast a two ring defensive perimeter around our Ground. Plus a steady rotation of the Guards by the Chief Butcher in coordination with the Chief Eye and the Suicide Squad Chairman (an office I noticed was predominating in eastern Temples).
We also located a few of the Biafran War era bunkers deep in the hills and jungles. These locations were used on several occasions to evade combined units of military, police and vigilante teams. I remember one night in 2002 during one of the Temple’s Initiation Jolly; the guards reported sightings of movement which later became a fire-fight. The police fired randomly and constantly because they couldn’t find the exact location. The Jolly was closed and all Axemen moved single file in quiet silence to one of those Biafran War era bunkers. We formed our defensive perimeters again at the new location and maintained vigilance till the morning. No return fire was ever permitted nor was Axemen allowed to drift off on their own, probably to their peril.
The Ground was so secure in terms of, no one would ever suspect that the area was being used that the Buccanners once tried to use the surrounding area for their own operations. They walked right close to one of the perimeter guard units with all their entire lobbers. Needless to say, they were still setting up camp when they were surrounded and flogged – Sea Lord and Lobber. Some were held until our activity finished at another location while some of the late-attending buccaneers chased off and fearing that their entire colleagues were at the mercy of Axemen went to report to the School Security and Anti-Cult Organization. They brought the security teams to the location they wanted to use and the police simply fired off shots into the air, hoping to receive return fire to enable them tag the Axemen’s location were disappointed. Axemen watched from afar!

In a nutshell, security and secrecy is of utmost importance be it, in the Temple or Zone (Diaspora or Homeland). What Lord would fancy having the cops at 3:00am in the morning waving a warrant and busting him infront of his wife and kids or grabbing him at his workplace, tarnishing his career. The need is the same wherever; The Temple or Zone must coordinate it’s activities with utmost decorum so that private lives of Axemen do not affect the common Ground of the Axemen in that Temple or Zone.

Lord Askia Mohammed De 2nd
Bermuda 1 HT ’99
Malaysia Zone (Timbuktu)


Lord Jesse Makoko

I hail your reasonings that are sensible and conservative. I think your Temple at the then times hard this defensive method that the Nigeria Security Lacks and it was very much impossible for a counter team of any security agency to breakthrough, That must have been very difficult to implement though. But may i bring forth your attention to the present day NBM activities in the Temples, Your strategy or the defense Strategy of your then temple is omni present in most existing temples in NBM.

But One would ask why does this unfortunate circumstance keep resurfacing? and When it does people carrier are sometimes put into jeopardy as a result of the police prosecution and litigation?

when you give the preceding criteria for holding a well organized INI. I saw no difference with the former and existing protocols. Holding an organized Ini does not involve the use of hotel halls. I strongly thing a collective and cumulative input on this issue would bring a refined process that will be security conscious and safe.

I hail.

Mbata Mbete
S’Eastern Zone

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. – Che Guevara

Patrice Lumumba:

Mbata Mbete

U have heard it all from seasoned Lords, (jesse makoko, Lord Askia Mohammed, Kaduna Nzeogwu), it bothers on security, secrecy and the attitude of Axemen.

i think it was Lord Haile Selassie (Kiriji) nthat posted back in the days before jolly Axemen use to gather at the bus stop in lagos having fun even with security men, bus drivers, basically everyone there at the stop before heading to the bush, and they know they are going to the bush, how come they were not busted before, during and when coming back from bush? i will tell you, think about what Jesse Makoko, Head Austria Zone said.

Seems to me that you are afraid of going into the bush, because of the busting, but if things are done like the “seasoned lords” said, there is nothing to be scared about, unless u just hate going to the bush

I greet you
Aye Nelson Mandela
Ada 06′

Lord Mikie:

Lord Mbata Mbete,

I salute in the name of Korofo. I feel ur pains as I have suffered such in the past.
There have been a time I was shown on local televison, with the police laying false alligation on me and displaying arms and ammunitions claiming i was caught with them just because I went for an ini J. thanks to Korofo, I was neither jailed nor rusticated due to the timely intervention of a lord who is now a legislator.
Now that nor mean say me go say make we hold J for town or hotel as the case may be.
if you search thoroughly into black history you will find that in most African ethnic groups, as a child develops to an extent, the child is circumcised and subsequently passed through initiation process which where always held at night and in the bush. Men like Jomo kenyata, Nelson Mandela and a whole lot of our African heroes passed through this proccess.

it has been incoporated into our beloved NBM, lets enjoy it.

now, what I can say is that, like a lord i met in Warri, if I’m right, he is the coordinator effurun sub zone, told me that in his temple days, they notify security agents each time an ini is fixed. if all zonal bodies can take it upon themselves and try to alleviate the hardship faced by the temple ayes during ini by notifying security agents, most importantly, the police, i believe it will go a long way.

Lord Mbata,if u can, please reach me on 08035765428. I just relocated to PH and may need your help.

Aye axe men

lord Fayika

If what you know can not change you, then change what you know!!!


Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 2


An unhappy victim of fraud…. Ordering people dead again.

My Lordy (Jerry),

How far over there? Pls, let me know what is going on
there so that we can share owo together. I pray for
almighty God to answer your prayers in regards to UK
visa through christ our Lord, Amen. Just believe that
it is done and it shall be so, Amen.

The boy i told you about had realy fork-up big time. I
use his bank account to witdrew Euro 7000.00 from one
of my magar in Vietnam, he took the money and ran
away. I let him know that it will take only small time
that i must get my money back including the commission
on top. I realy want you to handle this Job personally
and make sure that this money come out to your hand
nomater what it takes. The parent will pay the owo to
you because i let the boy know that the Job belong to
my friend in Africa. Let them know that you are the
owner of the owo and after the parent have gone to
grave, the boy will still follow when he come to Nig.

The address of the boy is No; 43 Ugbor Road, Benin
City and it is along the road of Ugbor. The name of
the boy is Agho Nosa. Agho is his father name and Nosa
is his name. He graduated from Ekpoma in 2002 and he
is a small boy. The young brother is also at home and
when you get hold of the father and the mother, the
money will come out immediately.

My share in that owo is Euro 3,500.00 while the
remainning half one goes to the owner of the Job. You
will be entitle to Euro 1,750.00 while i will be in
charge of the remainning Euro 1,750.00 after the
success of the Job.

Pls, i want to see the success of the Job urgently.

Stay cool and God bless,

Dennis. (Lord Muta-Karibo 1).


Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 1


An unhappy victim of fraud…. Ordering people dead.



The full names of the mail boy is Igbinovia Stephen
with telephone number: 0041786751859 and their house
is located at Siloko Rd, close to five junction, Benin
City. He knows Richy Ihensekhien and his wife and we
can get his full address from Richy. I spoke with him
last night and told him that all family will be
eliminated if we find that he have hand in this

Please, find below the address of the guy and it was
investigated by Jb because they just cash him as mugu.





Police: Brutal Nigerian mafia linked to drug smuggling in Norway

Source: https://www.abcnyheter.no/nyheter/verden/2019/10/02/195615335/politiet-brutal-nigeriansk-mafia-knyttes-til-narkosmugling-i-norge

(google translated)

A total of 15 people have been charged with drug smuggling worth over NOK 100 million in Sweden. One of the defendants was taken in Norway.

In Nigeria, the Black Ax gang is a notorious criminal network that has built up through killings, kidnappings and drug smuggling.

Swedish police now confirm that the criminal group has settled in Stockholm.

– In my opinion, this is one of the most effective criminal syndicates in the world. Unfortunately for us, they probably have a bright future, says Lennart Karlsson, interim manager at the Klara area in Stockholm, to Swedish Radio .

Largest investigation ever

On Tuesday, charges were laid against 15 people accused of smuggling more than 132 kilos of cocaine and heroin from the Netherlands to Scandinavia. Several of the people have ties to the Black Ax.

The total street value should be around NOK 112 million.

Behind the indictment lies what is referred to as the Swedish Customs Service’s most comprehensive investigation of all time. Ten of the defendants come from Nigeria or Gambia.

Listened telephone calls, drug seizures, drug sales records and chat conversations are among the evidence against the defendants, according to investigative documents ABC News has accessed. All the accused are aged between 26 and 51, two of whom are women.

There was a tip from the police in Austria that put the Customs Service on the trail of the network.

Affected heroin price

Gill Eriksson, assistant chief of the Customs Service, believes the strike against the drug league had a clear impact in Stockholm.

– When we made many attacks in the fall of 2018, we heard from Stockholm police that the prices of heroin had doubled on the streets. So clearly we have never experienced that the work we do has affected what happens on the street, ”Eriksson tells SVT .

Through the investigation there has been cooperation with several countries in Europe.

According to the Customs Service, Black Ax is so violent that some couriers do not dare to say against the network, for fear of their own family.

Smuggled on Saturdays

Police believe the criminal network acquired the drug in the Netherlands before it was shipped to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The mode shows that the smuggling took place mainly on trucks and cars on Saturdays.

In 2015 and 2016, one of the defendants was convicted of drug offenses in Oslo District Court. A press release from the Prosecutor’s Office states that one of the defendants was extradited from Norway.

The investigation has also revealed that several of the defendants have traveled to and from Norway, including a Dutch professional driver who is connected to the network.

Risks 10 years in prison

The lawsuit against the 15 accused starts in Gothenburg District Court October 9.

– Through our work we have seriously disrupted a West African network. It is all about huge quantities of heroin and cocaine, and we have arrested everything from suppliers in the Netherlands, wholesalers, couriers and buyers, says customs director Tony Magnusson in a press release.

All of them are charged with drug trafficking and risk from 6 to 10 years if convicted.










Nigerian Mafia: the first Black Axe witness found dead in Palermo

Emeka Don, witness against the Black Axe in Italy, is found dead in his prison cell.

Source: http://www.antimafiaduemila.com/home/terzo-millennio/232-crisi/76035-mafia-nigeriana-a-palermo-trovato-morto-in-circostanze-da-chiarire-il-primo-testimone-della-black-axe.html

(translated by google)

In Palermo he was found lifeless, in unclear circumstances, Emeka Don (pictured), a 29-year-old Nigerian, the first witness against the emerging Nigerian Mafia Black Ax . The man detained at the Pagliarelli prison had been transferred to the hospital on Saturday night. According to the first results it seems that the cause of the death was a hypoglycemic crisis. On 26 January 2014 he was attacked in the neighborhood of Ballarò by Austine Johnbull (known as Ewosa ), then convicted of attempted murder using an ax (an object that characterizes the Black Ax band) at 12 years of imprisonment, confirmed by the court of ‘Appeal. Emeka Donhe told everything to the prosecutors, revealing to the magistrates the identity of some affiliates of the Nigerian clan and his testimony, including the scars reported following the episode, was relaunched by the international press which told of the presence of the Nigerian mafia in Palermo.
However, last July he ended up behind bars with the accusation of being part of the Viking (the other violent Nigerian gang present in Palermo) as part of the “Team Disconnection zone ” blitz .
The DDA this morning ordered the autopsy of the body after a collective gathered in a garrison in front of the Palermo squad yesterday evening asked to know how much happened to the young non-EU citizen. ” For us it is really anomalous- commented Frank Obidike , representative of the multicultural Arci Ikenga circle – how do you die in prison for such a disease? We know that there were people in prison who wanted him dead for what he testified . “