Germany Zone Wahala…. Again

Neo Black Movment of Africa

NBM Germany e. V



Office of the Head/EXCO

Office of the Chairman/COE

European regional coordinator

All Zonal Head/COE

Members of NBM world wide


Aye Axemen,


Suspension Notice


I will like to officially notify all members of Neo-Black Movement world wide that Lord Thomas Sankara (JeuName Victor Osadiaye Ekhorutomwen)  has been suspended with immediate effect from the movement for 3 months. He is hereby bound from all NBM activities. This decision was taking during the last Inter-Talk of the zone in Ludwigshafen after he was found wanting for embezzlement of German Zonal and Austria Zonal monies during last regime when he was German zonal Head and European coordinator.


The reasons are as follows:

  • He took 370 Euros from the zonal purse for his own personal use and refused to pay back the full amount after repeated deadlines given to him by the present executive and COE. He paid back 250 Euros in bits and pieces and bluntly disobeyed the Zonal Exco/COE.
  • Austriazone sent him sometime last years during their Initiation 300 Euros for his transportation: He did not show up and did not refund their money. The NH asked German zonal head to recover the money for Austria zone.
  • The last straw that broke the camels back was when the zonal Head wrote him a mail and the NH was copied, requesting Lord Thomas Sankara to reply but again he saw himself even too big to reply and copy the NH. My NH was in the last European Regional Inter-Talk when the issue was discussed.
  • There is a resolution backed by the conference that gives him till 30thJune to balance 120 Euro back to the zone and 300 Euro to Austria zone or face DE-AXATION after the date. Enough is enough.


These were decision taken in good faith to re-establish trust and to build a leadership standard within the scope of NBM.




Lord Patrice Lumumba

Eye, Germany zone.

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