Florida Jury Finds Nigerian ‘Axemen’ Guilty of Scamming Elderly Women for Millions

Source: http://theohiostar.com/2018/11/16/florida-jury-finds-nigerian-axemen-guilty-of-scamming-elderly-women-for-millions/

While all eyes are on Florida for the recount of the Senate election, a federal jury in Tampa has found Okechuwku “Desmond” Amadi, a Canadian who had been living in Garland, Texas guilty of conspiracy and money laundering. He was caught operating a complex fraud scheme from Garland, via Florida, Canada and Nigeria, that preyed on elderly and divorced women.

The announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Middle District of Florida came Thursday, stating that Amadi faces 60 years in federal prison.

The feds nabbed Amadi in Sept. 2017 as he returned on a flight to JFK International Airport from Nigeria.

In its press release, the DOJ noted that Amadi had taken advantage of vulnerable, elderly women, and in many cases forced them into poverty as a result of his fraudulent activity.

The government revealed in Amadi’s trial that the “New Black Movement of Africa,” sometimes referred to as the Black Axe Group, coordinated money laundering scams via cells in Nigeria, Canada, and the U.S.

“Black Axe fraud schemes took various forms. Many of the fraud victims were elderly, widowed or divorced women who had developed relationships with fake suitors on dating websites,” the DOJ revealed. “These victims were convinced to wire money, which often consisted of their retirement savings and cash taken out from their home equity, to bank accounts in the United States as part of a supposed investment opportunity.”

Vulnerable women

Many of the women involved were ashamed to discuss their experiences, but one victim of the sophisticated crime ring did allow her story to be told widely by Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Canadian criminal investigators, who spoke with the Globe and Mail, said of the Black Axe organization “that ‘Axemen,’ as they call themselves, are setting up chapters around the world, including in Canada.”

The Nigerian group often preys on other immigrants, and that is exactly what they did in the case of Soraya Emani, an Iranian immigrant living in Ontario, whose story was reported in detail in 2015 by the Globe and Mail.

Emani had fled to Canada in 1988 with her four sons, all of whom grew up to become educated Canadian professionals, but at 63, after saving to buy a nice home, she became “lonely.”

She saw a television commercial for a popular dating site, signed up, and within days heard from a man claiming to be a Canadian geologist who frequently traveled. He was, of course, a fraudster, and by the time he and his colleagues were finished with Emani, they had acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars from her. It got so bad that some of the money had been borrowed from friends and family, and she ended up losing her dream home.

Although Amadi, who was found guilty in Tampa last week, was not directly involved in Emani’s case, some of his fellow conspirators were. Other media reports give details about Amadi’s Canadian brother Derek, who is also deeply involved in crimes targeting women.

The Florida connection

Amadi, a Canadian citizen, had operated out of Garland while some of his co-conspirators were monitoring the cash-flow from Florida, one of whom was Mohammad Naji, according to the 2017 federal indictment against Amadi.

There is no mention of Naji’s immigration status or his nationality in documents reviewed by The Ohio Star, but in addition to facilitating banking, establishing shell corporations, and sending money out of the country, Naji had launched a scam of his own. Naji, unlike the so-called “Axemen,” had targeted lawyers and scammed them for million of dollars, which was detailed in a report from The Tampa Bay Times. 

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Black Axe Kill Groom 7 Days Before Wedding

Source: https://www.tribuneonlineng.com/175386/

A middle aged man, Mr. Abuchi Edekobi, reportedly lost his life on Saturday following a cult clash in Obosi, Idemili North local government area of Anambra State.

The deceased, allegedly killed together with his friend, Somto Egbe by a rival cult group, was said to be preparing for his wedding a week before he met his sudden death.

The duo, suspected to be members of Vikings fraternity, were allegedly attacked by a rival group suspected to be members of the Black Axe fraternity.

A resident, who identified himself as Charles, said the attack by the rival group was a revenge mission over recent steady killings of their members in the area.

He said, Edekobi, popularly called Ija, had left Obosi for Ghana at the heat of the cult crisis where he spent about five years before his return.

He was preparing for his wedding scheduled to hold on the 29th November, 2018 before he met his untimely death.

He was even in a burial party the same day he died and was sighted spraying money on a notable musician without knowing he was being trailed by those who later killed him.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, dismissed the report of cult activities in the area, saying the deceased was killed by his business associates.

The officer in charge of the Special Anti- Cultism Squad, CSP Christopher Bassey, when contacted, said the force was on top of the situation, but declined further comment on the incident.

Spain Zone Wahala – The NBM Human Trafficking Bus

Nothing like an internal squabble to overturn a few rocks.

In this case a bit of a disagreement over a case of NBM/Black Axe Human Trafficking.

Welcome to the “Trolley Racket”. We’ll remember that term. 



I  Lord Ibn Battuta, Elder Spanish Zone Ju name Bishop, do formally petition  LORD PATRICE LUMUMBA Jew name Ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED  Spanish zonal Eye regarding his threat on my life and his accusation against me of holding his  SPANISH RESIDENT PERMIT AND HIS PASSPORT.


He went as far as putting my full name yahoo public chat: STATING (SOLOMON EGEDE IS EVIL) of which people started asking me questions regarding his statement, Lord, Ayes and Eiye and Jews alike, prove that he has ability to carry out his threat. 1/3 of my fellow elders and Head were informed about this, which he later removed after 1hour.




The above named lord told my brother Jew name Robin that he is looking for money to ship his bus and open a shop, that he have two resident permits which he has been using to bring people to Spain , that if he know anybody that will need it to rent so he can raise some money, then my brother told him that there is somebody that have contacted me before that is looking for document to travel, when he  Ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED called me regarding this issue, I decided to help him been as a brother , so he can raise money. We contacted the guy (name Lemi), make arrangement on how the transaction will take place and how, money will be exchange.  I told him about my commission for helping in this transaction and we all agreed on a price with me gaining 400euros. He (Solomon Alfred Dixon) called the sisters to meet the guy in my shop, both parties exchange the documents and the guy transferred the money through one Africa shop (MAMA COLLINS shop). We (My brother, Solomon Alfred Dixon and myself) went TO PICK THE EXCHANGE HERE, My brother was given the money and gave it to him, HE COUNTED AND gave me my share for the help and I left him.


Before the guy (Lemi) departure, Solomon was in contact with the guy and him family, even the guy wife in France. They all agreed on what to do when the guy reaches France. Unfortunately the guy was held in Spain for three days and was deported, doing the guy ordeal; he didn’t pick his phone nor want to associate himself with the guy (Lemi) situation. My brother called his number up to 15times, he didn’t pick, he later called, a current elder Jew name Igbins regarding this, informing him that Solomon Alfred Dixon is not picking his phone that the guy (Lemi),  he (jew name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  gave document is with Spanish police at the airport detention center.


I called my current elder Jew name Iduwo regarding this case , requesting for a lawyer to help the guy because the guy have spent about 1,2million naira enough to bring the guy here without stress. I was surprise that four days later, ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED was asking me if police have deported the guy.  I was surprise how can He wish somebody something of that nature. Anyway


Just 3days ago, months after this event, months after  he (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED ) used the gain to open shop and currently happy with his life , he (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  is requesting his SPANISH STAY AND INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT from me , WITH ANIMUS NOCENDI  ( threat to my life)- FOR documents he didn’t give me, nor any member of  my family. I didn’t touch the money or the document; neither did my family in Nigeria. I did this bona fide, trying to help a lord to get out of his currently financial situation of which now he is enjoying the benefit. Where have I gone wrong, that have motivated him to decide on threat to my life? Documents he rented to make gain for himself.


Last week, the guy (Lemi) called me threatening my life saying that my guy (Solomon Alfred Dixon) reported the documents before his departure which is not supposed to be so that both of us must returned his money. He in turn also started threatening me and confessing that I was lucky to have been alive on New Year wash night.


I took this conversation seriously. De futuro, I wish the house to consider this a serious issue because a lord cannot just say this against his own.  (ex abundantia enim cordis os loquitur)  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A future intention SO MY FAMILY HAVE ALSO BEEN NOTIFIED. My life is at stake here.


Since this transaction, not a day without a line drawn. I want to be able to fellowship with my fellow brothers without future fear or threat of death by one of our own. I am seeking constitutional protection based on this case. Malum prohibitum (something is only wrong because it is against the law) I have not acted in bad faith , that deserve what  jew name Solomon DIXON ALFRED is given me.


I believed that (Ex turpi causa non oritur actio ) from a dishonorable cause an action does not arise. A claimant will be unable to pursue a cause of action, if it arises in connection with his own illegal act. If this is correct then why is ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED threatening my life for what I didn’t even forced him (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  to do neither did I collect the document from him nor even witness the exchange of document during his sales or renting of the documents. Now plan to end my life based on his confession.


We should be praying for one another not threatening one another.(oremus pro invicem)




NOTE: He supposed to know the consequence of renting his document out illegally for trolley racket that is 50-50, if the person get catch the document will be seized and sometime this action can attract problem to him and the guy that used the documents from the national Police, this is why need to educate/oriented lords who are educational disadvantage on simple basic dealing, thank GOD for my Zonal Head who is a lawyer that can advise him on the implication of his past action and also the present action he is pushing for.



Cc: Zonal Head

Cc: Zonal Council of Elders



Lord Ibn Battuta .

Elder Spanish Zone

Ju name Bishop.


Happy Easter to Spanish Zone

May God bless all of us.


Long live Spanish zone

Long live NBM Wordlwide



Aye Axe Men.



Seadogs in the Sunshine

The National Association of Seadogs, aka Pyrates Confraternity have been subject to an open records request. What follows is the ‘2018 End of Year Report – Robben Island Frigate’


Most Rugged GM



Since I Alora Fearless the Echo was cloaked as the FC Robben Island Frigate, lords of Robben Island frigate have been sailing in full mass and all hands has been on deck. Since my inception as the frigate captain, myself, piece and hand have been able to reach out to lords that have not been sailing, but claimed to be willing to sail, but due to some lagging reason they have not been sailing, but never the less we have asked them to come back to the forum as there is going to be a great change in the frigate.  This report is going to be based on the following agenda’s as requested by you my most rugged GM:

  • Membership
  • Finance’s
  • Bleached Lord
  • Readmitted and reinied lords
  • Newly Inied Lords
  • OSBs
  • Social Functions Held
  • Welfare Activities Carried Out on your hands
  • Challenges experienced during the saga
  • Recommendations to the Galleon
  • Brief overview of your plans the next saga
  • List of all tour frigate Lords showing those who paid the convaj dues and the convaj pledges if any.



  • Membership:

Robben Island Frigate has 31 censured; amongst 1 is a visiting lord and 4 relocated to other waters. Find below the said list:




Lords of robben Island have been paying there moonly dues, thou sometimes some lords have challenges in paying there moonly dues. And this said fingers are always been used to for fleshes and rumese during the moonly MIT and sometimes float nights. The fingers chest of robben island frigate is currently bleeding but making plans on how to work towards generating extra fingers to keep the frigate running.


  • Bleaching: In Robben island frigate we have 5 lords who have been on spot, but noon of then has been bleached which mean that no bleaching has taken place in Robben island frigate.


  • Readmission:  During the anchor convaj of Donkey Di Carmel 15 lords where readmitted in Robben Island Frigate while 2 lords have been readmitted under the MV of My rugged GM Solo Chasino.


  • Newly Inied Lords: Under the MV of my most rugged GM Alora Solo Chasino 2 lords where inied from Robben Island Frigate.


  • OSB’s: Regarding the issue of OSB’s, Mi rugged GM please permit me to express it in this way, during the anchor convaj of Alora Vivious Amata (LJS) only one lord was initiated as an OSB’s which was also decked till further notice my most rugged GE ban on the last just concluded Broken Chains Convaj (Nuxi Gallon).


  • Social Functions: In the recent time Under my watch as the FC, Robben Island has enjoyed the following social events which was used as a aim to unify lords together:


  1. A very rugged Mini ship tale
  2. Football matches
  3. Micro sally where we braai and rum
  4. Picnic which was done on the 1st of October to mark the Nigerian Independents day.


  • Welfare Activities: In the spirit of BDB, robben Island lords where made to cut R500 fingers every saga, so as to enable us help our fellow brother’s in time of need and 3 lords have benefited from the this gesture in the persons of : Jaw jaw Di Perkins was supported during the funeral of his mother. Pussy Discovery also benefited from this during the funeral right of his late father and lastly Contact 4 Treasure during his cross boning.


  • Recommendation and Challenges: My most rugged GM, I will say that since your inception as the GM, Lords have really tested the spirit of BDB and also witness the best form of social activity on the just concluded convaj. But my most rugged GM I will plead with you to please use your good office to look into the issue of lords from Robben Island Frigate, as it is not easy for lords to fly all the way from Robben Island Frigate to Richardsbay for the every galleon assembly and you can testify that it was not only 3 times that we flu all the way from Robben Island but 5 times this saga due to the Ini of flat lobber. Please Mi rugged GM we ask you put into consideration when it comes to cutting of fingers when it comes to the 3 frigate under your watch. Remember my GM that in terms of numbers in each frigate under your watch, Robben Island is the lowest and for the love and respect we have for you as a person and also as our GM, we always leave our confortable coves, rugged loots flu 2 hours on air to attend any galleon functions, without no transportation to help jazz lords to their respect hotel, rather we pay large sum to help ourselves and also spend a lot of fingers to jazz down to the galleon assemble venue, please look into this mi rugged GM as this is a very big challenge to us.


  • Convaj Dues/Pledges: Rugged GM below are the list of lords that cut the convaj dues, but remember I pleaded with you that not all of them paid the complete amount as I asked those that were facing challenge to try at least to pay whatever they have. But I promise that our next convaj there will never be any excuses.


  • Fearless Di Echo
  • Greatest Di Savior
  • Lacer Di Serpent
  • Greatest 4 Ini
  • Fingers Chasino
  • Blessed in Cayman
  • Greatest Di Sailor
  • Flexing Sucessor
  • Contact 4 Treasure
  • Treasure Di Finder
  • Yellow Hyena
  • Kappa Palazzo
  • Treasure Important
  • Butcher Contractor
  • Greater Tomorrow
  • Pussy Discovery
  • Reverend Designer
  • Polo Designer
  • Ika Discovery
  • Bravo Di Ini
  • Hitman Di Treasure
  • Decent 4 Treasure
  • Looting Di Gentle
  • Wilo Nah Lanky
  • Flexing Di Rummer.



                     Rumese pledeged

  • Fearless Di Echo
  • Greatest 4 Ini
  • Bravo Di Ini
  • Ika Discovery
  • Blessed In Kayman
  • Greatest Di Sailor
  • Polo Designer



Na Mi

Fearless D Echo

Mother Corsica 06/Nuxi 13






Massive amounts of inept jibberish just like their NBM Black Axe counterparts.

In all seriousness though… the NBM and Pyrates have many similarities. They both claim to be fighting for social causes when infact they are self-serving criminal organisations.

In the Seaddogs case they claim: “The Pyratical aims of fighting all social ills and conformist degradation within and outside our midst”

they say this but then would struggle to produce a single member not engaged in 419 fraud and somewhat struggle to hide the members engaged in much worse like trafficking cocainio.

Maybe just like the NBM whenever these members are caught they are also transformed into imposters and bad eggs. Seems they have some kind of statement floating around saying as much

“Some sinister confraternities have been formed to copy the Pyrates confraternity which led the Pyrates confraternity to dissociate itself from these organizations and also operate outside university campuses”

One bad egg example is Ofunim Gabril Michael whom is currently a member of the National Association of Seadogs in South Africa although he may be transfered to one of the “sinister confraternities” very soon.


Mr Ofunim’s activities mainly include romance scamming. He’s fairly good at it. Sucking $116,000+ from one elderly woman in the USA.

His typical modus operandi begins with purchasing hacked dating site accounts for a few cents each from hackers online. He then implants his own selection of photos on the hacked dating profile which then match further ones he has to send by email later.

Knowing the dating profile could be retaken or deactivated at any time he’s eager to move the victim (generally prefers to target elderly women) to communicating by email.

“Thank you for making out time, to respond to my email to you on chemistry. I am Patrick, a simple man, gentle and reliable, I love bringing smiles to people’s faces, I have a strong faith and believe so much in God and His teachings, I take life simple the way it comes. I have a family, a home that I do not joke with even though there is a unit missing……God blessed me with a child who is 19 years old, a girl whom I cherish so much….. She is all I have got and that makes me love her so much…..I lost my wife in June 2009, in an auto crash am originally from Deutsch Germany, but leaving now in Virginia beach, Am into Sales/Marketing of Gemstones, I wouldn’t want to talk too much…… but the fact is that I really want a long lasting relationship that can lead into marriage, so i will like us to get to know each other better I don’t really think distance is going to be a problem, Lets give it a try and see if we will have chemistry for each other.I will appreciate it if you can tell me more about you apart from what I have read on your profile. Am a God fearing man. I will be very happy to hear again from you soon.Really looking forward to hear from you soon.”

After a bunch of preprepared scripts and dick pix having been sent to the victim he tries a few things. Firstly he tries to phish his victim using a fake dropbox link then he starts asking for money.

For gems. Lots of them.

Testing Cert


Of course Mr Patrick Vanderveen isn’t going to give you the gems for nothing


“My beloved wife, i have been seeing your call, but can’t pick because am very upset, the man refused to to allow me take the gems to the sea side for loading, because he said i have to get him the total sum of of the $130,000.”




Well done Ofunim Gabril Michael. No dey chop alone.