NBM Unofficial Criminal Romance

The Neo Black movement keep releasing statement after statement asserting that the NBM has no presence or control and certainly does NOT recruit in universities in Nigeria.

“NBM is not Black Axe and does not share values with any student group or confraternity” – Udo Richmond Esq.

They say this because: Any activity on university grounds or relating to students is illegal

See: https://bemigho147watch.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/cult-prohibition-bill-2004.pdf

Despite this the NBM has ordered that the relationship with universities be transformed from an “unofficial romance” to:

“All heads must get in touch and control of the temples in their zones” – Mr Bemigho

This is illegal and for good reason. Campus cults like the NBM are ripping apart society in Nigeria.

See: NH’s Address (2)

and in other news:

How I was lured into cultism in university – Graduate

A computer science graduate of the University of Jos, Amos Lucky, paraded alongside nine other suspected cult group members on Wednesday said he was lured into the group by a final year law student of the institution.

Mr Lucky, 25, said he belonged to the secret cult group called Black Axe, and paid N3000 per semester as due to the leader of the group, whom he called Zambruta.

The suspect spoke while they were paraded at the headquarters of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) military task force in Jos.

“I was initiated in 2016,” he said. “I was invited to a party, when we got there we were taken to the bush around Bauchi Ring Road and beaten. I wanted to leave the cult but I was afraid because if you leave and they see you on the street they will beat you. They don’t really kill but they will beat you,” Mr Lucky said.

Spokesperson of OPSH, Adam Umar, an army major, said the suspects were arrested during a raid on criminal hideouts in the Jos metropolis.

According to Mr Umar, the suspects had been terrorising people in Jos.

“OPSH raided some criminal hideouts of some gangs and cultists leading to the arrest of some of their members who are responsible for insecurity being experienced across the joint operational areas.

“Specifically, on October 21, 2018, six cult members were arrested and preliminary investigation led to the arrest of four others who have been profiled, cross-examined and their statement obtained.

“Analysis of the revelation from arrested group members revealed that there are five distinct cult groups operating in Jos under various appellations as Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM), aka Black Axe; Supreme Viking, aka Baggar/Arrow; Aiye Buccaneers and Tin Gold, aka Blue Bird, ” Mr Umar said.

The spokesperson said OPSH remained resolute to deal with any form of criminality that may cause insecurity in the state.

“OPSH therefore wishes to reiterated that it would remain resolute to decisively deal with all criminal acts that are inimical to peaceful co-existence on the Plateau and hereby assures residents of their safety,” he said.

Source: https://www.premiumtimesng.com/regional/north-central/295670-how-i-was-lured-into-cultism-in-university-graduate.html

Nigerian Cults protected by government high level members. Gangsters recruited by candidates to manipulate voting

Source: https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2018/11/17/nigerian-cults-protected-by-government-high-level-members-gangsters-recruited-by-candidates-to-manipulate-voting/4771623/


Award winning reporter Eric Dumo explains why the so called Nigerian mafia – now operating in 80 counries of the worlld according to Fbi – is playing an ever-increasing role in national and global crime. Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, India and Brazil the main hubs for drug and human beings trafficking and economic frauds


Nigerian Cults are spreading around the world – operating in 80 countries, according to Fbi – playing an ever-increasing role in global crime, particularly in drug and human beings trafficking and economic frauds. In Italy, a former Black Axe member, Austin Johnbull, testified to public prosecutor in Palermo on a mafia warbetween his Cult and the Eiye rivals to control criminal activities and the local Nigerian immigrants community, as FqMillenniuM monthly magazine reveals in 2018 Novembre issue.  How do the so called “Nigerian mafia” operate in its homeland, and how is it gettng stronger and stronger on a global scale? First of all, they’re traditionally protected by high level government members, says Eric Dumo, award winning reporter at the Nigerian newspaper The Punch, and recruited to manipulate political vote at any level.

Are the so-called Nigerian “Cults” all involved in criminal activities? Can they all be considered “mafia style” gangs?
In recent times, many of these cult gangs have all been involved in criminal activities. For example, politicians have been engaging their services to attack opponents especially during elections into major public offices like the local government chairmanship, federal legislature and governorship of each states. These gangs operate in almost every nook and cranny of major Nigerian cities today, recruiting young boys and girls through intimidation and threat.

Which are the most common criminal activities of the Cults in Nigeria? Drug, prostitution, frauds….
In addition to drug peddling, prostitution and financial fraud of all kinds, many of these cult gangs also go on armed robbery operations to raise enough money to finance their illicit and criminal lifestyles. In recent times, some are involved in land-grabbing and kidnapping to keep their ‘evil’ activities going smoothly.

Is what we call “Nigerian mafia” typical of some specific areas/towns/villages of your country?
In the past, cult gangs used to operate mainly on university campuses but in recent years, they have spilled out onto the streets, polluting towns and communities once serene and known for peace. Nowadays, cult gangs are everywhere in Nigeria even though they have different modes of operation and national spread.

Which are the most important cults/gangs in Nigeria? In Italy we know Black Axe and Eiye, are they among the most powerful?
Apart from the Black Axe and Eiye, there are Bucaneers and Pirates at the national level while there are dozens other local and regional cult gangs all across the country. In the Niger Delta region of the country for example, there are cult groups like Dey Bam, Dey Well, Highlanders and a host of other dangerous and ruthless gangs.

Can you tell us something more about Black Axe and Eiye? Where are they located, in Nigeria and abroad? Is the name of their boss known? Which are the main criminal activities they are involved in?
The Black Axe are notorious for armed robbery activities while the Eiye group mostly involve in extortions and political thuggery. The Black Axe has a more national spread while the Eiye have their stronghold in the South-Western part of Nigeria like Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti and Osun. In each community, these groups have leaders that as ruthless as their coordinators at the state and national levels. It is difficult to mention specifically the names of their leaders because they change from time to time.

Are the different Nigerian Cults/gangs cooperating or fighting one another, in Nigeria and abroad?
While these groups mostly operate as rivals and kill each other at the slightest provocation, they however, do collaborate on certain occasions to achieve a common goal. For example, during election periods, politicians engage the various cult groups in certain communities to help them rig and win the ballot. They give them huge sums of money and make sure the two groups are comfortable enough at the time to achieve the target. Apart from this and a few rare occasions, the cult groups don’t mostly cooperate with each other.

Fbi describes Nigerian Cults as a global “mafia” operating in 80 world countries. In which foreign countries are they stronger? What are their main criminal activities on a global scale?
I think outside Nigeria, these cult groups have strong presence in places like Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, India and Brazil. In all these countries, these gangs engage in drug peddling and human trafficking to keep their criminal activities going. As a matter of fact, they have become so ruthless that even local gangs in their host countries fear these Nigerian groups. They are almost in every part of the world today, instilling fear in innocent citizens especially fellow Nigerians, who refuse to do their bidding.

Can you give us a brief focus on their role in global drug trafficking? Are Nigerian Cults allied with some national or international organised crime groups, or do they have some known rivals?
By and large, I think Nigerian cult gangs now collaborate with other known international criminal organisations to perpetuate their activities. Investigation by InterPol and agencies like the FBI have proved sufficiently that these Nigerian groups don’t act alone – they have more established allies in other parts of the world they collaborate with.

Do you think that the “migration” of Nigerian Cults is related to the establishment of large Nigerian communities (of mostly good people, of course) around the world, as it happened in the past for Italian mafia, eg Cosa nostra in the United States?
Yes, I think the large movement of Nigerians to other parts of the world as a result of underdevelopment at home has contributed significantly to the rise of these cult gangs in most parts of the world today. In a desperate search to escape poverty back in Nigeria and also expand their international reach, members help each other to migrate to countries such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia and the rest to begin a new chapter in their criminal journeys. The promise of a better life and instant wealth in Europe and America continue to drive these types of movement thus adding to the problem already on ground.

Are Nigerian cults adequately prosecuted by Nigerian law enforcement agencies? Do they have political and/or institutional support in Nigeria and abroad?
They have top people in government that give them support on regular basis. With this type of support, they are able to escape prosecution and maximum punishment even when they are arrested. They have backers in the Diaspora as well, making it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to really deal with the threat they pose.

As far as you know, are Nigerian cults involved in legal business? What do you know about how do the clean their black money up?
Indeed, a few gang members have found ways of establishing legal businesses and means of livelihood over the years. However, most of the original financial sources of such investments have been from ‘dirty’ money. As a matter of fact, many of these guys merely set up businesses and other legitimate sources of livelihood as a form of disguise because underneath they continue to engage in criminal activities such as kidnapping, drug peddling, advance fee fraud and political thuggery to survive and maintain their lavish lifestyles.

Army arrests ten cultists in Jos


The Nigerian Army has declared war on gunmen and cultists in Jos, the Plateau state as a new security measures to put an end to spate of killings in the state and environs.

The efforts has yielded positive results as the government troops raided the hideouts of some cult groups in the city and arresting 10 suspected cult members.

The army said the raid has become necessary in view of rising cases of cult-related killings in the state capital in recent times and outcry by residents in the city for help over activities of gunmen that terrorist the city day and night.

Confirming the arrest at the Jos headquarters of operation safe haven (OPSH) on Saturday, media Officer of the command, Major Umar Adam said, “The resilience of the troops of Operation SAFE HAVEN (OPSH) deployed to contain the myriad of insecurity across the joint operation area have yielded positive results following the various arrests and detention of criminal gangs and cultists.

“It is gratifying to observe that the spate of herdsmen/farmers crisis and armed banditry across the state has greatly diminished, while reported cases are decisively being dealt with. The DHQ recently commissioned operation 777 which in part is designed to consolidate on the achievements of all ongoing Operations across Nigeria.

“In the course of executing this renewed mandate, OPSH raided some criminal hideouts of some dreaded gangs and cultists leading to the arrest of some of their members who are responsible to some of the insecurity being experienced across the Joint Operation Area.

“It is pertinent to note that, though the remote and immediate causes of the crises on the Plateau are being contained but the increasing nature of cult-related activities are on the increase. Consequently, the nefarious activities of these cult groups OPSH has necessitated clampdown on their hideout and upon the arrested these 10 identified Cult leaders are currently in our custody undergoing investigation.

“In accordance with its tradition of keeping the public updated on operational developments in order to sustain the relative peace enjoyed on the Plateau, OPSH wishes to notify members of the general public on the arrests of these notorious cult members who have been terrorizing innocent citizens across Jos metropolis.

“Specifically, on 21 Oct 18, six cult members were arrested and preliminary investigations led to the arrest of four others who have been profiled, cross examined and their statements obtained. Analysis of the revelations from arrested group members revealed that there are five distinct cult groups operating in Jos. Under various appellation as Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM) aka Black Axe, Supreme Viking aka Baggar/Arrow, Ayeh, Buccaneers and Tin Gold aka Blue Bed.

“OPSH therefore wishes to reiterate that it would remain resolute to decisively deal with all criminal acts that are inimical to peaceful co-existence on the Plateau and across the Joint Operation Area and hereby reassure residents of their safety.

“This HQ therefore wishes to solicit for timely and accurate information from genuine members of the public through any of our Help Lines 08021212138, 08149000091, 08090498333 and 08074633336 to assist in the total dislodgement of the criminals. We assure that any such information provided would be treated with utmost confidentiality. While we want to also reassure members of the general public of our determination to protect lives and property of all law abiding citizens, it is necessary to call on parents and guardians to advise their children and wards to desist from associating with cult groups or any other type of criminal gangs.

“Finally, we wish to once again appreciate the good people of our communities for their co-operation in providing timely information to OPSH to execute its mandate professionally and decisively

Image laundry following the recent Edo cult war and arrest of 58 cultists…

Irked by the continuous reference of Black Axe confraternity with it, The Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM) has reiterated its non connection with the group.

This is coming on the heels of recent cult war between the group and Eiye Confraternity in Benin city were security authorities repeatedly inform the media that Black Axe confraternity are alias of NBM of Africa.

In an advertorial published in The Nigeria Observer of 18th October 2018, the Organization said NBM of Africa is not synonymous with Black Axe confraternity or other groups perpetuating violent ideologies.

According to an excerpt of the publication signed by Solicitors to NBM of Africa, Benin Zone Idahosa Moses O. Esq reads, “Our attention has been drawn to a highly misleading and mendacious reports now being currently speculated without limitations.

“From our brief, our client says the campaigns of calumny against it is to the effect that NBM of Africa Benin Zone has links or affiliations with a body known and addressed as Black Axe Confraternity and/or other amorphous groups with similar ideological leanings with the said Black Axe Confraternity.”

The organization, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) since 1994, the solicitor said has remained glued to its hallowed aims and objectives to the knowledge of CAC, adding NBM non relationship with Black Axe is a fact that have severally been reaffirmed by various courts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“To prevent impersonation and wrongful use of its name as well as misrepresentations, our client’s organization has commenced a biometric/revalidation of membership exercises for all its members with a to effectively monitor and coordinating the activities of its members within the purview of its aims and objectives for which it was registered”, Moses O. Esq explained

The organization however pledged it unflinching support for constituted authorities as Well as unalloyed loyalty to the Edo state government with a view to collaborate with it to make the state safe for all.

NBM of Africa is a socio-cultural organization which seeks to revive, retain and modify where necessary those aspects of African culture, aim to promote and advance the course of the entire black race.

Source: http://tawinjinews.com/nbm-of-africa-distance-self-from-cult-groupkillings/

Police Parades 72 Suspected Cultists In Edo

The Commissioner of Police, Edo State Police Command, Mr. Johnson Babatunde Kokumo has warned those involved in cult activities in the state to begin to relocate, saying his command will leave no stone unturned to ensure they are prosecuted when arrested.

Kokumo state this when he paraded 72 suspected criminal out of which are 58 suspected cultist at the police command headquarters in Benin City, on Tuesday.

The Edo police boss who confirmed the Killing of eight persons by the various cult groups in the state, also disclosed that some exhibits were recovered from them.

According to him, “There was heightened criminal activities viz cultism by rival cult groups; the Black Axe, Eiye, Black Mafians, Vikings and Aye within the period of 11 – 12 October this year leading to deaths”.

He listed the location where the eight persons were killed, 3rd East Circular Junction where two person were hacked to death, Iyobosa street by Murtala Muhammed Way (1), Osibodu street by Sokponba road (1), Alohan street by Sapele road (2) Guru Maharaji Hotel (1) and Omomo by Tipper garage (1).

Kokumo listed four pump action riffles, seven single barrel cut-to-size guns, one double barrel cut-to-size gun, two battle axes, 45 live cartridge and one Toyota saloon car with registration NO: Lagos AKD 467 DV as some of exhibits recovered from the suspected cultists.

Also listed by the Edo CP are two Nissan Vennet Buses with Reg NO: Osun FFE 599 CA; and Reg NO: Edo EkP 628 XF; one unregistered Mazda 626 station wagon car, one driver’s license, one Permanent Voter (PVC) with name and one photograph.

In a similar development, Kokumo said the command has made some modest achievements with the arrest of a murder suspect, Omorodio Sampson (m), 34 for allegedly killing his younger brother, Inheritance (27) by stabbing him twice on the neck with a knife after an argument between the at NO. 3 Blessed Quarters, Egba, Benin City.

He said in the cause of its operation rid Edo of criminals, his men have apprehended two Kidnappers, three armed robbery suspects and others involved in car snatching business.


Source: https://leadership.ng/2018/10/16/police-parades-72-suspected-cultists-in-edo/