OOU murders: How ‘Capone’ terrorised his community, killed over 40 people

Source: https://newtelegraphonline.com/2018/07/oou-murders-how-capone-terrorised-his-community-killed-over-40-people/



More shocking details have emerged about Muritala Babatunde, who allegedly killed 21-year-old Adebisi Oriade and Julian Eke Imaga (18), both students of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State.
Our correspondent travelled to Babatunde’s village,
Oru-Ijebu in Ogun State and learnt that the suspect and his members had terrorised the community members, including the king, Oloru of Oru-Ijebu, Oba Abdurasaq Olufemi Adebanjo, for years.
He had allegedly killed over 40 people in his community, including his little cousin. Babatunde also used to subject his father to a series of beatings, allegedly encouraged by his mother.
Latest information reaching New Telegraph, says that police have arrested his dad and are presently quizzing him. The dad, Mr. Mojeed Oladele, was picked when police couldn’t find his mom.
Babatunde was also alleged to have once stormed the king’s palace, pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the petrified monarch.
When he was arrested, sounds of jubilation had resonated in the community, but that had since fizzled out. The elations of the community died after policemen, who were on investigation, escorted Babatunde to his community.
Rather than be ashamed or cowed by the presence of the police detectives and his handcuffs, Babatunde stared at the king and told him in a cold voice: “I’m coming back to kill you.”
Shivers had simply run down the spines of the king and other community members. The fear intensified when news came that some politicians were working hard to ensure Babatunde regains his freedom.
The 29-year-old suspect, who claimed to have dropped out of OOU, had earlier described himself as the number one-Capone-in his cult group.
He and his confraternity member, Taiwo Razaq (18), were arrested by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Abba Kyari, after they murdered Adebisi and Julian by bludgeoning both with planks and guns.
Adebisi, popularly known as ‘Oh Dollar,’ was until his death a 300-Level Computer Science student of OOU while his girlfriend, Julian, was a 100-Level Law student of the same university.
Babatunde, who further claimed to have dropped out of OOU in 2012 following his initiation into the Black Axe Movement (Aiye Confraternity), said he and the late Adebisi were involved in cyber fraud deals.
He claimed that Adebisi reneged on their agreement on the deal, which made him to kill the victim. He also confessed to have killed Julian because she witnessed Adebisi’s murder and might spill the bean.
Although Babatunde had been arrested, tension continued to envelope the community as news filtered out about his likely release. The release is allegedly being facilitated by politicians who used to contract Babatunde to carry out dirty jobs for them.
After the arrest of Babatunde, a son of the soil, the community members began to panic that some members of his confraternity, residing in the village, might carry out a reprisal and target people perceived as enemies of their number one.
The community members’ fears are real as they have taken to closing shops as early as 7p.m., which was not the norm. Many, after close of business day, remain locked up in their homes. Babatunde’s mother, identified simply as Kadijat, was said to have escaped over fear that police might come for her.
Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), attached to the palace, prevented our correspondent from seeing the monarch, Adebanjo.
His queen, however, reluctantly came out. She emphatically stated that her husband couldn’t speak on any matter that had to do with Babatunde.
When our correspondent called Adebanjo on his mobile line, he listened and then cut off the line. When our correspondent tried his line again, he had switched off his phone.
An 80-year-old man, High Chief Albert Oladele Idowu, second in command to the monarch, bravely chose to speak.
Idowu, without mincing words, blamed Babatunde’s criminal ways and lifestyle on his mother.
He said: “We’re living on the mercy of God in this community. Since Babatunde’s arrest, we have not been sleeping easily. The problem with Babatunde started when he was young; his father took him to a vocational school to learn a trade, but the mother withdrew him. Let me tell you the truth; there was never any time that Babatunde had an admission into OOU as he claimed. The mother over-pampered him.
“Two years ago, Babatunde beat his father for scolding him over his bad ways. When elders of the community heard about it, we summoned him to the palace. He promised to turn a new leaf. We were, however, shocked when he went back to his old ways and if anything, he became more daring and dangerous.
“When we noticed that he had started grooming some boys in the community, we invited some of our children who had excelled in their various fields to come to the village and educate the young ones about the dangers in associating with cultism and other vices. Those that participated in the trainings were empowered to start their own businesses. Many of them are presently doing well.”

Idowu explained that lack of proper upbringing of a child, eventually leads to what had become of Babatunde’s life today.
He said: “We have employed Neighbourhood Watch officials to go round the community and monitor people’s activities. If they see any suspicious looking person, such a person would be invited to the palace for questioning and decisions taken immediately. Those who are involved in cultism are banished because they bring stains to the community.”

Another resident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: “The spot where Babatunde usually kills his victims is his mother’s shrine. We believe that the young man uses human blood to appease the gods of the shrine. Babatunde’s mother is a dreadful person; nobody dares to confront and complains about her son. We’re living in bondage here. The police brought him to the community on investigation and later took him to his family home. They also took him to the market square. It was at the market square that he pointed at our monarch. He threatened to kill our monarch after he was released. Since then, everyone had been scared, especially since his boys are all over the community.”

The resident added: “He also claimed to have killed about 47 people. He said this while threatening to kill another guy. He said that the guy would be the number 48. We’re appealing to the police and the state government not to release him. We heard some politicians are trying to get police to release him. Babatunde’s return to the community will be catastrophic for everyone. Majority of the residents have fled because of the fear that when Babatunde returns, heads will roll. Everyone is living in fear.”
When our correspondent visited Babatunde family’s house, the place was deserted. Goats and fowls were sighted wandering in the compound.

Another member of the community, Tajudeen, said: “Babatunde has committed a lot of atrocities in this community and its environs. To the extent that he killed his elder brother’s son and also partook in the search for the boy. The corpse of the boy was finally found and findings pointed to Babatunde being behind his murder. When they asked him why he killed the boy, he claimed that his elder brother offended him, which was why he abducted his son. He took the boy into the forest, where he usually kills people, tied his legs and hands and then strangled him. Babatunde doesn’t know family members when it comes to killing. His middle name is death; he so much enjoys killing people.”

Many in the community refused to speak with our correspondent, fearful that Capone’s boys will mark them for death. Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) were stationed at various checking points leading to and fro the community. Both commercial and private vehicles were subjected to thorough search.



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