UK National Security Fail

May 2018 saw a huge upsurge in cult related violence. Many instances of senseless killings with the Neo Black Movement commonly cited as primary actors.

In Ogun State (“many lives” lost), Akwa Ibom (enough murders to motivate new legislation to be passed), Edo state (Black Axe beheading), Anambra State (Ten murders in 2 days), Jos North Local Government Area (14 murders over a single weekend), Imo State (one clash leaves two dead) are just the reported murders available to see after a quick internet news search.

In Nigeria State Police forces have been quick to respond and have publicly paraded scores of arrested cultists whilst wisely acknowledging there is still work to do. Several States have brought old anti-cultism powers into play and Akwa Ibom State has even created a special new law to try and combat the issue: The Cultism and other Violent Behaviour Prohibition Order 2018!

The killing has even spread into South Africa with at least two high profile murders (including the NBM Zonal Butcher). Police there are reported to be actively investigating the group there.

A recent Crowdstrike Intelligence Report acknowledged three other countries around the globe also taking action.

U.S. law enforcement arrested several Nigerian criminals on BEC fraud over the past few years, and Canadian and Italian law enforcement agencies have had limited success confronting and dealing with the Black Axe zones in their respective countries. Yet the magnitude of this criminal threat has only recently begun to be understood. As such, the threat posed by Black Axe and similar groups will remain
high for the foreseeable future

However it’s a very different story in Europe outside of Italy.

Austrian’s only a few miles away welcomed the Black Axe for a regional summit in Wein on the 25/26th of May.

But the most unwelcome and troubling news is the instalment of Jude Moedu  ( into the UK Ministry of Justice.


Whilst working at the Home Office arguably abusing his position.


We can only guess what he’s up to there at the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice is a major government department, at the heart of the justice system. We work to protect and advance the principles of justice. Our vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society.

One step forward. Two hundreds steps back.

Justice in the UK is set to continue it’s mysterious ways for the foreseeable future.

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