Cultism and other Violent Behaviour Prohibition Order 2018!

Sadly only Akwa Ibom State in this case….


Governor Emmanuel outlaws 33 cult groups in Akwa Ibom


Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has signed the Cultism and other Violent Behaviour Prohibition Order 2018.
The law took effect from March 12, 2018.
Emmanuel said security issues reported recently in Etim Ekpo, Ukanfun and Ikot Ekpene local government areas necessitated the proactive measures.
Speaking on Monday during the signing ceremony at Government House in Uyo, he said the Order would re-energize the already existing criminal code law, Cap 38 Laws of Akwa Ibom State dated 2000.
He said: “Let me also implore other local government areas that have actually embraced peace to continue to show that in their conduct and everything that they do, because we want peace in every part of this state.”
The proscribed groups are Vikings, Black Axe, KKK, Buccaneers, Mafia, Luttox (Junior Black Axe), Debam, Dewell, Icelanders, Red Skins, Pirates, Amoc, Akwa Marines and Utoto Groups (419)
Others, which have more members in Secondary Schools are The Red Skins, St. Stephens, Dewell, Sept 11 Group, Secret Sons of Satan, King Cobra, J.V (Junior Vikings), Bats, Predators, Black Ladies, Black Cross, Scavengers, Skylolo , Sons of Nights, Blood Brotherhood, Junior Buccaneers, White Angels; and Musket.
Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barr Uwemedimo Nwoko, explained that the Secret Cult Prohibition Law provides a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment for culprits.
He said, “Just like any other law, it will serve no useful purpose if the members of the society do not rise up to support the law because even security agencies will need the cooperation and information from communities, schools and principals to identify the operations of these groups.
“Some of them are operating in secret manners and it is the responsibility of every Akwa Ibomite and every resident of Akwa Ibom who identifies or knows where they operate and the name under which they operate to bring to the knowledge of the security agencies and the government for effective action.”



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