NBM Social Networking

The supposed newly found “legitimacy” and “lawfulness” of the group ‘Neo Black Movement of Africa’ has caused a recent upsurge in online social networking groups dedicated to the cult and it’s members.

Whereas in previous years the movement would move to shut such groups down and silence them quickly to avoid widespread incrimination of their activities… Now such rules banning these groups seem to have been lifted and they are starting to flourish again.

So what do the NBM do through these social networks?

Mostly organised fraud and murder it seems (still).

The Facebook group ‘AXEMEN ONLY’ (https://www.facebook.com/AXE-MEN-ONLY-1925148834426273) are currently advertising the service of “cashing out” stolen I-Tunes and Steam Gift Vouchers.



Answers on a postcard as to what this recent video is about!
Uneducated guess here: it’s a video purporting to be a colossal sum of cash from the Red Cross and to be used as evidence to any victim of 419 fraud who questions whether their non-existent winnings really exist.
IMGINT suggests the video originates 2011 but is still been used.

But it’s not all about fraud and stealing in their facebook groups.

check out: NBM Neo Black Movement Africa. NGOs Non Movernmental Org.  https://www.facebook.com/NBM-Neo-Black-Movement-Africa-NGOs-Non-Movernmental-Org-1925011484443890/

NBM a movement that doesn’t move… and is mental.

Our glorious NGO facebook page here reporting the death of a member in South Africa. Gunned down by unknown assailants. As of course would be customary the organisation are leaving no stone unturned to find the killer and kill him too.



Which was done very shortly after….




Can read about it here: https://www.tori.ng/news/92834/nigerian-man-rashidi-dread-aka-aro-rasta-shot-dead.html

Tit for tat. The NBM way.

Meanwhile in Europe.

Convention in Austria of the glorious NGO the NBM






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