Trying to get ‘Travel Papers’ from the UK Home Office

Ever wanted something from the government? Good luck with that.

Ever got confused whether you’re Nigerian or Sudanese? No me neither.

Ever been born in Nigeria, schooled in Nigeria, gone to university in Nigeria, joined a Nigerian cult and then decided you want to be Sudanese? I dont suspect many people have no.

Here’s an NBM Axeman trying to get ‘travel papers’ from the UK Home Office after entering the UK illegally and assuming a Sudanese identity for the purposes of seeking asylum.

I was granted ILR in July 2008 and since then I have explored all possible means to get a new Sudanese passport, but it cannot be possible for me without evidence of an existing or previous one. 

A fellow Sudanese confided in me that the administrative decree issued since 28th February 1993 is still in operation, it authorizes the Sudanese authorities to arrest any returning Sudanese who left after the 1989 coup and have stayed away for over 12 months. In my own case, I have stayed over 8 years. I am now settled in the UK with a wife and 2 children who were born in the UK

 Any application for a new passport will alert the Sudanese authorities of my presence in the UK and this will jeopardize my safety of that of my entire family who was born here.

 This travel document will help me to run our family boutique business effectively, as I presently rely sheer luck in ordering merchandise for our shop. My inability to travel abroad for business is affecting our business drastically. But with the travel document I can be able to go by myself to buy better products in order to maximize profits with which I can take better care of my family as this is our only source of livelihood.


It must be pretty hard to provide evidence of ever owning a Sudanese passport when you are a Nigerian cultist.

I dont fancy this chaps chances….

The reply:




but… what? The UK Home Office are suddenly the most helpful government department in the history of the world!!

and… what? The UK Home Office are telling him to rework the request ?

and… what? The UK Home Office are telling him to rework it with some lies??

and… what? The UK Home Office are telling him which bits to delete and what to add.

All a bit odd.

Maybe he should add as well as been Sudanese that he’s also homosexual (like a good number of the NBM are purely for the purposes of immigration)?


Nothing like a bit of immigration fraud and some prayers to keep you in the UK illegally.

I guess having a member in the UK Home Office helps a LOT too.

You’ll always have homosexuality to fall back on if they discover you are really NIGERIAN.


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