Patrick Igada Protests Against His Strong Name.

London Zone’s Patrick Igada has protested strongly against the use of some names used within the NBM as both Temple and Strong Names. After some 40 years of usage he’s come to realize that some of the names, God forbid, are in fact: Arabic.

He’s not too impressed. As can be seen below he doesn’t like Arabs (due to events that occurred in the 7th Century) and wants to see the removal of these strong names and temple names from the NBM.

In particular he’s very upset at been bestowed an Arab Strong Name himself: Muhammad Ibn Battuta

and refuses to use it.

See his racist ranting below:

Sometimes, I cannot help but wonder the paradox of the Neo Black Movement of “AFRICA” using Arabic names and the same time claim to propagate, defend and uphold African traditions and cultures. Are there no African names or persons worthy of emulation?

My purpose is not to attack Islam as a religion, but I definitely question our use of Islamic names in a movement that is supposed to fortify African cultures and values.

“In both Arab and Iranian Islamic writings, blacks are accused of being stupid, untruthful, vicious, cowardly, sexually unbridled, and ugly and distorted, excessively merry, and easily affected by food and drink.”

How can I perform my duty as a guardian of African tradition and culture while bearing a name that is originated from a race whose sole objective is the termination of my race? Take for instance, Egypt is still so intimidated by its glorious Black African past that its Arab government would not allow thorough research into Egypt’s past. President Gamal Abdel Nasser falsified Egyptian history when he declared Egypt an Arab Republic.

Egyptian authorities refused to allow American film makers to make a film on the life of Anwar Sadat in Egypt on the ground that the actor chosen for Sadat’s role was black. One would be shocked by the plight of our African kith and kin that constitute the bulk of the population in oil rich Libya and other Northern African countries similarly afflicted with Arab racism. While pretending to champion pan-African interest, he is busy getting rid of black immigrants from Libya.

No nation in Africa has suffered more in the hands of the Arabs than Ethiopia. It has been going on since Arabs first invaded Africa in the 7th century CE. Recently, with Libya supporting the people of Eritrea, they destroyed the basic structure of Ethiopia, to cut her from the sea and weaken this section of Africa, and eventually all of Africa, for further Arabization. They did this mercilessly with religion.

In the last 38 years, Gadhafi at one time or the other, tried to force Libya’s unification with Egypt, Algeria etc, and has continued the effort since with Sudan. He forcibly annexed the Auzon Strip from Chad, and sponsored destabilization in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Mali, Cote d’ Ivoire, Niger, etc in pursuance of his Arabization of Africa policy, laced with inordinate imperial personal ambition. In 1998, his strategy got a fillip with the founding of his community of Sahel-Savannah States (CEN – SAD), which he was hoping to use to control the envisaged African Union (AU). The CEN – SAD, at the moment, ropes in 25 African states from West, East, and Central Africa, and includes Senegal, Cote d “Ivoire, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Comoro Islands etc. Most of these unsuspecting African countries were stable until they joined CEN – SAD. Gadhafi’s unbridled urge in modern times to enlarge Arabia inside Africa, is a continuation of the Arab war against Africans and the Arabization of African lands that started in the 7th century CE. Arabs have since settled on one-third of Africa, pushing continuously southwards towards the Atlantic Ocean. Arabs’ racial war against black Africa started with their occupation and colonization of Egypt between 637 and 642 CE, decimating the Coptic or black population.

Islamization is not the problem in Sudan because the majority Furnawi people of Darfur are Moslems. Arabs do not consider Black Moslems authentic or of consequence. At best, they concede to blacks, the role of ordained slaves or animals, to be used as beasts of burden by the “superior Arab race.” The rule applies to all blacks, whether Moslems or non-Moslems and whether of Nigerian (Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba extractions), Tanzanians, Ugandans, Malians or African-Americans. In 1962, the Arab Sudanese General, Hassan Beshir Nasr, while flagging off his troops to the war front against black Africans in South Sudan, declared: “We don’t want these black slaves…….what we want is their land.

Ibn Sina, (Avicenna 980–1037), Arab’s most famous and influential philosopher/ scientist in Islam, described blacks as “people who are by their very nature slaves.” He wrote: “All African women are prostitutes, and the whole races of African men are abeed (slave) stock.” He equated black people with “rats plaguing the earth.”

Ibn Khaldum, an Arab historian stated that “Blacks are characterized by levity and excitability and great emotionalism,” adding that “they are everywhere described as stupid.” al-Dimashqi, an Arab pseudo scientist wrote, “the Equator is inhabited by communities of blacks who may be numbered among the savage beasts. Their complexion and hair are burnt and they are physically and morally abnormal. Their brains almost boil from the sun’s heat…..”

In 2001, the Libyan leader, Gadhafi, under the cover of advancing the Nkrumahist Pan- African project of African Unity, was concluding his sub-imperial assignment to round up the African states into his Arab-dominated AU for easier muzzling and control by global imperialism. At an Arab League meeting in Amman, Jordan, Gadhafi exposed another hidden agenda of his AU project when he observed that 2/3 of the world’s [approximately 250million] Arabs now live in Africa, and he invited the rest to move into Africa and join them.

I wonder how many Ayes today wonder how it came about that Arabs, whose homeland is the Arabian Peninsula, came to occupy all of supra-Sahara Africa, from the Sinai Peninsula across to Morocco’s Atlantic coast. And what they did to the Black Egyptians, Black Berbers and other blacks who were the aborigines of all that expanse of land? Similarly, Africans need to inquire into why and how an Arab minority has ruled Sudan since 1956? And how did it come about that we hear of Arab tribes in Darfur, Chad and even in Nigeria’s Bornu State? Until 640 AD, there were no Arab settlers of any kind in all those places. But in that year, hungry Arab hordes desperate for plunder and greener pastures charged out of Arabia, flying the flag of their new religion, Islam, and conquered Egypt by 642. Egypt thereafter became their base for invading and seizing lebensraum all the way west to Morocco and Mauritania, and southward up the Nile.

I also wonder how our founding fathers came to indoctrinate names of Arabic origin into our noble movement. As a Chief Priest and Black Lord, I can defend NBM in any dimension but I cannot defend my bearing an Arabic name, (Ibn Battuta)  whose travels and writings did not in any way promote my culture or tradition.

Of what use and significance is Fouta Djallon in African culture and tradition? I am not questioning the intelligence of my founding fathers.

Today, the Arabs cannot fathom the co-existence of Muslims, Christians and African Religious practitioners in Nigeria, A PROUD BLACK COUNTRY.

In order to PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH and to UPHOLD THE TRUE MEANING OF NEO BLACK MOVEMENT OF AFRICA, I respectfully submit the following recommendations;

•             Set up a committee to re-evaluate and analyse the objectives of NBM

•             Organize workshops to educate and re-educate all members what NBM stands for

•             Check the origins, significance and meanings of our strong names

•             Check the origins, significance and meanings of our temple names

•             Accept and change names which does not support what NBM represents

•             Organize ourselves in a manner that we will become a formidable force in our nation. NBM can become a political party and a ruling one if only we can show what NBM represents by making ourselves worthy of emulation. Take a leaf from ANC.

             Inculcate the “SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF BLACKNESS” in our everyday life; unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics (To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together), purpose, creativity and faith by believing with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

We are Africans regardless of our adopted citizenship. Let us teach our children that we are not savages, we are not stupid and that most of all, that we are humans and can achieve whatever we set our mind to achieve.

Let us consider our traditional names, they have solid meanings and they can be used as STRONG names.


Dju name: IGADA

K J 92
C P London Zone.

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