NBM Cultists Brief the UN and FIFA



It was a productive session when the leadership of Neo Black Movement of Africa paid a courtesy visit to the United Nations Secretariat in Geneva. The team was lead by the President of the Movement, Engineer Felix Kupa. They were received by the Nigerian permanent mission to d United Nations Ambassador to the UN and Head of Chancery, Mr Martins Eze.

Engr. Felix Kupa briefed the Ambassador and other members of the secretariat on the objectives of the movement as well as their activities that are geared towards humanitarian and world development goal.  He also reiterated the Movement’s position against every form of violence, human trafficking, drug peddling and criminal activities. The need for members to participate in politics highlighted, the president however informed the audience that the movement do not plan to become a political group now or in the future.

The Ambassador (Mr. Martins) who responded after the talk, expressed his delight in the group’s activities and encouraged them to continue to stand as good Ambassadors of their home country. He also encouraged them to keep up their good work and follow up with their application to join the existing UN NGO partnership which currently numbers over 1800 across the globe. He also said the movement should continue in their role of ensuring those at the helm of affairs are held responsible at all times. The Ambassador also included himself to be brought to justice if found wanting at anytime.

Engr. Kupa, thanked the audience and stressed that NBM will continue to be a voice to the voiceless, while he buttressed their ongoing membership re-certification exercise that will help them do away with members who not add value. He also explained how the movement does not have anything to do with the Black Axe group or any form of violence within or outside campuses. Other delegates who attended with the group’s president includes Mr. Ese Kakor (Delta Regional President) and the President of the Switzerland chapter and a host of others.

The NBM leadership delegation also visited the FIFA headquarters in Switzerland where the President addressed audience on the need for the Movement to join in promoting local football to explore talents in youths. He also said these activities will not only help to keep the youths busy from criminal activities but it also help in promoting healthy lifestyle.


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