Gerald Azonobo – KUTH & NBM Cultist Recruiter

Gerald Azonobo is the Founder of the KUTH Foundation. An NGO purporting to render such public services as rendering financial assistance to the needy (such as prison inmates).


The KUTH Foundation is widely known to be the “Image Laundry” arm of the NBM (Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe) . Photos of NBM members visiting orphanages are used to offset the frequent negative reports of their more widespread and daily activities such as kidnapping, robbery, fraud and murder.

What they want you to see:


What they don’t want you to see ( Superintendent of Police, Folorunso Adeniyi, stabbed and hacked by the NBM):


However this is not the only vision and purpose Gerald Azonobo had when he founded KUTH.  The KUTH Foundation is been used by the NBM of Africa to recruit not only on university campus but also in schools.

So… How do we know this is happening?

It is of course the case that the KUTH foundation refute any notion that they are in any way affiliated with the NBM and they firmly state that none of it’s staff or patrons are members of the NBM.


However  although Gerald Azonobo’s CV doesn’t show it he holds one other, if not prestigious, a very notable position. He is the Head of the NBM Western Region (Overseeing the Akure, Apapa, Ghana, Ibadan, Lagos, Lekki, Ogun and Osun Zones).


Perhaps it doesn’t matter too much?  Perhaps it doesn’t matter that the KUTH foundation are lying to the world about it’s origins, it’s affiliations, it’s founder’s membership of an illegal organisation?

Perhaps it does.

Gerald Azonobo is calling within the NBM for two very worrying things:

  1. The NBM to double it’s membership each year by making it compulsory for each member to recruit one more member
  2. The NBM to engage with children as young as 3 years old

Here are excerpts from Gerald Azonobo’s latest orders to the NBM:



It is beyond doubt the NBM of Africa is using the KUTH Foundation as a proxy organisation to conduct recruitment in both schools and universities.

What starts as the NBM “greeting local elementary school students at 7 a.m. in the morning with handshakes, high fives, hugs, and words of encouragement” will undoubtedly transform into the NBM directing these youths for it’s own means (using them as hooligans, assassins, robbers, political thugs, part of the NBM fraud machinery).

A large amount of them will needlessly die during this.

This has to stop now.





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