Olu of Warri, Ogiame Godwin Ikenwoli, and other eronious citizens

Hmmm Let’s see here.


It says: “Eyeoyibo, the NBM’s immediate past NH, said the group typically uses the platform (convention and lecture) to interface with the society and government as partners in integrating resources, cultures and programmes for sustainable development.”

But this is the first one that hasn’t been held in secret so how can it be “usual” for the NBM to use the convention to “interface” (plot) with the government the (killers in) “society”? Is this Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo letting it slip that the government attended the NBM’s secret meetings which, of course, are or at least were at the time in fact illegal under the Prohibition of Secret Cults Act.

Of course it’s known that the government(s) use the NBM as political mercenaries and thugs and of course it’s known many cultists are members of government and will have attended these secret meetings.

Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo is creating a lot of further ambiguity though over the scale of the government involvement or otherwise at these secret “conventions” in the past. Both the Black Axe and the Government should be more transparent of both membership and how and why they are financially cooperating with each other.

and let’s please be most clear about the most erroneous of the errors in this propaganda piece: Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo is not HONORABLE and there should be addressed accordingly as Mister like the rest of us.





2 thoughts on “Olu of Warri, Ogiame Godwin Ikenwoli, and other eronious citizens

  1. Now it’s clear to me that you are just a hater, don’t forget the African adage that says “He dat bends to look at other person’s ass is automatically making his own very clear for others to see” your name should be “MISTER WATCH MAN” and your position my friend is at the gate, so keep your mouth shut about what the “HONOURABLES” are doing..if a dog is privileged to sit with the lion in a forest meeting does not make him a wild animal, my advice to you is to remain domesticated before you get eaten”BITCH”


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