Class of 88 Re-Union with Bemigho Eyeoyibo

Well…. Must be quite embarrassing for Bemigho Eyeoyibo to return places for reunions. Whereas his former classmates can boast of of marriage, successful businesses, families, jobs etc. What would he say in reply to this inquiry?

No doubt he’ll spin tales of been CEO of Roseview entertainment and been head of a Lagos hotel and club. No doubt throw in some tales of his various charity dealings.

Wonder if he’ll tell everyone the rest?

How about his long stint as head of a worldwide criminal mafia the ‘Black Axe’?

Wonder if he’ll tell them about leading the Black Axe’s dealings in drug trafficking, people trafficking, fraud, political violence and murders and boast about how much money he’d made from such crimes.




Students of the Federal Government College Ugwolawo, Kogi state (FGCU) class of 88 alumni, had their 28th year reunion celebration in Lekki Lagos state on Saturday, July 2.

The event was a memorable one that brought together old classmates together after almost three decades.

FGCU Class of 88

Members came from all parts of the country and abroad to relive those wonderful moments they shared together in their adolescence age.

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The event started with a red carpet and photo shoot session; afterwards the event proper took off with prayers for their departed comrade-members as they took turns to reminisce on their school days experiences.

The students all in unison agreed that the solid background they got from their school experience prepared them for the herculean task of the larger society.

Guest speakers at the event Nelson Wilbert and the FGCU alumnus president Uche Ocho both in their lecture decried the pitiable state of our federal schools and implored the federal government to inject funds for the overall development of the schools to return them to their original place of pride.

FGCU Class of 88

Nelson Wilbert

Members afterwards took up a project they will embark upon in their alma mata to complement efforts of government in giving the children in school a conducive learning environment.

The occasion was emotional and fun filled with “Igboro”crony Famous, KIN, Defizy and other A-list acts and comedians with DJ Lexzy on the stable of Roseview entertainment, whose CEO Bemigho Eyeoyibo is also a member of the group thrilled guests to contemporary hip hop music that got them on their feet dancing all night.


Nigerian Hollywood star Christopher Omoaghe who is also part of the group was also at hand to give some old school love renditions with his guitar. The event was a huge success that pulled together classmates that are successes in their various fields with a common vision to network and give back their quota to their alma mata.

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FGCU Class of 88

FGCU Class of 88

FGCU Class of 88