Unhappy NBM Member – Part 5

An unhappy NBM member expresses his displeasure at seeing Dr Mayor providing NBM members as “thugs and killers” to the Edo State government:

1. Integrity in my small brain means a man that do not have double standards.
a. The use of Police to arrest ayes and beat up those that have different political views and aspiration from the Mayor and His Godfather Kpelebe. When as a Benin Zonal Head he ordered that an aye be played for inviting the police to investigate a robbery in his house involving another aye.
1. Edo wimpy and co were beaten up in GRA while holding a meeting
2. Hon Mathew AN OBOTE LORD  arrested and detained ayes and put them in prison in ogba Under mayors regime
3. The use of ayes to settle land disputes in Benin, leading to the death of one of them
4. The beating up of the eslewhile benin zonal head by ayes from FJ while mayor was in benin and nothing was done, but he was quick to beat up wimpy for hold a meeting of ayes.
5. The burning of the Benin Arena Under his regime and nothing was done.but he is quick to arrest ayes with Police.
6. His immature appearance and disgraceful speech he made with Prof Wale Soyinka on CNN with the colllaboration of Kpelebe.
7. The use of Ayes as Political thugs in EDO state.
8. Explain to me, How a Man that is not from Edo State has an Official Car from the Edo state govt. (Please do not insult me by saying it is a rumour because I saw it.)
9.How come Mayor has so many lands in Benin, this is why He is referred to in benin as 200 BY 200.  Call Benin from your base in Japan and ask
IF it takes the wisdom of korofo to actualise dreams In NBM, we have given mayor two years to try but his failure is there for all to see. Please name the achievements of Mayor in the past two years.
All the politcal appoints we had before he came on board we are losing, can’t even win nominations anymore and he is suppose to be pursuing a politcal agenda.
What has mayor done to warrant a re-election, NOTHING. why do they want him back. I will explain.
In Edo state politics, It is lucky vrs Anenih. On the two sides of the camp are Lords of the NBM , On one side is Mayor (lucky) on the other side is EPA Francis. The politicians wants to control NBM for the thugs Mayor have been suppling and using to collect vast amounts of money from the government thru kpelebe. They feel without Mayor as NH, it will be difficult to get these ready army of thugs. while the other camp is fighting to install their own candidate to provide an NH that will do what mayor has been doing for lucky thru kpelebe.
NBM has become a supplier of thugs and killers , that is why when they want to give political appoints to lords, it is either CH of Motor parks or agency responsible for towing vehincles or collection of tolls in markets. Do your research!
Mayor and His cohorts are a disgrace to NBM, lets get a fresh person to move this Movement in the right direction.Lets get someone outside the NCOE and present Nexco to pilto the movement in the next two years.
Omar Bongo, Mantennasa, Roxy, Idemudia, many many more lords that have stayed away because of the disgrace Mayor has brought this movement into.
Oba O.N.2
Atlanta Zone
FJ 87

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