Unhappy NBM Member – Part 4

Lord Jambarama illustrates the problem of NBM conducting political thuggery. Misses the point though of why the NBM leadership will never stamp this problem out…. They are the ones been paid by the politicians to instrumentalise it as a tool.

The words of Lord Jambarama:

The national body should actually have a firm control of the movement.This is not the stage for lazy leadership.There should be very close monitoring of the temples.I’ve earlier suggested when suspend the temples and reorganize it for the benefit of the movement,the temples and the individual ayes in the temples.Society mirror us more through the activities of temple ayes than lords in zones.It is easier for temples to rubbish all the good work we’ve done than zones.The temples are more visible and irrational in their actions than the zones.
We should realize that most of them are still very young and “hot”.They look up to us for guidance,where they don’t get it,they do whatever they like.Whereever, they is a vacuum it will be filled.
What should be our roles as individuals to fix the problems in the movement?What should be our collective role?What should be the role of the leadership that is constituted at the zonal and national levels.
It is difficult to work in isolation.It is good,but its not good enough,it is not effective enough.It is slow.Leadership comes in here.We need leadership,we’ ve voted and the leadership has been constituted. The leadership must direct us us on what to do,the leadership must motivate us,the leadership must take the drivers seat on all issue,I repeat on all issues.There are ways you do it,DELEGATED POWER and the use of committees.This government must involve all axemen,we work for free with dedication.
Lets be practical here.Lets discuss just one problem here:Involvement of ayes political thuggery.
Step 1:A responsible national leadership should acknowledge the problem exist.
Step 2:The leadership should indicate its willingness to fix the problem.
Step 3:The leadership should set up a committee of less than a dozen lords/ayes to come up with suggesstions on how to fix the problem.
Step 4:The leadership should give the tools and terms of reference to the committee to get the job done and also when to submit their report.
The committe will get a lot of resources by visiting some temples especially the most troubled ones,nbm cyber forums, and individual ayes that are willing to contribute to the discuss.The leadership will get this problem fix within 3 months.
The same strategy should be applied to the numerous nbm problems.Including a committee set up find what the most fundamental problems of the movement are.Our movement have the most sophisticated and educated people in the world,we are resourse people in various field.We have to tap this and put it to our own benefit and the benefit of our society in general.
When you go about trying to fix problems yourself without the backing of the constituted authorities, your move will be misinterpreted and you expose yourself to cheap blackmail by a lazy leadership.
We are trying to do things in another way, in this era of “benefit of doubt”.We are trying to fix things through constituted authorities. We’ve decided to play from inside to see how things will work.We want to fix from vantage position.Our goals remain the same,our strategy has changed because we want to respect the views of majority.But, we realized that most times the majority is a mob,always wrong.I don’t blame those who support electoral college.However, majority has spoken we must comform.We have to join hands together to make our great movement thicker.
Jambarama 1

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