Unhappy NBM Member – Part 3

Lord Jambarama gives Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo another piece of his mind:

The moronic response from the “national crier” reinforce my believe that Bermuda is incompetent. He is a round peg in a square hole.The worst PR man for a movement which has members all over the world.Its a shame.
My believe this government is bad.I believe the government is selfish.I believe this government has no agenda to solve violence on campus,on membership, on census, on non partisanship, on welfare of members.This is a government of “retreat” an owanbe government.These are some of my views that the crazed “national crier” responded to.He lost it, he just lost it.He still live in yesteryears. He still believe this is an era of rulership and followership. He thinks I’m a follower,he is a ruler.He forget that nbm is less than 1% of my life.I’m associated in very many respect nbm is just one.I’m happy I was able to make him go bananas, its a positive sign that for those of us who want change.It shows how poor the minds of those who lead us are.
Is like Jambarama an ordinary folk in the movement de criticize me, he de craze, who he think he bi, we go deal with am he de craze”.Bermuda you are the crier of nbm not my life.
Abebe Bikila, don’t allow anyone to use you.If Bermuda wants vote on me, he should go ahead and as for it.I know exactly the result of the vote will be-ayes are not good voters.If they are Bermuda and the NH will not be “elected”.
The gist is that they want to suspend me, when Abebe Bikila told me this morning, my respond to him is that I DON’T CARE.Go ahead and suspend me, I’ll elevate it to expulsion and celebrate it.I’ve been carrying a burden, I view nbm as it is today as evil and oppressive.I’ m very uncomfortable with it.I want to live at a time, but change my mind because of advice from well meaning lords that we can change things from inside.If I’m expelled I’ll throw a party.I’ve not to lose.Almighty Bermuda go ahead and expel me.
Bermuda talked about my Phd program.He called it “crap”. My greatest achievement in live today is being able to come this far in education.I got my NCE and first degree through court because of nbm activities(I don’t want temple ayes to go through the same thing).I could not complete my masters degree in Ekpoma even as I had only my thesis to complete to graduate because of SAP riot.I’m happy that completed my masters in a very top class and I’m doing phd in one of the most reputable university in my field Walden University.Bermuda you don’t block lecturers here.So Bermuda I’m very happy with my crap degree.I value it more than the money you are stealing from innocent people.You brought it and you know definitely I’ll give you back.
I government that does not have idea how many ayes we are is talking of expulsion.A government that does not have record of previously expelled ayes is talking of expulsion.
This government is bad, it has no agenda.The cabal has destroyed nbm and continue to destroy it.I’ll prefer be expelled than remain silent in face of evil.Nigerians hate black axe because our selfish leaders want the status quo to remain.
What is the agenda of this government?
Those are the type of questions this forum should be discussing, not Jambarama.Not stupid question like:Is Jambarama detrimental to the movement?
This government should resign now.
Jambarama 1

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