Unhappy NBM Member – Part 2

Below my new hero (Lord Jambarama 1st) gives his opinion on NBM National Head (and “ugly pig”) Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo during a heated war of words.

I have made his replies to the National Head bold.

I personally will want to reply this letter and promise on my part it will be the end.Its the same old tactics, destroy opponents/critics through blackmail lies and half truth.When I decided to take of these selfish cabal and the actual enemies of the movement I expected blackmail and even to be hit physically.I’ m not bothered about that I’m prepared.I’ve my counter motive.I’m happy I’ve been able to narrow the names down to to a manageable number and I’ve reported to the appropriate quarters.
I’ll respond issue by issue to the lies from the ugly pig.I expect more.But I’ll not reply to future blackmail from any quarter because I don’t want to give crebility to lies.
Here is my reply to the ugly pig-Bermuda Benigho aka Okpodu.
1.(MACROCEPHALOUS idiot) this aptly explains who you are and what you represent.Now I know what your problem is that I am blessed with riches at my young age and at your old senile age you are still washing industrial pots to eck a living in America to sponsor your empty doctorate degree I thought as much that this has always been your problem why you are always on my case. -Bermuda the ugly pig poured out.
My Reply:
My values are different I don’t envy people base on their riches, I even know if Bermuda the ugly is rich.I don’t go about asking about people’s wealth.His plenty plenty money is for his pocket good for him.I’m very very contented with my life.I’ll never pray to swap position with him.He is not my bank manager,I saw him last almost 2 decades ago.I was surprise when I saw his picture in this forum he look 50.That is the price of evil.When you pride yourself as a thief, stealing innocent people,s money you look 50 at 40.I work with New City, I teach the toughest children in the world.I’m very proud to contribute my quota to better their lives.I’m a professional not a thief.Bermuda the ugly go find yourself a job.Nbm is not a profession, 419 is not a profession.I wonder what lies your children will tell their peers about what you do for a living.
2-Anyway for your information I have better things to do with my money than lobby for positions in the movement,you say I reap innocent people off their money go try am if e easy WRETCHED OLD FOOL.You keep talking about my activities in Ekpoma,Ralph you know ofcourse we were not on the same pedestal considering your indegent status as a student.Like I said previously you always beat your chest on how you held sway with violence in Abraka,what was the end did you not run away from the trouble you caused with the Bucaneers to seek refuge in Ekpoma who protected you then the same weak and cowardly Bemuda and his friends,when you were beaten up mercilesly with your chick in Ekpoma in Ihumudumu village by the Marphites who came to your rescue. -Bermuda Benigho Sicko the ugly poured out.
My Reply
Yes we fought war with buccaneers in abraka I was the head.I led my war, I was in the battle field(unfortunately though).They were the victims not we.Ask those who were with me then, those bold ayes.We were no cowards like you “Mr peace talk”.You were not in Abraka, talk to mantenassa, Mogun,Dubois of Germany and many more.You lied I never left Abraka for one day during our numerous crisis.When I left Abraka I went to youth service in Abuja and stayed in Abuja for two years before I came to Ekpoma for my masters.You lied about everything.
You discussion has always been about woman,even in Ekpoma.You were always exposing the movement to woman.I was the woman “type”.You don’t see me in girls hostels.I always had on girlfriend at a time for 8 years I had one girlfriend and I was satisfied with that.That is still me.I don’t sleep with three women at a go like you.I’ve never in my live be beaten to any frat.Maphites had problem with MC Hammar from Auchi Poly, he removed a black berret from a maphite.The following day he was cornered by maphites in front of my house in Ujoelen road(cowards like you will not be bold to live in Ujoelen road)and beaten.Initially they taught he ran to my house,they forced my door open and that was it.I was a fighter, I fight my own battle, you can’t force my door open and go scot free.Ayes wanted to fight back I refused,I went to state CID office Benin to report.I brought plain dress policemen to Ekpoma(the Bermudas the ugly “flee”).We were able to arrest two maphites for multiple charges including stealing.Doks and one other maphite was arrested.His father,sister and then girlfriend Elohor came to beg I refused.The spent their chrstmas day in jail.Lord waziri in Ireland visited Nigeria then from Holland he went with me to Benin state CID for see the commissioner of police and the OC in charge of the case.MC hammer is still alive.
3-Till date because of your foolish and zombie tendencies the problem you created has made a lot of Axemen in that era to drop out of school without certificates. And in your treacherous and selfish ways that you are known for you sought out yourself and eloped to America with the woman imported by your benefactors to come and marry you.COMPOUND FOOL we know your story and there is nothing you can come and tell us in this forumn.
-Bermuda the pig poured out.
Ignorant.Again lies.He sound very slow and follow.This is a bad news for the movement.A mentally challenge man is the crier of Neo black movement.
4-My friend I will keep telling you drop your egotrip,and remeber the son of who you are do not come to this forumn to drum up sympathy and favour,Ralph we know you as the real TRAITOR who wants to cause division and animosity in this great movement I repeat Korofo will foil your evil plans and you and your cohorts will definately reap the wrath of the most high Olodumare.
-Bermuda Benigho poured out
Sound moronic.No comment
5-I told you I am ready for you,if I have to drop this position to tackle you one on one I have the time,the energy,the resources to even come to America to meet with you face to face and tell you to your face that you are a TRAITOR in this movement a fifth columnist who has been planted to cause pandemonium and disunity amongst us.
You keep boasting about money, resources, money resources.Who cares about your filthy money.I’ve in place where people have gone beyond that, where people don’t give a f— about you money.In a decent society you will rot in jail.You made a threat of coming to the states for me.Let me know when you are here.I know you won’t.You are a coward.I’m compiling information about these threat I’ll hand it to them tommorrow both interpol and FBI so I’m making consultation to tranfers part to Nigeria police.Your believe money  solve all problem in Nigeria will fail you.We are all “Burma boys”.Continue the almighty crier, this Jambarama issue will sink you.
6-were you not somewhere in Lagos when Lagos zone was inaugurated did you ever show up in the formative period.I am aware of these facts including how you were contacted and you refused to show up,you come here to beat your chest.I am proud to raise up my head high that I brought Lagos zone from nothing to something my legacies speak for me.You were in Lagos when the Arena in Jibowu was in the searchlight of the dreaded Abacha government,FBI etc coward Bemuda was the CP who took over as head when the then head went on AWOL what was the result,if you care come to Lagos you will be told. -The ugly pig poured out again
Lies and blackmail will not bail you, it will not stop me from speaking the truth or criticizing this useless selfish government or telling ayes that you are incompetent. The worst crier in 29 years history of the movement.I’ve never lived in Lagos.I visit lagos, never lived in lagos.My reply”I was never in lagos then or lagos zone-sicko.You know within you that you are a coward, you know you are a fox, you know you like power, you know you always loby for power in nbm right from your days in Ekpoma.You should have another live apart from nbm.There are more in the world.
7-was in South Africa for barely 2 years I single handedly set up a zone there today that zone has bloosomed and it is a model to behold.Donkey years in America what is your report card for the movement absolutely nothing.You came to Naija sometime last year and stayed in Singapore hotel in Ojodu on a friday when you should have ordinarily gone to the arena to fellowship with Ayes,where were you seen,haggling with a prostitute with 2k which is all you could afford in a brothel near the hotel,if you remember vividly an Aye bailed you out.You come here to say you are defender of Ayes. -Bermuda Benigho poured out
My Reply
Your lies about you South africa stuff does not impress me.You never does anything for nothing.You are still owing nbm, the movement has done more for you.The last time I came to Nigeria was August/Sept last year.I did not lodge in singapore hotel.I lodge in Peace Hotel Ojodu.The owner is my inlaw.Ask Ogbeide the former NH.He called me in the hotel from Benin.his elder brother is the owner of the hotel.Infact I paid for the room months before I came to Nigeria because I keep changing dates of my coming.I paid for three weeks and I spent 3 weeks in Nigeria.
Wino Atani was in my hotel room the next day after I arrived, and we were in touch throughout.Waziri of Ireland was with me, we all went to club together in Ikoyi.The other aye who came to visit me did not get to enter my room, we all stayed in the bar, my cousin was with me also.He had drinks together and discussed nbm.I believe is Kabaka(the aye that needed some fund for his school).That was the first time I saw him.I knew him in the forum.This shows how stupid you are.I have very strong alibi were I lodge not singapore hotel.
I don’t sleep with prostitute.That is what I heard you do with your plenty money all over the world.That was why a woman slapped you in South Africa.I’ve the details but I’m not interested in revealing more.It does not worth it.
What worth the struggle is to reveal how hypocritical you are, how incompetent you are and how bad mayors government is.
I expect more blackmail more dirty, but I won’t reply.Those who will believe will believe anyway.Fools believe anything.Honestly, you know what I dont care.They care.
8-omo you are a deceitful character,I refuse and will not fall for your gimmicks.You are not a sincere axeman and persons like you will eventually be exposed.AYES BEWARE this man is not real he has a mission we must not allow him get away with his evil plot,posterity will vindicate me. -Macrocephalous sicko millionaire poured out.
No comment on the above.I believe it is now clear to ayes that there exist a cabal that have sat on the progress of this movement.I’m beginning to reexamine whether my struggle for the movement worth it, my greatest concern is for innocent students that are being destroyed on campus, their parents and the poor Nigerians who has been suffering for years.I am ashamed to be part of a movement that have contributed to the suffering of innocent Nigerians by doing nothing even to speak out,tby joining in election rigging etc.I want to turn thing around.I wanted the movement to always be on the side of  oppressed, but with vampires like the ugly pig Bermuda Bemigho as spoke person of the movement and mayor as head, I’m not very optimistic.
Jambarama 1

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