London Zone Wahala – Part 3

Some insightful NBM member replies to the de-axeing of the London Zone’s Franklin Ajakaiye.

They are underneath his notice of de-axeing.

Aye Axemen!
Please find for your information only, copy of letter sent and delivered to Franklin Ajakaiye (FJ 1994)

James Hornu

Name Franklin Ajakaiye

Futa Djallon High temple 1994

regard to the following allegations:

you assaulted and permanently disfigured another Axeman in a public event, by biting
off part of his ear, causing him to require surgery in order to treat said ear,
tantamount to Gross Misconduct.

you have consistently failed to attend meetings to discuss the allegations most
notably a disciplinary hearing  that you failed because you were too drunk to attend. Your consistent
failure to turn up for meetings arranged to investigate the events is being
regarded as a flagrant disrespect for London Zone and disobeying constituted
authority by hampering the investigation, tantamount to Misconduct

following charts the achievement of standards set for you during your

Attend meeting with
Zone Executive  – Achieved Attend Meeting with
Zonal Executive  – Partially
Achieved arrived 2 hrs late Attend Meeting with
Zonal Executive  – Failed
No showPay compensation
towards medical bills for victim – Failed
no compensation receivedPay fine to zone – Failed no fine paidWrite letter of apology
to zone – Failed no letter
receivedMeet with Zonal Head  – Failed no showMeet with Zonal
Executive  – Failed
no show

light of the above, and your non willingness to cooperate with the Zonal
Executive on this matter, a disregard for constituted authority, you shall be De-Axed
from the Neo Black Movement of Africa with immediate effect and you are
instructed not to communicate with any other Axeman on this or any other matter
concerning the Movement.


London Zone

Cc National Head For National Executive

Chairman NCOE For National Council Of

All Regions NBM Worldwide

All Zones NBM World wide

All Forums NBM Worldwide

All Lords London Zone

All Axemen World wide

Lord Santopayama
(Ogunpa 1986)
Essex UK

Korofo Guide and Protect you
and may your metal never be blunt

My London Zonal Head,
Much as I would not be a party to the rash and impudent way the so called Ajakaiye has caused disfigure to another axeman, I ordinarily would have thought that deaxing him will not restore the mutilated ear of the axeman.  He would have been made to pay for all the expenses incurred by the zone or the lord concerned before a punitive measure is taken against him. (in the movement way)
However, I still remember that this Franklin was given opportunity to appear and probably defend himself of the allegations, but he undermined the authority of the movement and so if the action the zone has taken is to the interest of the zone and the entire movement so be it.
But I must state here that the psychological trauma of  deaxation of any lord cannot be quantified.  It is like Kiling a man while he is alive.
I hail ohhhhhhhhhhh
omar bongo
If it is true that Ajakaiye eat someone’s ear, then he is an animal in the mode of his fellow “axeman” Prince Johnson of Liberia that animal who was not satisfied with killing a fellow human being chop off his ear and penis and made him to eat it.They are both axemen, cannibals are members of Neo Black Movement courtesy of greedy leaders on Nbm.
My respected Omar Bongo I disagree with you on this, Ajakaiye and the Prince Johnsons should be deaxed immediately, the don’t deserve sympathy from good people like you.They are bad PRO for you and the movement.By associating with these criminals, we are guilty by association and we may be unfortunately punished together for their sins especially those they committed with the name of your movement nbm.
Jambarama 1

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