London Zone Wahala – Part 1

Aye Axemen, Once more for your information

Aye Askia Mohammed

Ju Name IK Ero Okponwosa

Blended Futa Jallon High temple 1999/2000

With regard to the following allegations:

You have consistently failed to present yourself in respect
of the following allegations below.

at Old Kent road London,
you attacked a man with a number of offensive weapons and caused actual bodily
harm. You caused a public disturbance that necessitated the attendance by the
Police and Ambulance services. You endangered the life of another two Axemen
present and in your utterances that night, you endangered the lives of Axemen
both in the UK
as well as in Nigeria
with the threat of escalation and likely hood of revenge attacks.

Gross misconduct.

light of the above, and your non willingness to cooperate with the Zonal
Executive on this matter, and your continued non-communication with the zone
over the past year, a disregard of constituted authority, you shall be
suspended from the Neo Black Movement of Africa indefinitely with immediate
effect and you are instructed not to communicate with any other Axeman on this
or any other matter concerning the Movement during this time. Your sole contact
with the movement during this time will be with the Zonal executive whom you
will endeavour to meet with once a month at the Zonal executive meetings, dates
and venues of which will be communicated to you giving a minimum of two weeks

when you meet up with the terms of suspension for three consecutive months,
will this suspension be lifted.

Lord Santopayama

Head London Zone

Cc National Head For
National Executive

Chairman NCOE
For National Council Of Elders

All Regions NBM

All Zones NBM
World wide

All Forums NBM

All Lords London

All Axemen World

Lord Santopayama
(Ogunpa 1986)
Essex UK

Korofo Guide and Protect you
and may your metal never be blunt

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