NBM are Shameless, Heartless, Callous and Cruel Criminals!

A recent Canadian article here: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/10/22/toronto-romance-scam-linked-to-global-fraud-case

Notable here the line: an organization called the Black Axe or the Neo-Black Movement of Africa, which has “a violent presence” in Nigerian culture and is suspected of running a massive international fraud and money laundering ring.

Also it is highly important that the Neo Black Movement member ‘Akohomen Ighedoise’ has been charged with the crime of: participating in a criminal organization

This means Canada has officially classified the NBM as a “criminal organisation” and can now enact powerful anti-mafia measures against the organisation.

and it also eludes to what we’ve always said. These fraudsters within the NBM are the most shameless, heartless, callous and cruel criminals the world has ever seen. They robbed an elderly lady so badly during a romance scam that at the end “the woman couldn’t afford to heat her house in the winter of 2014.”

Here is what The Toronto Sun has to say:

TORONTO – A trio has been charged in a romance scam that left a Toronto widow broke and which police believe is tied to a $6.5-billion fraud ring run by a Nigerian gang.

The local investigation began in August 2014 when police learned a 63-year-old Toronto widow had been duped out of $609,000 after meeting someone on a dating website.

Police say one of the suspect’s two accomplices is a member of an organization called the Black Axe or the Neo-Black Movement of Africa, which has “a violent presence” in Nigerian culture and is suspected of running a massive international fraud and money laundering ring.

“(The Toronto victim) passed along money under false pretences and it was economically devastating to her,” Det.-Sgt. Ian Nichol said.

He said the woman couldn’t afford to heat her house in the winter of 2014.

Toronto Police worked with the U.S. postal inspection service and the FBI to identify the suspects in the cross-border money-laundering scam.

“The offences committed were over the Internet, so international borders are meaningless,” Nichol said.

Toronto and Peel police executed a search warrant on Oct. 7 and arrested Ikechukwu Amadi, 34, of Mississauga, and Lineo Molefe, 31, of Toronto, for their alleged roles in the romance scam. Both are charged with laundering the proceeds of crime and fraud over $5,000.

Police also arrested Akohomen Ighedoise, 41, of Toronto. They allege Ighedoise is a high-ranking member of the Black Axe who was laundering money for the organization and trying to intimidate members of the Nigerian community in the GTA.

“(The Black Axe) is a Nigerian fraternity that descended into street gangs … It’s a very secretive organization involved in street-level violence to fraud,” Det.-Const. Tim Trotter said.

“I can’t say their numbers, but they have a presence in Toronto and Vancouver.”

Ighedoise is charged with laundering the proceeds of crime, fraud over $5,000 and participating in a criminal organization.

Police also allege Ighedoise used fake UN identification with the alias Martin Acker to carry out frauds.

All three face extradition to the U.S. after their Canadian cases.

Police believe there are more victims and ask anyone with information to call 416-808-7824 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Linked of course to this recent press release by Toronto PD: https://bemigho147watch.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/5-billion-nbm-fraud/

$5 billion NBM fraud

Hats off to the great men and women of Toronto PD!!

Arrests in money-laundering investigation involving FBI
and United States Postal Inspection Service,
Ties to FBI case involving allegations of $5 billion fraud,
Police believe there may be other victims

Broadcast time: 10:41
Thursday, October 22, 2015

Financial Crimes

The Mass Marketing Section of the Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit is a member of the Toronto Strategic Partnership against Cross-Border Fraud. This partnership represents a combined enforcement strategy, specializing in the investigation of mass marketing fraud in, or originating from within, the province of Ontario with cross-border implications.

During August 2014, members of the Mass Marketing Section started a fraud-related investigation, which revealed a “romance scam” involving a 63-year-old widow from Toronto. The romance scam occurred during the first half of 2014. The victim was allegedly defrauded of approximately $609,000.

Investigators worked with members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Postal Inspection Service. This joint investigation uncovered the identities of individuals allegedly responsible for the cross-border laundering of proceeds of crime with a criminal organization.

It is alleged that:

– proceeds were obtained via a variety of fraudulent schemes directed against the public

– victims were encouraged to wire funds to a various bank accounts

– the funds were laundered and disseminated back to those directing the fraudulent schemes

On October 7, 2015, members of the Financial Crimes Unit, assisted by Peel Regional Police, executed a search warrant. Ikechukwu Amadi, 34, of Mississagua, and Lineo Molefe, 31, of Toronto were arrested. They have been charged in relation to the “romance scam” with:

1. Laundering the Proceeds of Crime
2. Fraud Over $5000

It is further alleged that:

– Akohomen Ighedoise, 41, of Toronto, is a member of an organization known as The Black Axe or Neo-Black Movement of Africa. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa is a transnational organization with affiliates in major cities around the globe, known as “zones.”

– Akohomen Ighedoise was actively laundering the proceeds of crime with/for other Black Axe members for monetary benefit

He has been charged with:

1. Laundering the Proceeds of Crime
2. Fraud Over $5000
3. Participating in a Criminal Organization

It is alleged that:

– the Black Axe/Neo-Black Movement are attempting to intimidate and exert influence upon Nigerian diaspora within the Greater Toronto Area

Toronto Police is encouraging anyone with information to please contact police or Crime Stoppers.

Based upon their own investigation, with assistance from the Toronto Police Service, the FBI recently indicted six individuals in an alleged vast wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy, where conspirators attempted to defraud victims of more than $5 billion.

Akohomen Ighedoise and Ikechukwu Amadi are among those indicted. The United States intends to seek extradition of Akohomen Ighedoise and Ikechukwu Amadi upon the conclusion of their respective Canadian cases. Additional U.S. indictments are expected in the immediate future.

It is alleged that:

– Akohomen Ighedoise utilized the alias Martin Acker or Martins Acker Jr

– he claimed to be a representative of the United Nations

– this ruse was supported by the use of forged UN identification dating as far back as 2011.

Police believe there may be other victims.

The Toronto Police Service is appealing to anyone who may have had dealings with the man pictured or had dealings with a person using the name of Martin Acker.

Evil Extraordinaire

It’s always been hard to single out any one axeman as been particularly more ‘evil’ than the others.

When a group of individuals contain viscous killers, rapists, robbers, fraudsters, pedophiles, managers in the fields of human trafficking, prostitution and drug smuggling… and when a group of individuals pimp themselves out to politicians for large sums of money to rig elections, intimidate, beat and kill political opponents… and when a group of individuals stab each other, beat each other, steal from each other, kill each other and have been known to bite each other’s ears off during altercations… It would seem to hard to single out any specific individual as been any more evil than their comrades in this “glorious movement” the Neo Black Movement of Africa.

However one such member has now been singled out. Rising head and shoulders above this fellow members as a manifestation of pure and undiluted evil. A “Black Lord” so controversially evil that even some of the Neo Black Movement’s members have spoken out against the initiation of this creature into the NBM.

When killers, rapists, robbers, fraudsters and pedophiles question the character of a man you know you are dealing with a creature like the devil.

When the same killers, rapists, robbers, fraudsters and pedophiles equate the individual in question to be “in the class of Idi Amin, Hitler, Saddam, our Abacha and IBB, Campoare, whitemen who came to Africa to ship away our brothers” you are undoubtedly dealing with: “Evil Extraordinaire’.

This is an NBM member who is not responsible for the deaths of 200, 2000 or even 20,000 innocent people. This highly acclaimed Noe Black Movement member had a hand in the killing of over 200,000 people.

He is one of the most notorious war lords in African history: Prince Yormie Johnson

The initiation of Prince Johnson into the NBM invoked mixed feelings within the organisation. Some were disgusted and protested furiously. However some were impressed to have such a notorious, fearsome and savage killer in their midst.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya of the NBM London Zone rushed to defend the inclusion of this tyrant:

Ike Bobby Onwubuya

“You have to be objective sometimes. Yormie Johnson has never been convicted of any war crimes. He is not even wanted by any war crimes tribunal. He was voted as an independent candidate in a free and relatively fair election” – Ike Bobby Onwubuya (also known as Lord Haile Selassie) of the NBM London Zone.

To scrutinize the value of Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s words it’d require taking some of his advice: “be objective”

If we are to “be objective” we should examine some of the history of Prince Yormie Johnson. Not omit the facts relating to his brutality in favour of simply pointing out Prince Yormie Johnson “has never been convicted of any war crimes”. So let’s go a little deeper than Ike Bobby Onwubuya chooses to go.

In order to understand how Prince Yormie Johnson came to be so infamous, how he came to Nigeria and how he not only crossed paths with the NBM but became a member… it is necessary to understand a little history about him and some of other notable characters in his orbit along and also the geo-political and corrupt backdrop that envelops their history.

These characters are: 1) William R. Tolbert, Jr. 2) Samuel Doe 3) Thomas Quiwonkpa 4) Charles Taylor 5) Former Preseident of Nigeria: Sani Abacha and lastly of course 6) NBM member Prince Yormie Johnson.

1) William R. Tolbert, Jr 


Born May 13th 1913 Tolbert was the 20th President of Liberia from 1971 until his murder in 1980. He abandoned the foreign policy initiates of his predecessor William Tubman (who held a “strong pro-West foreign policy”) and sought greater political independence for Liberia. This saw him establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, Cuba, and several other Eastern Bloc countries. This, it should go without saying, was not to the liking of the United States of America. To add insult to injury Tolbert brought into question the “24-hour-Right” for the U.S. military to use Liberia’s airspace and severed Liberia’s ties with Israel and spoke in favour of recognising national rights of the Palestinian people.

An ideal candidate to be subject to ‘regime change’

On April 12th 1980, the day of the coup d’état, Tolbert was savagely murdered and reportedly “disemboweled in his bed while he slept”. Evidence given in 2008 before a Truth and Reconciliation Commission by Doe’s former justice minister, Councillor Chea Cheapoo, alleged the American CIA had provided the map of the Executive Mansion, enabling the rebels to break into it; that it was a white American CIA agent who shot and killed Tolbert.

In the following days Tolbert’s government ministers were rounded up, arrested and summarily executed.


2) Samuel Doe – 

Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger hosts Armed Forces Full Honors Arrival Ceremony for His Excellency, Commander in Chief Samuel Kanyon Doe, Head of State of the Republic of Liberia outside the Pentagon's River entrance.

Born May 6th 1951 Samuel Kanyon Doe was the 21st President of Liberia following the assassination of his predecessor William R. Tolbert, Jr.

Upon becoming President Samuel Doe suspended the constitution which enabled him to free a number of prisoners detained under the Tolbert regime. It also enabled him to process 91 officials of the former regime in military courts without jury trial and any legal representation. His early tenure is marked by the resulting mass executions.

Samuel Doe, been of an minority ethnic group, was not greatly popular. However his foreign policy would see him acquire friends in high places. Not least within the United States government. He realigned Liberia with the west and severed links to the Soviet Union. He reopened ports to US, Canadian and European ships and even granted “staging rights on 24-hour notice at Liberia’s sea and airports for the U.S. Rapid Deployment Forces””

This made him very popular with the USA and an ideal candidate to remain in power. At least while he served a purpose.

In 1984 he abandoned a policy of military rule in the country, announced presidential elections and proposed himself as one of the candidates. The election was heavily rigged; Doe had the ballots taken to a secret location and 50 of his own handpicked staff counted them. Foreign observers (except the USA) declared the elections fraudulent. It is also alleged that he changed his official birth date from 1951 to 1950 in order to meet the new constitution’s requirement that the president be at least 35 years old. Doe was formally sworn in on January 6, 1986.

Doe’s corrupt and repressive government became even more repressive shutting down newspapers and banning political activity. The government’s mistreatment of certain ethnic groups would soon lead to the first Liberian civil war.

Doe would later be captured, tortured, killed (and eaten) at the hands of none other than: Prince Yormie Johnson


3) Thomas Quiwonkpa –


Thomas Quiwonkpa was born 1955. At the age of 16 he joined Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). His career saw him start in a lowly position in the army’s records department. However Quiwonkpa was destined for bigger things (although arguable not better). He gained great prestige within the Doe administration for his part in the 1980 coup. Following the execution of the military commanders under the Tolbert administration in April 1980 by May Quiwonkpa saw himself a major general and made the new AFL commander.

In 1983 differences between him and the president surfaced. He was demoted, accused of plotting to overthrow Doe and had to flee the country.

In 1985 Quiwonkpa returned to Liberia with a group of heavily armed men and attempted a coup against Doe. Commentators at the time attribute USA support for Doe as the main reason the coup failed.

Doe initiated revenge attacks against the Gio and Mano ethnic groups in Quiwonkpa’s Nimba County. This resulted in many thousands of deaths, international concern of ‘genocide’ and contributed to the later onset of the First Liberian Civil War.

Following the failure Quiwonkpa was captured, killed, his body mutilated and eaten.
4) Charles Taylor –


Born 28th January 1948 in Arthington, a town near Monrovia, Liberia. In 1977 Taylor earned a degree at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.

He supported the 1980 uprising by Doe and won the position of Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), a position that left him in charge of purchasing for the Liberian government. He was caught embezzling nearly one million USD and fled to the USA. He was arrested on 21 May 1984 by US Deputy Marshals in Somerville, Massachusetts. However On 15 September 1985 whilst awaiting awaiting the conclusion of his extradition hearing he managed, mysteriously, to escape from the high security prison he was been held:  Plymouth County Correctional Facility.

Notably in respect to his escape Charles Taylor claimed that “US CIA agents had helped him escape from the maximum security prison in Boston in 1985”. Which would seem outrageous if it wasn’t for a later freedom of information disclosure from the US Pentagon confirming his ties with US intelligence services. The Defence Intelligence Agency admitted: “Mr Taylor first started working with US intelligence in the 1980s, the period when he rose to become one of the world’s most notorious warlords”.

It is thought upon, again mysteriously, escaping from the USA he fled to Libya where he trained under Muammar Gaddafi. Taylor left Libya and traveled to Ivory Coast where he formed the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL). In December 1989, Taylor launched an armed uprising from the Ivory Coast into Liberia to overthrow the Doe regime, leading to the First Liberian Civil War.

Taylor had captured most of Liberia by 1990 using his Gaddafi-funded war machine. However one man stood in his path and prevented him from attaining a full victory. That man was one of his senior commanders Prince Yormie Johnson who broke away from the NPFL and formed his own rebel group: Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL)

Taylor served as president of Liberia 1997-2003 after the First Liberian Civil War. In 2003 under mounting international and domestic pressure he escaped to exile in Nigeria. He was later returned (after been captured at the Cameroon border with a land rover full of cash and heroin) to Liberia and forwarded to Sierra Leone where he stood trial for his role in the Sierra Leone Civil War. Ultimately charged on 11 counts of crimes against humanity, war crimes and other serious violations of international humanitarian law: 1) terrorism, 2) murder, 3) Violence to life, health and physical or mental well-being of persons, in particular murder. 4) Rape 5) Sexual slavery and any other form of sexual violence 6) Outrages upon personal dignity 7) Violence to life, health and physical or mental well-being of persons, in particular cruel treatment 8) Other inhumane acts 9) Conscripting or enlisting children under the age of 15 years into armed forces or groups, or using them to participate actively in hostilities 10) Enslavement and 11) Looting and Pillaging.

He is currently serving a 50 year sentence in the United Kingdom.

5) Sani Abacha – 


Born 20th September 1943. Abacha was born in Kano, Nigeria. He attended the Nigerian Military Training College and after graduating from Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot, England in 1963 he was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant. Abacha’s military career is most notable for a long string of successful coups. He is regarded as the “the most successful coup plotter in the history of Nigeria’s military”. In 1990, Abacha became the first Nigerian soldier to attain the rank of a full General without skipping a single rank.

On 17th November 1993 Abacha seized power in Nigeria and installed himself as President. He served in this role from 1993 to 1998. Although his term at the time was seen as positive (mainly due to the country’s economic improvement under his leadership) it was later marred with evidence of enormous amounts of corruption and human right abuses.

Investigations after his death by British, Swizz and US authorities estimated that Abacha had looted no less than $2.2 billion USD (although later estimated to be between 2 and 5 billion USD) from Nigerian State funds into offshore banks accounts in Britain, United States, Jersey and Switzerland.

The Swizz in 1999 froze nearly half a billion USD traced to been held in Swizz bank accounts and it was declared ”The greater part of these assets are obviously of criminal origin,”. The British authorities were able to identify 1.3 billion USD of funds that had been handled by British banks but were, in the most part, unable to determine the final location of these funds. In 2002, Abacha’s family agreed to return $1.2 billion that was stolen from the central bank. The US Sate Department announced in 2014 it had frozen $458 million USD also of criminal origin relating to Abacha’s term as president.

Abacha’s exploits would later see him ranked 4th in a list of the world’s most corrupt leaders.

Prince Yormie Johnson


Prince Yormie Johnson was born 6th July 1952 in Tapeta, Nimba County in the middle east of Liberia. He was raised by an uncle in the capital city of Monrovia. In 1971 at the age of 19 he joined the Liberian National Guard (LNG) where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant and participated in military training in the USA. His brutal attitude enabled him to become the personal assistant and right hand man of Thomas Quiwonkpa, the Commanding General of the Armed Forces of Liberia. Thomas Quiwonkpa later attempted a coup in 1985 against the 21st President of Liberia – Samuel Doe.

Thomas Quiwonkpa coup attempt failed and he was killed and eaten.

Later in 1985 another important figure emerged in an attempt to seize power from Samuel Doe: Charles Taylor.

Prince Yormie Johnson was a senior commander under Charles Taylor during the First Liberian Civil War. In 1990 he created a break-away group ‘Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL)’. This splinter group denied Charles Taylor his complete victory by seizing control of Liberia’s capital city Monrovia in the summer of 1990.

In September 1990 Johnson and his men stormed the HQ of the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) in Monrovia and abducted president Samuel Doe. Johnson then presided over the torture, mutilation and eventual execution of Doe. This disturbing act of barbarism was captured on film and shows Johnson calmly been fanned by his wife and sipping a budweiser whilst his men cut off Doe’s ear.

Further instances of Johnson’s barbarism are evident during the First Liberian Civil War. Many call for him to sent to the Hague for war crimes for his part in the killing of thousands of innocent men, woman and children during his ruthless campaign. Included in those killings were aid workers helping those effected by the civil war.

He proclaimed himself Liberia’s president but this didn’t last for long. Under increasing pressure from rebels loyal to Charles Taylor he eventually fled to the safety of Nigeria.

It is here in Nigeria he made several controversial alignments. One with Sani Abacha with whom he became personal friend (as he did also with fellow human rights abuser and murderer Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida) and another with ‘The Neo Black Movement of Africa’ who initiated him secretly as a member.

Prince Yormie Johnson and The Neo Black Movement of Africa

Many people who examine the NBM (and this includes even it’s own members) see the NBM has a hierarchical system with three distinct tiers. The first tier is at temple of level (the ‘ayes’ in the university temples). The second tier is that of the Lords at Zonal level. The third tier consists of the National Leadership/Government. This contains the National Head – Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo and the National Executive Council of Elders (NEXCO).

However there exists one further tier – The 4th Tier.

The 4th Tier is the most secretive of all. This tier consists of the most influential, powerful, corrupt and dangerous members of the NBM. These members are initiated in secret and their membership is often kept undisclosed from many of the NBM’s own members. Such 4th Tier members include members of the federal government, other high ranking government officials, members of the judiciary and law enforcement, high ranking business and banking officials and an assortment of other powerful and dangerous criminals.

Following the arrests this year (2015) in Edo State of many cultists it was these ‘4th tier’ members that came to the aid of the NBM. The Attorney General no less stepped in and ensured the release of many high profile NBM members.

Another such powerful member of the NBM is the former Liberian Warlord: Prince Yormie Johnson

He was initiated (‘blended’) in secret into the NBM some time prior to 2006 after attending a Neo Black Movement convention in 2004 held in Asaba.

His membership was received by mixed feeling within the NBM. Although the leadership saw the advantages of having such a barbaric, evil and powerful character in their organisation. Some members started voicing their objections:

“Prince Johnson is an illeterate criminal. He should be in the gallows. This is the beginning of a new era for NBM.What we are trying to instill is discipline, civility, good conduct. Celebrating a violent criminal like “pastor” prince Johnson is not what NBM is about. Discussing the issue that led to the Liberia crisis for all axemen to learn from would have been more beneficial. This can misled axemen especially those on campus to honor idiots like pastor prince Johnson as a great African leader”

“My Lord na on
this forum last year the whole debate come out say dem don blend Yomi
Johnson as axeman and the divergent views that followed including people
praising those who were responsible for him becoming an Axeman.

My Lord unfortunately he was blended last year by the powers that be and
even attended the 2004 Convention in Asaba.”

“So that murderer is an axeman.If I’m made the national head, my first assignment will be to deaxe the criminal immediately and also those who initiated him.”

“I think this issue should be taking to the national convention in march or to the national COE, I know they will not do nothing about it.”

“You are right! we should talking about responsible people in NBM of today not people like yomi johnson.”

“Yomi Johnson that lunatic who butchered Samuel Doe.It is important to state here that I’m not in support of Samuel Doe. Yomi and Sammy are both murderers and disgrace to humanity.They are in the class of Idi Amin, Hitler, Saddam, our Abacha and IBB, Campoare, whitemen who came to Africa to ship away our brothers and multinational companies like Shell, Chevron etc who are conniving with our political “misfit” to loot our wealth”

“You have to be objective sometimes. Yormie Johnson has never been convicted of any war crimes. He is not even wanted by any war crimes tribunal. He was voted as an independent candidate in a free and relatively fair election.” –  Ike Bobby Onwubuya (also known as Lord Haile Selassie) of the NBM London Zone.

“Haile Selassie,

I should be objective all the times not sometimes.I’m objective all the times.You said”Yormie Johnson has never been convicted of any war crimes.” So what?Does that justify his  crime against humanity.You said “Yormie Johnson has never been convicted of any war crimes.” When does getting away with crime justify the crime itself?Our jail are filled with less than 1% of those who deserve to be there.Does that make the other 99% innocent. Its this type of twisted argument that makes the IBB’s of this world think they are being persecuted when genuine calls are made for them to be thrown behind bars instead of seeking for vote from his victims.

You poured out “He was voted as an independent candidate in a free and relatively fair election.” Yes he was “voted”. Read my last posting on the low of democracy, I didn’t read your posting before I did that.Democracy has been hijacked by thugs in Africa, some axemen are thugs in Benin. In Europe and USA democracy is controlled by special interest group and the “tyranic” majority.

Prince Yomi Johnson is a criminal. He is not qualified to be an axeman and should be deaxed immediately.That’s being objective and fair to all especially the few good people in NBM.”

“The national head of Nbm is bigger than Edo state government even the president of Nigeria….. Nbm electorial system is challenged, it is most like to produce Prince Yomi Johnson the butcher of Monrovia as national head over our founder Ibm Godidi the saddest.”

“Those who initiated Prince Yomi Johnson were only thinking of their personal benefit either in terms of ego,money or power.If I’m the national head, I’ll work for his deaxeation and tell the world we are reformed and peaceful. whereas Yomi is a criminal, symble of violence.Iniatiatin g Yomi is a bad PRO for NBM. Expelling him and making it public will be a very good PRO.”

“personalities like criminal Prince Johnson, our selfish national head, and some moronic ayes whose only qualification is their ill gotten wealth and ability to do evil.”

“The head should not steal the movement money and should not allow any officer to steal our money.He should be ready to “mass-deaxe” all criminal axemen especially murderer Yomi Johnson”

“I initiated Jones,was my ideal axeman.I deliberately made sure we shared the same axe name.He told me he is instrumental to the initiation of that Liberian monster Prince Johnson,for that I’ll not support him.”
“Deaxe murderers like Prince Johnson, many more that are not qualified to be axemen.”
“The movement have initiated people with shady characters and  criminals in the past like Prince Johnson of Liberia and Apa of Nigeria, and even Ogboni members.We’ve seen the rise of criminals to the highest position of authority as head and chairman ncoe.”

“If it is true that Ajakaiye eat someone’s ear, then he is an animal in the mode of his fellow “axeman” Prince Johnson of Liberia that animal who was not satisfied with killing a fellow human being chop off his ear and penis and made him to eat it.They are both axemen, cannibals are members of Neo Black Movement courtesy of greedy leaders on Nbm.”

“The only reason while Prince Johnson was initiated is to boast their ego- we have a killer in our mist”
The Neo Black Movement should look to change their motto given the inclusion of the warlord Prince Johnson
From: “an eye for an eye” to maybe “an ear for an ear”
Or maybe more fitting: “the make an evil omelette you have to blend some bad eggs” 

Unhappy NBM Member – Part 5

An unhappy NBM member expresses his displeasure at seeing Dr Mayor providing NBM members as “thugs and killers” to the Edo State government:

1. Integrity in my small brain means a man that do not have double standards.
a. The use of Police to arrest ayes and beat up those that have different political views and aspiration from the Mayor and His Godfather Kpelebe. When as a Benin Zonal Head he ordered that an aye be played for inviting the police to investigate a robbery in his house involving another aye.
1. Edo wimpy and co were beaten up in GRA while holding a meeting
2. Hon Mathew AN OBOTE LORD  arrested and detained ayes and put them in prison in ogba Under mayors regime
3. The use of ayes to settle land disputes in Benin, leading to the death of one of them
4. The beating up of the eslewhile benin zonal head by ayes from FJ while mayor was in benin and nothing was done, but he was quick to beat up wimpy for hold a meeting of ayes.
5. The burning of the Benin Arena Under his regime and nothing was done.but he is quick to arrest ayes with Police.
6. His immature appearance and disgraceful speech he made with Prof Wale Soyinka on CNN with the colllaboration of Kpelebe.
7. The use of Ayes as Political thugs in EDO state.
8. Explain to me, How a Man that is not from Edo State has an Official Car from the Edo state govt. (Please do not insult me by saying it is a rumour because I saw it.)
9.How come Mayor has so many lands in Benin, this is why He is referred to in benin as 200 BY 200.  Call Benin from your base in Japan and ask
IF it takes the wisdom of korofo to actualise dreams In NBM, we have given mayor two years to try but his failure is there for all to see. Please name the achievements of Mayor in the past two years.
All the politcal appoints we had before he came on board we are losing, can’t even win nominations anymore and he is suppose to be pursuing a politcal agenda.
What has mayor done to warrant a re-election, NOTHING. why do they want him back. I will explain.
In Edo state politics, It is lucky vrs Anenih. On the two sides of the camp are Lords of the NBM , On one side is Mayor (lucky) on the other side is EPA Francis. The politicians wants to control NBM for the thugs Mayor have been suppling and using to collect vast amounts of money from the government thru kpelebe. They feel without Mayor as NH, it will be difficult to get these ready army of thugs. while the other camp is fighting to install their own candidate to provide an NH that will do what mayor has been doing for lucky thru kpelebe.
NBM has become a supplier of thugs and killers , that is why when they want to give political appoints to lords, it is either CH of Motor parks or agency responsible for towing vehincles or collection of tolls in markets. Do your research!
Mayor and His cohorts are a disgrace to NBM, lets get a fresh person to move this Movement in the right direction.Lets get someone outside the NCOE and present Nexco to pilto the movement in the next two years.
Omar Bongo, Mantennasa, Roxy, Idemudia, many many more lords that have stayed away because of the disgrace Mayor has brought this movement into.
Oba O.N.2
Atlanta Zone
FJ 87

London Zone Wahala – Part 3

Some insightful NBM member replies to the de-axeing of the London Zone’s Franklin Ajakaiye.

They are underneath his notice of de-axeing.

Aye Axemen!
Please find for your information only, copy of letter sent and delivered to Franklin Ajakaiye (FJ 1994)

James Hornu

Name Franklin Ajakaiye

Futa Djallon High temple 1994

regard to the following allegations:

you assaulted and permanently disfigured another Axeman in a public event, by biting
off part of his ear, causing him to require surgery in order to treat said ear,
tantamount to Gross Misconduct.

you have consistently failed to attend meetings to discuss the allegations most
notably a disciplinary hearing  that you failed because you were too drunk to attend. Your consistent
failure to turn up for meetings arranged to investigate the events is being
regarded as a flagrant disrespect for London Zone and disobeying constituted
authority by hampering the investigation, tantamount to Misconduct

following charts the achievement of standards set for you during your

Attend meeting with
Zone Executive  – Achieved Attend Meeting with
Zonal Executive  – Partially
Achieved arrived 2 hrs late Attend Meeting with
Zonal Executive  – Failed
No showPay compensation
towards medical bills for victim – Failed
no compensation receivedPay fine to zone – Failed no fine paidWrite letter of apology
to zone – Failed no letter
receivedMeet with Zonal Head  – Failed no showMeet with Zonal
Executive  – Failed
no show

light of the above, and your non willingness to cooperate with the Zonal
Executive on this matter, a disregard for constituted authority, you shall be De-Axed
from the Neo Black Movement of Africa with immediate effect and you are
instructed not to communicate with any other Axeman on this or any other matter
concerning the Movement.


London Zone

Cc National Head For National Executive

Chairman NCOE For National Council Of

All Regions NBM Worldwide

All Zones NBM World wide

All Forums NBM Worldwide

All Lords London Zone

All Axemen World wide

Lord Santopayama
(Ogunpa 1986)
Essex UK

Korofo Guide and Protect you
and may your metal never be blunt

My London Zonal Head,
Much as I would not be a party to the rash and impudent way the so called Ajakaiye has caused disfigure to another axeman, I ordinarily would have thought that deaxing him will not restore the mutilated ear of the axeman.  He would have been made to pay for all the expenses incurred by the zone or the lord concerned before a punitive measure is taken against him. (in the movement way)
However, I still remember that this Franklin was given opportunity to appear and probably defend himself of the allegations, but he undermined the authority of the movement and so if the action the zone has taken is to the interest of the zone and the entire movement so be it.
But I must state here that the psychological trauma of  deaxation of any lord cannot be quantified.  It is like Kiling a man while he is alive.
I hail ohhhhhhhhhhh
omar bongo
If it is true that Ajakaiye eat someone’s ear, then he is an animal in the mode of his fellow “axeman” Prince Johnson of Liberia that animal who was not satisfied with killing a fellow human being chop off his ear and penis and made him to eat it.They are both axemen, cannibals are members of Neo Black Movement courtesy of greedy leaders on Nbm.
My respected Omar Bongo I disagree with you on this, Ajakaiye and the Prince Johnsons should be deaxed immediately, the don’t deserve sympathy from good people like you.They are bad PRO for you and the movement.By associating with these criminals, we are guilty by association and we may be unfortunately punished together for their sins especially those they committed with the name of your movement nbm.
Jambarama 1

London Zone Wahala – Part 2

Aye Axemen,

again for your information

Kunta Kinte

Name O (Duchie) Aynbuomwan

Kanem Bornu High temple 2002

regard to the following allegations:

That you have failed to meet up with the terms of your
suspension as communicated to you below on the allegations below

You witnessed and
contributed to a public disturbance that necessitated the attendance by the
Police and Ambulance services. You endangered the life of another two Axemen
present and in your utterances that night; you endangered the lives of Axemen
both in the UK as well as in Nigeria with the threat of
escalation and likely hood of revenge attacks.


You did not cooperate as requested by the Zonal
Executive in the investigations of the identity of who else was involved at a
meeting convened to investigate the events of 25th of June Thereby
disobeying constituted authority by hampering the investigation


light of the above, and your non willingness to cooperate with the Zonal
Executive on this matter, a disregard of constituted authority, and your non
communication with the Zonal executive for a period of at least one calendar
year, you shall be suspended from the Neo Black Movement of Africa indefinately
with immediate effect and you are instructed not to communicate with any other
Axeman on this or any other matter concerning the Movement during this time.
Your sole contact with the movement during this time will be with the Zonal
executive whom you will endeavour to meet with once a month at the Zonal
executive meetings, dates and venues of which will be communicated to you
giving a minimum of two weeks notice.

when you meet up with the terms of suspension for three consecutive months,
will this final suspension be lifted.


London Zone

Cc National Head For National Executive

Chairman NCOE For National Council Of

All Regions NBM Worldwide

All Zones NBM World wide

All Forums NBM Worldwide

All Lords London Zone

All Axemen World wide

Lord Santopayama
(Ogunpa 1986)
Essex UK

Korofo Guide and Protect you
and may your metal never be blunt

London Zone Wahala – Part 1

Aye Axemen, Once more for your information

Aye Askia Mohammed

Ju Name IK Ero Okponwosa

Blended Futa Jallon High temple 1999/2000

With regard to the following allegations:

You have consistently failed to present yourself in respect
of the following allegations below.

at Old Kent road London,
you attacked a man with a number of offensive weapons and caused actual bodily
harm. You caused a public disturbance that necessitated the attendance by the
Police and Ambulance services. You endangered the life of another two Axemen
present and in your utterances that night, you endangered the lives of Axemen
both in the UK
as well as in Nigeria
with the threat of escalation and likely hood of revenge attacks.

Gross misconduct.

light of the above, and your non willingness to cooperate with the Zonal
Executive on this matter, and your continued non-communication with the zone
over the past year, a disregard of constituted authority, you shall be
suspended from the Neo Black Movement of Africa indefinitely with immediate
effect and you are instructed not to communicate with any other Axeman on this
or any other matter concerning the Movement during this time. Your sole contact
with the movement during this time will be with the Zonal executive whom you
will endeavour to meet with once a month at the Zonal executive meetings, dates
and venues of which will be communicated to you giving a minimum of two weeks

when you meet up with the terms of suspension for three consecutive months,
will this suspension be lifted.

Lord Santopayama

Head London Zone

Cc National Head For
National Executive

Chairman NCOE
For National Council Of Elders

All Regions NBM

All Zones NBM
World wide

All Forums NBM

All Lords London

All Axemen World

Lord Santopayama
(Ogunpa 1986)
Essex UK

Korofo Guide and Protect you
and may your metal never be blunt

Unhappy NBM Member – Part 4

Lord Jambarama illustrates the problem of NBM conducting political thuggery. Misses the point though of why the NBM leadership will never stamp this problem out…. They are the ones been paid by the politicians to instrumentalise it as a tool.

The words of Lord Jambarama:

The national body should actually have a firm control of the movement.This is not the stage for lazy leadership.There should be very close monitoring of the temples.I’ve earlier suggested when suspend the temples and reorganize it for the benefit of the movement,the temples and the individual ayes in the temples.Society mirror us more through the activities of temple ayes than lords in zones.It is easier for temples to rubbish all the good work we’ve done than zones.The temples are more visible and irrational in their actions than the zones.
We should realize that most of them are still very young and “hot”.They look up to us for guidance,where they don’t get it,they do whatever they like.Whereever, they is a vacuum it will be filled.
What should be our roles as individuals to fix the problems in the movement?What should be our collective role?What should be the role of the leadership that is constituted at the zonal and national levels.
It is difficult to work in isolation.It is good,but its not good enough,it is not effective enough.It is slow.Leadership comes in here.We need leadership,we’ ve voted and the leadership has been constituted. The leadership must direct us us on what to do,the leadership must motivate us,the leadership must take the drivers seat on all issue,I repeat on all issues.There are ways you do it,DELEGATED POWER and the use of committees.This government must involve all axemen,we work for free with dedication.
Lets be practical here.Lets discuss just one problem here:Involvement of ayes political thuggery.
Step 1:A responsible national leadership should acknowledge the problem exist.
Step 2:The leadership should indicate its willingness to fix the problem.
Step 3:The leadership should set up a committee of less than a dozen lords/ayes to come up with suggesstions on how to fix the problem.
Step 4:The leadership should give the tools and terms of reference to the committee to get the job done and also when to submit their report.
The committe will get a lot of resources by visiting some temples especially the most troubled ones,nbm cyber forums, and individual ayes that are willing to contribute to the discuss.The leadership will get this problem fix within 3 months.
The same strategy should be applied to the numerous nbm problems.Including a committee set up find what the most fundamental problems of the movement are.Our movement have the most sophisticated and educated people in the world,we are resourse people in various field.We have to tap this and put it to our own benefit and the benefit of our society in general.
When you go about trying to fix problems yourself without the backing of the constituted authorities, your move will be misinterpreted and you expose yourself to cheap blackmail by a lazy leadership.
We are trying to do things in another way, in this era of “benefit of doubt”.We are trying to fix things through constituted authorities. We’ve decided to play from inside to see how things will work.We want to fix from vantage position.Our goals remain the same,our strategy has changed because we want to respect the views of majority.But, we realized that most times the majority is a mob,always wrong.I don’t blame those who support electoral college.However, majority has spoken we must comform.We have to join hands together to make our great movement thicker.
Jambarama 1

Unhappy NBM Member – Part 3

Lord Jambarama gives Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo another piece of his mind:

The moronic response from the “national crier” reinforce my believe that Bermuda is incompetent. He is a round peg in a square hole.The worst PR man for a movement which has members all over the world.Its a shame.
My believe this government is bad.I believe the government is selfish.I believe this government has no agenda to solve violence on campus,on membership, on census, on non partisanship, on welfare of members.This is a government of “retreat” an owanbe government.These are some of my views that the crazed “national crier” responded to.He lost it, he just lost it.He still live in yesteryears. He still believe this is an era of rulership and followership. He thinks I’m a follower,he is a ruler.He forget that nbm is less than 1% of my life.I’m associated in very many respect nbm is just one.I’m happy I was able to make him go bananas, its a positive sign that for those of us who want change.It shows how poor the minds of those who lead us are.
Is like Jambarama an ordinary folk in the movement de criticize me, he de craze, who he think he bi, we go deal with am he de craze”.Bermuda you are the crier of nbm not my life.
Abebe Bikila, don’t allow anyone to use you.If Bermuda wants vote on me, he should go ahead and as for it.I know exactly the result of the vote will be-ayes are not good voters.If they are Bermuda and the NH will not be “elected”.
The gist is that they want to suspend me, when Abebe Bikila told me this morning, my respond to him is that I DON’T CARE.Go ahead and suspend me, I’ll elevate it to expulsion and celebrate it.I’ve been carrying a burden, I view nbm as it is today as evil and oppressive.I’ m very uncomfortable with it.I want to live at a time, but change my mind because of advice from well meaning lords that we can change things from inside.If I’m expelled I’ll throw a party.I’ve not to lose.Almighty Bermuda go ahead and expel me.
Bermuda talked about my Phd program.He called it “crap”. My greatest achievement in live today is being able to come this far in education.I got my NCE and first degree through court because of nbm activities(I don’t want temple ayes to go through the same thing).I could not complete my masters degree in Ekpoma even as I had only my thesis to complete to graduate because of SAP riot.I’m happy that completed my masters in a very top class and I’m doing phd in one of the most reputable university in my field Walden University.Bermuda you don’t block lecturers here.So Bermuda I’m very happy with my crap degree.I value it more than the money you are stealing from innocent people.You brought it and you know definitely I’ll give you back.
I government that does not have idea how many ayes we are is talking of expulsion.A government that does not have record of previously expelled ayes is talking of expulsion.
This government is bad, it has no agenda.The cabal has destroyed nbm and continue to destroy it.I’ll prefer be expelled than remain silent in face of evil.Nigerians hate black axe because our selfish leaders want the status quo to remain.
What is the agenda of this government?
Those are the type of questions this forum should be discussing, not Jambarama.Not stupid question like:Is Jambarama detrimental to the movement?
This government should resign now.
Jambarama 1

Unhappy NBM Member – Part 2

Below my new hero (Lord Jambarama 1st) gives his opinion on NBM National Head (and “ugly pig”) Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo during a heated war of words.

I have made his replies to the National Head bold.

I personally will want to reply this letter and promise on my part it will be the end.Its the same old tactics, destroy opponents/critics through blackmail lies and half truth.When I decided to take of these selfish cabal and the actual enemies of the movement I expected blackmail and even to be hit physically.I’ m not bothered about that I’m prepared.I’ve my counter motive.I’m happy I’ve been able to narrow the names down to to a manageable number and I’ve reported to the appropriate quarters.
I’ll respond issue by issue to the lies from the ugly pig.I expect more.But I’ll not reply to future blackmail from any quarter because I don’t want to give crebility to lies.
Here is my reply to the ugly pig-Bermuda Benigho aka Okpodu.
1.(MACROCEPHALOUS idiot) this aptly explains who you are and what you represent.Now I know what your problem is that I am blessed with riches at my young age and at your old senile age you are still washing industrial pots to eck a living in America to sponsor your empty doctorate degree I thought as much that this has always been your problem why you are always on my case. -Bermuda the ugly pig poured out.
My Reply:
My values are different I don’t envy people base on their riches, I even know if Bermuda the ugly is rich.I don’t go about asking about people’s wealth.His plenty plenty money is for his pocket good for him.I’m very very contented with my life.I’ll never pray to swap position with him.He is not my bank manager,I saw him last almost 2 decades ago.I was surprise when I saw his picture in this forum he look 50.That is the price of evil.When you pride yourself as a thief, stealing innocent people,s money you look 50 at 40.I work with New City, I teach the toughest children in the world.I’m very proud to contribute my quota to better their lives.I’m a professional not a thief.Bermuda the ugly go find yourself a job.Nbm is not a profession, 419 is not a profession.I wonder what lies your children will tell their peers about what you do for a living.
2-Anyway for your information I have better things to do with my money than lobby for positions in the movement,you say I reap innocent people off their money go try am if e easy WRETCHED OLD FOOL.You keep talking about my activities in Ekpoma,Ralph you know ofcourse we were not on the same pedestal considering your indegent status as a student.Like I said previously you always beat your chest on how you held sway with violence in Abraka,what was the end did you not run away from the trouble you caused with the Bucaneers to seek refuge in Ekpoma who protected you then the same weak and cowardly Bemuda and his friends,when you were beaten up mercilesly with your chick in Ekpoma in Ihumudumu village by the Marphites who came to your rescue. -Bermuda Benigho Sicko the ugly poured out.
My Reply
Yes we fought war with buccaneers in abraka I was the head.I led my war, I was in the battle field(unfortunately though).They were the victims not we.Ask those who were with me then, those bold ayes.We were no cowards like you “Mr peace talk”.You were not in Abraka, talk to mantenassa, Mogun,Dubois of Germany and many more.You lied I never left Abraka for one day during our numerous crisis.When I left Abraka I went to youth service in Abuja and stayed in Abuja for two years before I came to Ekpoma for my masters.You lied about everything.
You discussion has always been about woman,even in Ekpoma.You were always exposing the movement to woman.I was the woman “type”.You don’t see me in girls hostels.I always had on girlfriend at a time for 8 years I had one girlfriend and I was satisfied with that.That is still me.I don’t sleep with three women at a go like you.I’ve never in my live be beaten to any frat.Maphites had problem with MC Hammar from Auchi Poly, he removed a black berret from a maphite.The following day he was cornered by maphites in front of my house in Ujoelen road(cowards like you will not be bold to live in Ujoelen road)and beaten.Initially they taught he ran to my house,they forced my door open and that was it.I was a fighter, I fight my own battle, you can’t force my door open and go scot free.Ayes wanted to fight back I refused,I went to state CID office Benin to report.I brought plain dress policemen to Ekpoma(the Bermudas the ugly “flee”).We were able to arrest two maphites for multiple charges including stealing.Doks and one other maphite was arrested.His father,sister and then girlfriend Elohor came to beg I refused.The spent their chrstmas day in jail.Lord waziri in Ireland visited Nigeria then from Holland he went with me to Benin state CID for see the commissioner of police and the OC in charge of the case.MC hammer is still alive.
3-Till date because of your foolish and zombie tendencies the problem you created has made a lot of Axemen in that era to drop out of school without certificates. And in your treacherous and selfish ways that you are known for you sought out yourself and eloped to America with the woman imported by your benefactors to come and marry you.COMPOUND FOOL we know your story and there is nothing you can come and tell us in this forumn.
-Bermuda the pig poured out.
Ignorant.Again lies.He sound very slow and follow.This is a bad news for the movement.A mentally challenge man is the crier of Neo black movement.
4-My friend I will keep telling you drop your egotrip,and remeber the son of who you are do not come to this forumn to drum up sympathy and favour,Ralph we know you as the real TRAITOR who wants to cause division and animosity in this great movement I repeat Korofo will foil your evil plans and you and your cohorts will definately reap the wrath of the most high Olodumare.
-Bermuda Benigho poured out
Sound moronic.No comment
5-I told you I am ready for you,if I have to drop this position to tackle you one on one I have the time,the energy,the resources to even come to America to meet with you face to face and tell you to your face that you are a TRAITOR in this movement a fifth columnist who has been planted to cause pandemonium and disunity amongst us.
You keep boasting about money, resources, money resources.Who cares about your filthy money.I’ve in place where people have gone beyond that, where people don’t give a f— about you money.In a decent society you will rot in jail.You made a threat of coming to the states for me.Let me know when you are here.I know you won’t.You are a coward.I’m compiling information about these threat I’ll hand it to them tommorrow both interpol and FBI so I’m making consultation to tranfers part to Nigeria police.Your believe money  solve all problem in Nigeria will fail you.We are all “Burma boys”.Continue the almighty crier, this Jambarama issue will sink you.
6-were you not somewhere in Lagos when Lagos zone was inaugurated did you ever show up in the formative period.I am aware of these facts including how you were contacted and you refused to show up,you come here to beat your chest.I am proud to raise up my head high that I brought Lagos zone from nothing to something my legacies speak for me.You were in Lagos when the Arena in Jibowu was in the searchlight of the dreaded Abacha government,FBI etc coward Bemuda was the CP who took over as head when the then head went on AWOL what was the result,if you care come to Lagos you will be told. -The ugly pig poured out again
Lies and blackmail will not bail you, it will not stop me from speaking the truth or criticizing this useless selfish government or telling ayes that you are incompetent. The worst crier in 29 years history of the movement.I’ve never lived in Lagos.I visit lagos, never lived in lagos.My reply”I was never in lagos then or lagos zone-sicko.You know within you that you are a coward, you know you are a fox, you know you like power, you know you always loby for power in nbm right from your days in Ekpoma.You should have another live apart from nbm.There are more in the world.
7-was in South Africa for barely 2 years I single handedly set up a zone there today that zone has bloosomed and it is a model to behold.Donkey years in America what is your report card for the movement absolutely nothing.You came to Naija sometime last year and stayed in Singapore hotel in Ojodu on a friday when you should have ordinarily gone to the arena to fellowship with Ayes,where were you seen,haggling with a prostitute with 2k which is all you could afford in a brothel near the hotel,if you remember vividly an Aye bailed you out.You come here to say you are defender of Ayes. -Bermuda Benigho poured out
My Reply
Your lies about you South africa stuff does not impress me.You never does anything for nothing.You are still owing nbm, the movement has done more for you.The last time I came to Nigeria was August/Sept last year.I did not lodge in singapore hotel.I lodge in Peace Hotel Ojodu.The owner is my inlaw.Ask Ogbeide the former NH.He called me in the hotel from Benin.his elder brother is the owner of the hotel.Infact I paid for the room months before I came to Nigeria because I keep changing dates of my coming.I paid for three weeks and I spent 3 weeks in Nigeria.
Wino Atani was in my hotel room the next day after I arrived, and we were in touch throughout.Waziri of Ireland was with me, we all went to club together in Ikoyi.The other aye who came to visit me did not get to enter my room, we all stayed in the bar, my cousin was with me also.He had drinks together and discussed nbm.I believe is Kabaka(the aye that needed some fund for his school).That was the first time I saw him.I knew him in the forum.This shows how stupid you are.I have very strong alibi were I lodge not singapore hotel.
I don’t sleep with prostitute.That is what I heard you do with your plenty money all over the world.That was why a woman slapped you in South Africa.I’ve the details but I’m not interested in revealing more.It does not worth it.
What worth the struggle is to reveal how hypocritical you are, how incompetent you are and how bad mayors government is.
I expect more blackmail more dirty, but I won’t reply.Those who will believe will believe anyway.Fools believe anything.Honestly, you know what I dont care.They care.
8-omo you are a deceitful character,I refuse and will not fall for your gimmicks.You are not a sincere axeman and persons like you will eventually be exposed.AYES BEWARE this man is not real he has a mission we must not allow him get away with his evil plot,posterity will vindicate me. -Macrocephalous sicko millionaire poured out.
No comment on the above.I believe it is now clear to ayes that there exist a cabal that have sat on the progress of this movement.I’m beginning to reexamine whether my struggle for the movement worth it, my greatest concern is for innocent students that are being destroyed on campus, their parents and the poor Nigerians who has been suffering for years.I am ashamed to be part of a movement that have contributed to the suffering of innocent Nigerians by doing nothing even to speak out,tby joining in election rigging etc.I want to turn thing around.I wanted the movement to always be on the side of  oppressed, but with vampires like the ugly pig Bermuda Bemigho as spoke person of the movement and mayor as head, I’m not very optimistic.
Jambarama 1