NBM Food For Thought…. Part 1


NBM Food For Thought…. is Dr Mayor Onyebueke the right man to look into the Neo Black Movement’s “financial involvement with the government”? 

This is what Dr Mayor Onyebueke is been asked to do.

Dr Mayor Onyebueke aka Lord Patrice Lumumba of the Neo Black Movement accepted 35 million Naira ($175,000+ USD) from former Edo State Governor Lucky Igbinedion to mobilize the NBM cultists to perpetrate political thuggery, killing and election rigging.

Also Dr Mayor Onyebueke accepted money from Chief Lucky Imasuen (Former Deputy Governor of Edo state) to secure the ACP (Action Congress Party) victory.

Also Dr Mayor Onyebueke accepted “serious funds” again from the PDP Party to ensure the loss in the House of Assembly of (fellow Neo Black Movement members:) Hon Anslem Agbabi and Hon. Saiki Samuel.

Also Dr Mayor Onyebueke accepted 750,000 Naira on behalf of the Neo Black Movement from Lucky Igbinedion for the NBM to “secure PDP (People’s Democratic Party) victory”. Which they did.

No-one therefore more qualified to investigate the matter of the NBM’s financial involvement with the government than him!

Note: as well as accepting millions to ensure in some instances that his fellow NBM members didn’t achieve victory… He actually embezzled all the money and gave the NBM none (much to their disgust).

There is no honor among Assmen.


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