River State Wahala

River State Neo Black Movement member arrested… Should be charged with ‘illegal possession of a dangerous weapon in furtherance of activities of a secret cult’ (cult prohibition bill 2004) at the very least.

Below From: http://dailypost.ng/2015/09/09/i-wanted-fame-prestige-so-i-became-a-cultist-uniport-graduate/

A graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, identified as Ikeadighim Michael Nwachukwu, is currently in the custody of the Rivers State Police Command over his alleged involvement in cult activities.

DAILY POST gathered that the suspect who just graduated from the department of Marketing, UNIPORT, had confessed that he became a cultist to gain prestige.

 Nwachukwu, while been paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, Hyelasinda Musa Kimo, confessed that he was caught with a battle axe on his way to Umuahia, Abia State.
 In his statement, Nwachukwu said: “I had already joined the Black Axe fraternity in Lagos before gaining admission into UNIPORT to study marketing in 2011.

”I was caught with this axe while traveling from UNIPORT to Umuahia. The axe is a battle symbol for cultists. I won’t deny it, I’m a cultist. I have not killed anybody before. I was taking this axe home to bury it because I had graduated.

“The reason I joined them,” the culprit continued, “was not to kill anybody. I joined cultism just for the prestige and fear. I belong to Black Axe.”

5 thoughts on “River State Wahala

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  2. na only n b m be cult way they Nigeria. even if say na aro bagger kill u go say na aye every think way happen for this would way be bad think na n b m even boko haramu na still n b m guy plz I beg u in the name of ur God live us. aye dey kill no be dose injew frat first dey kill us.OK if dey kill us make will dey look dem abi. guy u are playing with ur life.no dat waiting some aye dey do no good but dat won no mean say make u come dey supel our name


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