Canada Zone Crisis

Handbags at dawn in the Canada Zone….

Much internal fighting leading to the creation of a “two man committee” to investigate the crisis who actually managed to nearly start fighting too.

The crisis summarized:

The Zonal Chairman organised and “led a hit squad” to attack a fellow NBM member in car wash for “not greeting him correctly” in the ‘club house’.

A suspended NBM member was due to be married (but under the terms of any suspension a Lord cannot in anyway associate themselves with that member and therefore in this case could not attend the wedding). The suspended Lord pleaded with both the Zonal Head and Chairman and took them gifts of alcohol. They accepted the gifts of alcohol got together at at a Council of Elders meeting consumed the alcoholic gifts and had their own little jolly….. then sent SMS messages to all the members they should NOT attend the wedding. Some members disobeyed this command which led to 20 members been de-axed. Then the suspended member was un-suspended 24 hours after his wedding (i guess as some kind of joke?!)

Other members were been subjected to harsh beatings by the Butcher and his henchmen,

Many members were been punished, suspended and de-axed for nominal, unfair or inaccurate reasons.

The committee came to some conclusions to resolve the matters. Some are very interesting.

“Neo Black Movement should go with the flow of today’s world, we are in the 21st century, and it should shift from militancy to a more civil organization that will accommodate its now aging members.” (They are getting too old to beat people up and fight)

“The use of force to resolve its problem is unacceptable” (it takes a committee to work this out finally?)

“No Lord should be subjected physical pain either in a private or public place” (This you can read below is in reference to the punishment of Lords…. like what they call “match” or “5 minutes” where the Zonal Butcher drags a Lord outside to be dealt with.

Also the usual bickering about money

Read the full thing below:


a two-man committee made up of Lord Oba ON2 and Lord Jambarama 1 met in Toronto to reconcile factions involved in the Canada zone crisis. A faction led by the Head of the zone and another led by a former Head in Canada zone Monyor. During the session, members of both factions were allowed to speak freely. Voices were raised, at a time we felt the roof was going to collapse, members almost were physical. At stage members of the committee stormed out of the room in anger. Thank God tempers came down and in the phase 2 of the meeting we were able to resolve the crisis.

After review of petitions, numerous phone calls and 9 hour truth and reconciliation meeting in Canada with lords, the 2-man committee arrived at the following findings and recommendations: FINDINGS The Canada zone crisis was a revolt by some lords against a high-handed leadership that forgot that membership of NBM is by choice and has no right to control private lives of members. Some scenario that will help to understand what caused the crisis

Scenario 1 A lord on suspension went to inform and invite the Zonal Head and the zone for his marriage. He did it the African way, he went with hot drink and pleaded with the head to lift his suspension and allow the zones to attend his wedding because all his friends in Canada are Ayes and his best man is also a lord. He also met the chairman, gave him the marriage dress and begged him to attend his wedding. The head took the hot drink to the COE meeting, they accepted the drink. Both dress and drink were accepted by the Canada zone leadership. Here is what they did: A day before the wedding the head sent text messages to Lords not to attend the wedding and a day after the wedding the leadership lifted his suspension. What happened within 24 hours that made the leadership to lift the suspension of a lord who chose to marry in a foreign land where his only family is his confraternity friends, members of Neo-Black Movement. Many lords begged the Head to allow them attend the wedding in their private capacity, not as members of Neo Black Movement, he refused. He insisted they must not go. Then, the rebellion some lords decided to go and were prepared to face the hammer of a sadistic leadership. The hammer came from the zonal head: Six among those who attended the wedding were deaxed for attending the wedding, for “disrespect for constituted authority”, 14 others were suspended for same offense. The leadership has just created a formidable rebellion that will drag on for the next one year.

Scenario 2 A lord was accused of not greeting the chairman in a club house, the chairman himself led a hit squad to attack the lord, he was “played” in a car wash, and the chairman slapped him. The leadership later deaxed him. This created bad blood with other lords who felt the deaxed lord would have been given opportunity to defend himself. THE CANADA ZONE COE The leadership of the COE was very frail, it did not provide the necessary check and balance that would have helped to prevent the crisis, and rather it was part of the problem, it operated as part of the executive. The chairman was very weak, he created leadership vacuum filled naturally by Lord Bonafinger, Aka (PM) a permanent member of the COE. The Chief Priest (CP) did the unthinkable he “voluntarily” ceded his power to Lord Bona Finger in an IT and the COE did not find anything wrong with the mistake. “Code blue” Code blue was created by the leadership of the COE to undermine the constitution of NBM and the principles behind the creation of the Council of Elders as a democratic unit of the movement. When the word “code blue” is mentioned during COE deliberations it reminds the elders that they should not disagree with the leadership. One member of the COE was deaxed and another resigned in protest, the positions are yet to be filled as at when we met. However, the committee discovered that other factors helped to sustain the crisis, most important of them was the bitter feud between Lord Abebe Bikila former head of Canada Zone and Lord Bona Finger (PM), the committee was able to reconcile both of them and reminded them that as elders in the zone they should be “uniters not dividers”. Others are unaxemanly behavior by many lords such as gossips, lies, cowardice, ego, unforgiving spirit, sycophancy and the use of force to settle issues. We also condemn in all ramifications, the rebellion spearheaded by Monyor and Eghosa, they should always use the proper avenue to pursue their cause. The forming of unparallel government is unacceptable and against the constitution of NBM.


1. Neo Black Movement should go with the flow of today’s world, we are in the 21st century, and it should shift from militancy to a more civil organization that will accommodate its now aging members. The use of force to resolve its problem is unacceptable. No Lord should be subjected physical pain either in a private or public place. To be specific “match” should be banned, and replaced with other innovative civil punishment like paying fine and suspension.

2. Zonal bye-laws should be sent to the national body for ratification.

3. The present leadership should be allowed to complete their tenure which will end in less than a year from now; we don’t want to send a wrong signal that the leadership of the movement can be sacked diabolically. We condemn rebellion; we need a one united NBM in all tiers.

4. The movement should create structures for members with genuine grievances to seek justice. We are suggesting the national body create regional judicial council to resolve issues like this one; it is in our opinion that the national body was slow in applying the right solution to the problem after receiving the first petition from the aggrieved Ayes.

5. The use of deaxeation as an option should be minimized, deaxeable offences should be well spelled by the national.

6. In resolving the crisis the leadership and the Monyor/Eghosa led faction agreed on the following: (a). To strengthen the COE to enable it perform its constitutional function of checks, 3 lords from the Monyor/Eghosa led faction should be appointed to the present COE and other 2 lords to the present Exco. (b).The leadership agreed to lift the suspension of Monyor and Eghosa immediately. (c).The deaxed Ayes should be pardoned if they show remorse and pologize to the victims (The head and Bona Finger). (d)The committee discovered of the 6 deaxed lords by the national body, 2 lords did note part in the attack against the hhead and lord Bona finger. We recommend that the 2 lords (Paul-large and Osawaru) should be recalled by the national body immediately 7. The former Ihaza(Eghosa) a co-signatory to NBM account should release NBM money in the bank to the present Ihaza immediately. List of lords in the reconciliation meeting

Signed. Lord Oba ON2 (Atlanta)………………………………………………………………

Signed Lord Jambarama 1 (New York)…………………………………………………..

List of lords in the reconciliation meeting:

1. Lord Oba-Member reconciliation committee

2.Lord Jambarama Member reconciliation committee

3.Lord Abebe Bikila

4.OlaudaH Equiano-Eseosa


6. Ahmed Baba

8.Oba Ovonranmen-Kabila


10. Muta Muta Baruka-Finbaz

11. Steve Biko-Edwin

12. Camuzu Banda-Obele

13. Water Susulo-Chris

14. Bona Finger-Eugene

15.Kaduna Nzeogwu-Mr. Wise

16.Bazi Bagada-Ogieva

17. Maquamba de first-Uyi

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