10 Reasons Not to Allow Cultists Into Government


1. The Maina Pension Scam: There was a probe into pension funds that affected about 141,790 pensioners. Abdulrasheed Maina, the Chairman of Pension Reform Task Team, was accused of looting N195billion.

The Senate set up a committee to investigate the matter. During investigation, Mr. Maina alleged that Aloysius Etuk, representing Akwa Ibom State, demanded $100,000 dollars from him as bribe. A former director of pension in the office of the Head of Service of the Federation, Sani Shuaibu Teidi, who was prosecuted along with 31 others, also alleged that Mr. Etuk and other members of the committee collected a bribe of N3 billion from him. Although the Senate seemed furious about the allegation, it did not take decisive steps to investigate.

The National Assembly also did not push the executive hard enough to implement its report on the pension scam and punish offenders.

2. Kerosene subsidy scam: The kerosene scam is considered monumental fraud by the average Nigerian. Kerosene, which is supposed to be sold for N50 to consumer, sells for between N100 and N120 per litre. Many years after a presidential directive ended subsidy for kerosine, the NNPC claimed it had continued to subsidise the product.

Yet, Nigerians are not benefiting from the subsidy as the product sells for far above the official price at the pumps. Several billion naira are believed to have been stolen under the guise of kerosine subsidy. The National Assembly made a feeble attempt to get to the root of the matter. But it issued no indictment and did not take concrete steps to resolve the matter. No official of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, and the petroleum ministry have been sanctioned over the matter.

3. Police Pension Fund Fraud: Five people, including fa ormer Director of Police Pension Fund, Esai Dangabar, were accused of misusing N32.8billion from the Police Pension Fund. Mr. Dangabar accused some committee members of the Senate of benefiting from the loot. The senate denied the allegation without ordering an investigation. The world may never know whether indeed the Senate joint Committee on Establishment and Public Service Matter, and State and Local Government Affairs indeed took bribes from the pension thieves.

4. Stella Oduah: Before her removal as Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah was embroiled in a N255 million armoured car scandal. She was accused of abusing her office by compelling an agency under her ministry to buy her expensive cars. The House of Representatives has so far failed to release a detailed report of its investigation into the matter. Although Ms. Oduah was later dropped as minister, other officials involved in the matter remained untouched till date.

Recently, a Federal High Court in Abuja granted Media Rights Agenda (MRA) leave to apply for an order to compel the House to furnish it with transcripts of the proceedings of the House Committee on Aviation at the hearing of the Committee on the procurement of the two bulletproof BMW cars by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) through Messrs Coscharis Motors Limited.

5. Missing N20billion Naira oil money: In 2013, a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, alleged that the NNPC failed to remit billions of naira in oil proceeds to the state. This caused a huge rift between the CBN governor and President Goodluck Jonathan, leading to the president suspending Mr. Sanusi from office.

The National Assembly investigated the matter but was unable to bring it to closure.

6. $15million private jet/arms scandal: A private jet conveyed $15million in cash to Johannesburg for a purported arms deal between Nigeria and a South African firm. That deal seriously embarrassed Nigeria, but the National Assembly failed to investigate. Attempts by lawmakers of the All Progressives Congress to table the matter at the House of Representatives were frustrated by their Peoples Democratic Party’s counterparts.

7. Abba Morro Immigration Scandal: Despite the death of over 15 individuals who went to write entrance examinations into the Nigerian Immigration Service on March 13, 2015, the Minister of Interior, Abba Morro, has remained in office. Before the entrance test, candidates were made to pay N1,000 for application forms. A private company, Drexel Nig Ltd, was also implicated in the recruitment scam.

Although federal lawmakers commenced investigation into the incident, nothing has been heard of the matter ever since. Nigerians suspect cover-up, especially because the minister involved, Mr. Morro, is a core loyalist of David Mark, the President of the Senate, who doubles as the Chairman of the National Assembly.

8. Malabu Oil Scandal: This was one of the biggest oil scandals that did not receive the kind of attention it deserves. It involves a former Petroleum minister, Dan Etete, who was convicted in France for money laundering.

His illegal company, Malabu Oil, received an illegal $1.1million from the Nigerian government as proceeds for the sale of an oil block. Upon receipt, the money was immediately disbursed to certain individuals.

The National Assembly is yet to bring this matter, which involves officials of the presidency, ministers and business people, to closure. There appears to be attempts to cover up the matter.

9. Ekiti Gate: A leaked tape of the alleged electoral malpractices during the gubernatorial election in Ekiti State caused a major stir in the country. Four principal characters were heard discussing how to manipulate the election. The voices were those of former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro; the Minister of Police Affairs, Jelili Adesiyan; former Deputy governor of Osun state, Iyiola Omisore, and the eventual winner of the election and current governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose. Despite the huge evidence in the public domain, the Presidency said it would not investigate the matter.

The National Assembly has failed to investigate the matter, which is clearly a major assault on our democracy. Mr. Obanikoro indeed went ahead to receive a National Assembly approval for ministerial appointment.

10. Farouk Lawan: House of Representatives member, Farouk Lawan, was caught on tape collecting $620,000 out of a $3million bribe while his committee investigated the fuel subsidy scam. He was seen collecting the money from oil mogul, Femi Otedola.

The House of Representative referred the bribery allegation to its committee on ethics. But no report has been issued till date.

Source: http://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/182111-top-10-corruption-scandals-nigerias-national-assembly-hasnt-resolved.html

NBM Food For Thought…. Part 1


NBM Food For Thought…. is Dr Mayor Onyebueke the right man to look into the Neo Black Movement’s “financial involvement with the government”? 

This is what Dr Mayor Onyebueke is been asked to do.

Dr Mayor Onyebueke aka Lord Patrice Lumumba of the Neo Black Movement accepted 35 million Naira ($175,000+ USD) from former Edo State Governor Lucky Igbinedion to mobilize the NBM cultists to perpetrate political thuggery, killing and election rigging.

Also Dr Mayor Onyebueke accepted money from Chief Lucky Imasuen (Former Deputy Governor of Edo state) to secure the ACP (Action Congress Party) victory.

Also Dr Mayor Onyebueke accepted “serious funds” again from the PDP Party to ensure the loss in the House of Assembly of (fellow Neo Black Movement members:) Hon Anslem Agbabi and Hon. Saiki Samuel.

Also Dr Mayor Onyebueke accepted 750,000 Naira on behalf of the Neo Black Movement from Lucky Igbinedion for the NBM to “secure PDP (People’s Democratic Party) victory”. Which they did.

No-one therefore more qualified to investigate the matter of the NBM’s financial involvement with the government than him!

Note: as well as accepting millions to ensure in some instances that his fellow NBM members didn’t achieve victory… He actually embezzled all the money and gave the NBM none (much to their disgust).

There is no honor among Assmen.


2016 Edo State Elections – Road to War.

As the 2016 Edo State elections approach in Edo State tensions are at boiling point and violence is a daily occurrence. I see two major factors in the rise in murders and other violent incidents

  1. Adams Oshiomhole policy of keeping his enemies close (instead of attempting to defeat it)
  2. Inter and Internal political violence (parties warring with each other and also warring within themselves)

Both of these factors have two things in common:

  1. Corruption
  2. Cultism

Adams Oshiomhole. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Adams Oshiomhole was elected as Edo State’s 9th Governor. He was preceded by 6 military administrations (starting with John Ewerekumoh Yeri upon the creation of Edo State in 1991 and ending with Anthony Onyearugbulem who handed over Governorship of the State into civilian hands in 1999) and two entirely corrupt civilian Governorships comprising firstly of Lucky Igbinedion (who ran two terms from 1999 to 2007 and who got away with the embezzlement of $26,000,000 USD thanks to a phone call from his Father to the powers that be) and Oserheimen Osunbor whose Governorship was overturned due to “massive rigging and other election malpractices as well as widespread thuggery and violence”. Oserheimen Osunbor’s Governorship summarily nullified by the courts and his position duly handed over to Adams Oshiomhole who has been Governor since 2008 . His second and final term set to end in 2016.

Despite the seat of power been wrestled from Lucky Igbinedion’s PDP party’s hands into the hands of the ACN party Lucky Igbinedion’s corrupt administration never actually lost power. Under the guise of the political pressure group “The Grace Group” the PDP suffered a multitude of high profile defections from the losing PDP party into the ACN’s Edo State Government. Therefore meaning that despite the exclusion of Lucky Igbinedion himself the corrupt and ill-functioning PDP administration, despite the people’s wishes, effectively remained in power.

“The Grace Group” that was the political trojan horse of these defections and was established even with corrupt funding. Chief Osaro Idah funding the establishment of the “The Grace Group” using funds effectively stolen from Bendel Brewery leaving it with a whopping 1.2 billion Naira ($6,000,000 USD) debt to Intercontinental Bank. Chief Osaro Idah didn’t mind though and left as General Manager of the brewery to take up the position of ACN Edo State Secretary.

This was far from the only notable switch of the role. “The Grace Group” facilitated the following defections from the PDP back into government:
Hon. Thomas Okosun
Formerly: PDP Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly
Became: ACN Edo State Chairman

Chief Lucky James
Formerly: Chairman Etsako West LGA and Chairman Edo Post Primary Education Board under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Commissioner for Local Government Affairs.

Mr. Dan Owegie
Formerly: PDP Party Chairman, Ovia South Local Government Area. Chairman of chairmen under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: ACN State Publicity Secretary

Barr. Osarodion Ogie (Secretary Grace Group)
Formerly: Secretary, Schools Infrastructure Development Committee under Igbinedion.
Became: Chief of Staff to Adams Oshiomhole

Mr. Lawrence OkahACN
Formerly: General Manager, Rapid Response Agency under Igbinedion.
Became: Oredo Party Leader (ACN)

Mrs. Modino Emovon
Formerly: Chairman, Waste Management Boards and PDP Chairman ECTS Board under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Edo State ACN Woman Leader,

Hon. Pally Iriase
Formerly: Immediate past Secretary to State Government 2008-2011PDP
Became: Member House of Representatives for Owan West/East,
Rev. Michael Egharevba
Formerly: Special Adviser to Lucky Igbinedion. One time Senatorial Leader, Edo South Senatorial District
Became: Special Adviser on Protocol to Adams Oshiomhole

Chief Tom Ikimi
Formerly: PDP Leader, Edo Central
Became: ACN National Leader

Chief Andrew Agbi
Formerly: PDP Chairman, Governing Council, Institute of Technology, Usen under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: ACN Leader

Barr. Henry Idahagbon
Formerly: PDP Commissioner for Lands and Survey under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Special Adviser to Adams Oshiomhole. Secretary, Oshiomhole Campaign Organization

Mr. Nosa Adams
Formerly: PDP Caretaker Committee Chairman, Egor Local Govt Council under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Executive Director, Emergency Relief Agency under Adams Oshiomhole

Chief Amos Osunbor
Formerly: Chairman, Edo Line. Managing Director Edo Line under Lucky Igbinedion.
Became: Chairman, Board of Directors Edo Line under Oshiomhole.

Mr. Victor Enoghama
Formerly: Caretaker Committee Chairman, Oredo LG under his brother- in-law Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Commissioner for Transport under Adams Oshiomhole

Chief Osamede Adun aka Bob-Izua
Formerly: Chairman, Committee on Demolition of Illegal Structures under Lucky Igbinedion. Was in charge of collection of all Revenues in Ring Road under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Chairman Small and Medium Enterprises Committee.

Hon. Bright Omokhodion
Formerly: Commissioner for Finance under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Immediate past Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly

Mr. Phillip Olumese
Formerly: Commissioner for Commerce and Industry under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Former Chairman, Edo Broadcasting Service.

Chief (Mrs.) Evelyn Igbafe Omokhodion
Formerly: Board Member, Otibhor Okhai Specialist Hospital, Irrua.
Became: Executive Director, Poverty Alleviation Programme

Hon. Anselm Agbabi
Formerly: PDP Member, Edo House of Assembly
Became: Executive Chairman, Akoko-Edo LG Caretaker Committee

Chief Bayo Adams
Formerly: PDP Party Leader, Akoko-Edo LGA and Board member under Lucky Igbinedion
Became: Chairman, Library Board

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu
Formerly: PDP Chief of Staff 1999 to 2003 and Secretary to the State Government 2003 to 2007.
Became: ACN, National Vice Chairman. Campaign Manager, Oshiomhole’s campaign organization

Dr. Pius Odubu
Formerly: Member House of Representatives 1999 to 2007
Became: Deputy Governor

Hon. Charles Idahosa
Formerly: Director of Protocol and Administration 1999-2000. Commissioner for Information 2003 to 2004. Member, Board of NTA
Became: Special Adviser on Political Matters to Adams Oshiomhole

Barr. Frank Erewele
Formerly: Commissioner for Education under Lucky Igbinedion. Chairman Grace Group
Became: State Organizing Secretary and Chairman Utilities Board

Barr. Anselm Ojezua
Formerly: Commissioner for Sports and Social Development under Lucky Igbinedion.
Became: Commissioner for Information, Commissioner for Lands and Survey 2009 to date

So although it may seem like Adams Oshiomhole was getting into bed with the enemy (his PDP rivals and the criminals and cultists which formed the Lucky Igbinedion administration) it should be more seen as his enemies buying their way into bed with him.

Under this backdrop of corruption, betrayal and power seizing it is of no surprise internal enemies would start to bare on down on Governor Adams Oshiomhole. He was subject to assassination attempts on him and his staff. Including the killing of his Principal Private Secretary Olaitan Oyerinde and an attack on Oshiomhole’s motorcade in 2012 which left 3 journalists dead.

It is under such brutal pressure that I believe Governor Adams Oshiomhole adopted his strategy of keeping his friends close but his enemies closer. He enacted several dubious and deplorable actions. Which if he hadn’t he may not still be alive today. Such actions as employing hired killers like Tony Kabaka (Tony Adun) and his mafia boss uncle Bob Izua (Chief Osamede Adun) for the purposes of “revenue collection” (extortion through the company ‘Akugbe Ventures’)  and actions like forming the ‘Rainbow Consolidated Forum’. The ‘Rainbow Consolidated Forum’ bringing together all Edo’s major cult groups under one umbrella (Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s umbrella) under the guise of his intent to use them to stamp out the murders, rapes, robberies and kidnappings (they were committing). The ‘Rainbow Consolidated Forum’ consisted of the murderers, rapists, armed robbers and kidnappers that were the Neo Black Movement, the Maphites, Eiye Confraternity and the Norsemen etc etc.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s leaving office in 2016 will see the most brutal political violence Edo State has ever seen as the power mongers try to kill and buy their way into power. It most certainly has already started and continues to get worse week by week. According to one worried political commentator “Edo people say that more than 95% of the members of Edo House of Assembly (EDHA) belong to one violent cult group or the other. As a result, these different malicious cult groups have hijacked the Government House in a struggle to get their members in key government positions all over the state”

Below are visualisations showing an increase of violent incidents in Edo State between Jan 2012 to June 2015 (Data courtesy of http://global.fundforpeace.org/)



The original ‘2015 Conflict Bulletin’ produced by The Fund For Peace is available here: http://library.fundforpeace.org/conflictbulletin-edo-1508 and was Published August 22, 2015
By Nate Haken and Patricia Taft with contributions by Hannah Blyth

It is also available to download in PDF form Here

(one criticism I have of the FFP’s  ‘2015 Conflict Bulletin’ is that they differentiate between cult violence and political violence with no acknowledgement or perhaps understanding that they are one in the same thing… there is also the small matter of calling the ‘Maphite’ cult: “Manflight” which although a humorously ironic typo is another inaccuracy of the report)

Additional thanks to SIMON EBEGBULEM for his incredulous reporting of events in and around Benin and in fact to all those who dare to speak out and report what is occurring in Edo State.

Germany Zone and Karneval der Kulturen – BANNED

The Germany Zone have received a lifetime ban from the Berlin Carnival of Culture (Karneval der Kulturen)

Their application:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Un-behalf of the Neo-Black Movement Germany e.V, I wish to apply again for participation in the street parade of the carnival. We took part in the parade last year and it was interesting and a day to rememeber.

The main idea is to display our African culture with music and dancing as well as promoting the integration of Blacks in the German system through music and messages.
We will be between 40 and 50 people participating in the street parade.

We will be taking part with a float (BUS) with decorations of postals encouraging the the integration of Blacks in Germany as well as promoting equality and social justice for all.
The float will also be filled with pictures and paintings of African/German families who are uniting together to promote peace, tolerance and brotherly love for one another. Our wives and children will also accompany us during the parade.

Our costumes will comprise of Black and white and a colourful regalia.

We will have live music with African drums and other african instruments as well as CD.

Please, reply to the mail above so that we can start early planning and make that day a memorable one.

Yours faithfully,
Julius Inegbedion.
President “Neo-Black Movement Germany e.V

It is Unfortunate (for them) someone was on hand to lend the organizers a little insight into the fact they would be inviting a mafia group to the parade. A mafia group who’s idea of culture is mostly killing and fraud.

The organizers forwarded the warning email: 

Dear Julius, dear Henry,

we would like to forward you the email that we received, so that you know what we are investigating. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible but please understand that it will take us a while, as we have an immense amount of logistical work to do in the upcoming days and we work under high pressure to get everything ready and running.
Julius, we will not have the possibility to talk to you on Friday. Thanks for your understanding.
Kind regards
Lord Jainka Haile Selassie (Julius Inegbedion) had the brainwave of sending the organizers a picture of this mafia group visiting an orphanage in a desperate image laundering attempt. A mafia group that visits an orphanage has got be ok, right? Then along with the orphanage picture he prays to korofo he “will squeeze life out of the person/s involved.”
Hasn’t happened yet old boy 🙂
Julius Inegbedion:
However I sent them a mail with pictures of our visit to the less privilege home in Essen if it can help change the situation.

I hope this is not an internal sabotage because Olodumare through KOROFO will squeeze life out of the person/s involved.

I hail.

Lord Isisulu Malunga (Cashmiar Audu) had a few more words to say on the issue. Very insightful and acknowledges the scale and types of criminality he is aware of within the NBM mafia
Cashmiar Audu:

Dear Lords,

We are aware that some of our disgruntled members and their allies worldwide are behind this attempt to tarnish the image of NBM that some of us so truly desire to build.

When I read and joined NBM as a student in 1989, there was nothing that indicated that we should kill and maim our fellow humans, there was no where jn the constitution that says we should oppress people, no where it was encouraged that we should sell cocaine, heroin or traffic women as sex slaves. What I repeatedly saw in the constitution and was oriented with was the need for me to fight oppression in all forms, we were encouraged to fight any form of mans vindictive animalistic brutality to man.

Today, the past activities of the too many who have veered off from the norms of NBM and turned themselves into everything NBM is against have brought shame to the house and will continue to bring shame. Let all those who love NBM go through the link sent by the carnival people and see what negative image some cankerworms have brought to the movement. If what has been so described in the press is what NbM has turned into, then some of us would have no business  being part of the movement.

My admonition, rather than fight over petty issues and peanuts, we all have to channel our efforts towards ensuring that all bad eggs are removed from the movement. The national body must show commitment and willingness to clear the movement of all professional 419, yahoo boys, cocaine dealers, sex trade handlers and other forms of criminals. The NBM I joined is against all of this and if NBM today cannot stand to weed this people out, we can be sure that in no time it would become a shame to say you are an axeman.

Any or all whom have one time or the other been convicted by any court of law for any of the aforementioned criminal offences including credit card fraud are not worthy to be called axemen because you have brought shame yo the movement and those still secretly practicing any of these vices are not worthy to be called my brothers because nothing joins us and I advice you all to repent and find responsible ways to live your lives.

A word is enough for the wise! NBM is for the intellectuals!!

Shame on all fraudsters in our midst! May shame follow you all of your life.

Cashmiar Audu MBA
Kuk Konsult
Neubertst****e 25
01307 Dresden
+4917610***092, +493512***850, +2348024***241

So from the horse’s mouth Lord Isisulu Malunga (Cashmiar Audu) admits (not that we didn’t already know)

The NBM consists of: killers, credit card fraudsters, professional 419, yahoo boys, cocaine and heroin dealers and traffickers, sex trade handlers and other forms of criminals!!

and as a result are not welcome at the Karneval der Kulturen ever again 🙂

nbm painting2

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo – Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo and the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo of the Neo Black Movement

River State Wahala

River State Neo Black Movement member arrested… Should be charged with ‘illegal possession of a dangerous weapon in furtherance of activities of a secret cult’ (cult prohibition bill 2004) at the very least.

Below From: http://dailypost.ng/2015/09/09/i-wanted-fame-prestige-so-i-became-a-cultist-uniport-graduate/

A graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, identified as Ikeadighim Michael Nwachukwu, is currently in the custody of the Rivers State Police Command over his alleged involvement in cult activities.

DAILY POST gathered that the suspect who just graduated from the department of Marketing, UNIPORT, had confessed that he became a cultist to gain prestige.

 Nwachukwu, while been paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, Hyelasinda Musa Kimo, confessed that he was caught with a battle axe on his way to Umuahia, Abia State.
 In his statement, Nwachukwu said: “I had already joined the Black Axe fraternity in Lagos before gaining admission into UNIPORT to study marketing in 2011.

”I was caught with this axe while traveling from UNIPORT to Umuahia. The axe is a battle symbol for cultists. I won’t deny it, I’m a cultist. I have not killed anybody before. I was taking this axe home to bury it because I had graduated.

“The reason I joined them,” the culprit continued, “was not to kill anybody. I joined cultism just for the prestige and fear. I belong to Black Axe.”

The Devil to Investigate Sin – The Benin Zone Crisis

The Neo Black Movement National Head ‘Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’ has formed a committee to “investigate the Benin Crisis”. By his logic i’m assuming the crisis of NBM been arrested by the truck load and the tentative legal position the NBM holds in the State. This assumption is based on the order for all Benin Zone members to surrender all NBM uniforms, insignia and documentation to their Zone’s National Eye immediately. This of course due to the law stating:

Any person who has in his possession or custody of under his control any of the insignia, documents or other property belonging to a secret cult, or wears any of such insignia or is marked with any sign or symbol of a secret cult, or undergoes any rites or takes any oaths of a secret cult, shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved to be a member of that secret cult.

The real crisis in Benin (when not seen through the eyes of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo and the NBM) though is the daily murders, robberies, kidnappings and rapes perpetrated by mafia groups such as the NBM of Africa.

So we are in a position where the creators and protagonists of a problem are setting up a committee to investigate a crisis of their own creation.

Surely the Government in Edo State would be better suited to investigate the crisis created by the NBM?

This is where things get very interesting. Who has been appointed by Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo to investigate the Benin Crisis?

Well in addition to all National Executive Council of Elder (NEXCO) members there is the addition of the following:

NBM Member Hon. Barr. Isimeme Irogbe aka Lord Jaja Opobo is former National Head of the NBM 2009 – 2012 and now Commissioner for Special Duties (Oil and Gas). 

NBM Member Hon. Athanacious Ugbome who is ‎Political Aide to Governor of Edo State at Edo State Government

NBM Member Hon. Osaro Obazee who is Executive Chairman of Oredo local government

NBM Member Dr Mayor Onyebueke aka Lord Patrice Lumumba who is former National Head of the NBM 2005 – 2009

In addition to several other NBM cronies in government positions in Edo State.

Does anyone else in Nigeria not see how ironic this is? This is like appointing the devil to investigate sin.

Here are some mug shots of this crack committee charged with the task of investigating themselves:

Dr Mayor Onyebueke:

Better get rid of that uniform and badge old boy you are breaking the law!

Dr Mayor Onyebueke 2

Dr Mayor Onyebueke you may also want to step away from the flag and I hope to God you were not actually at that conference (though i know you were)

The law clearly states:

Any person who attends to participates in a meeting or activity of a secret cult shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, to be a member of the secret cult.

Dr Mayor Onyebueke 3

Hon. Barr. Isimeme Irogbe 

Hon. Barr. Isimeme Irogbe aka Lord Jaja Opobo of the Black Axe Confraternity (NBM) pictured center. You need to turn your silly yellow NBM scarf  into the National Eye immediately. Tell those two assmen pictured to your left and right to the do the same too. Those books and documents have to be handed in too. They cant fall into the hands of the security services!!!

Isimeme Irogbe

Athanacious Ugbome

Athanacious Ugbome, those clothes and that bow-tie are legal and can stay. However you old boy are not legal. You are deemed a criminal by Nigerian law and therefore must go.

Athanacious Ugbome

Hon. Osaro Obazee

Hon. Osaro Obazee, one of many so called “Honorable” members on this committee. I find nothing “Honorable” about other self-proclaimed “Honorable” NBM members awarding themselves positions within government. You are part of an illegal mafia and you are a criminal. Hand your self in old boy.

open your eyes 4

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo

and of course Head of the committee himself

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo, you forming a committee to investigate the Benin Crisis is not simply just like the Devil investigating sin. It is more like Adolf Hitler forming a committee and appointing Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and Rolf Günther etc to investigate the holocaust.

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo you are the Head of a worldwide mafia. Turn your self in now to the authorities and they may take it easy on you.


Further reading on the state of Edo State corruption is available at: http://neoblackmovement.exposed/corruption.html

Questions, requests, comments, threats all welcome to: neoblackmovement.exposed@ gmail.com

Canada Zone Crisis

Handbags at dawn in the Canada Zone….

Much internal fighting leading to the creation of a “two man committee” to investigate the crisis who actually managed to nearly start fighting too.

The crisis summarized:

The Zonal Chairman organised and “led a hit squad” to attack a fellow NBM member in car wash for “not greeting him correctly” in the ‘club house’.

A suspended NBM member was due to be married (but under the terms of any suspension a Lord cannot in anyway associate themselves with that member and therefore in this case could not attend the wedding). The suspended Lord pleaded with both the Zonal Head and Chairman and took them gifts of alcohol. They accepted the gifts of alcohol got together at at a Council of Elders meeting consumed the alcoholic gifts and had their own little jolly….. then sent SMS messages to all the members they should NOT attend the wedding. Some members disobeyed this command which led to 20 members been de-axed. Then the suspended member was un-suspended 24 hours after his wedding (i guess as some kind of joke?!)

Other members were been subjected to harsh beatings by the Butcher and his henchmen,

Many members were been punished, suspended and de-axed for nominal, unfair or inaccurate reasons.

The committee came to some conclusions to resolve the matters. Some are very interesting.

“Neo Black Movement should go with the flow of today’s world, we are in the 21st century, and it should shift from militancy to a more civil organization that will accommodate its now aging members.” (They are getting too old to beat people up and fight)

“The use of force to resolve its problem is unacceptable” (it takes a committee to work this out finally?)

“No Lord should be subjected physical pain either in a private or public place” (This you can read below is in reference to the punishment of Lords…. like what they call “match” or “5 minutes” where the Zonal Butcher drags a Lord outside to be dealt with.

Also the usual bickering about money

Read the full thing below:


a two-man committee made up of Lord Oba ON2 and Lord Jambarama 1 met in Toronto to reconcile factions involved in the Canada zone crisis. A faction led by the Head of the zone and another led by a former Head in Canada zone Monyor. During the session, members of both factions were allowed to speak freely. Voices were raised, at a time we felt the roof was going to collapse, members almost were physical. At stage members of the committee stormed out of the room in anger. Thank God tempers came down and in the phase 2 of the meeting we were able to resolve the crisis.

After review of petitions, numerous phone calls and 9 hour truth and reconciliation meeting in Canada with lords, the 2-man committee arrived at the following findings and recommendations: FINDINGS The Canada zone crisis was a revolt by some lords against a high-handed leadership that forgot that membership of NBM is by choice and has no right to control private lives of members. Some scenario that will help to understand what caused the crisis

Scenario 1 A lord on suspension went to inform and invite the Zonal Head and the zone for his marriage. He did it the African way, he went with hot drink and pleaded with the head to lift his suspension and allow the zones to attend his wedding because all his friends in Canada are Ayes and his best man is also a lord. He also met the chairman, gave him the marriage dress and begged him to attend his wedding. The head took the hot drink to the COE meeting, they accepted the drink. Both dress and drink were accepted by the Canada zone leadership. Here is what they did: A day before the wedding the head sent text messages to Lords not to attend the wedding and a day after the wedding the leadership lifted his suspension. What happened within 24 hours that made the leadership to lift the suspension of a lord who chose to marry in a foreign land where his only family is his confraternity friends, members of Neo-Black Movement. Many lords begged the Head to allow them attend the wedding in their private capacity, not as members of Neo Black Movement, he refused. He insisted they must not go. Then, the rebellion some lords decided to go and were prepared to face the hammer of a sadistic leadership. The hammer came from the zonal head: Six among those who attended the wedding were deaxed for attending the wedding, for “disrespect for constituted authority”, 14 others were suspended for same offense. The leadership has just created a formidable rebellion that will drag on for the next one year.

Scenario 2 A lord was accused of not greeting the chairman in a club house, the chairman himself led a hit squad to attack the lord, he was “played” in a car wash, and the chairman slapped him. The leadership later deaxed him. This created bad blood with other lords who felt the deaxed lord would have been given opportunity to defend himself. THE CANADA ZONE COE The leadership of the COE was very frail, it did not provide the necessary check and balance that would have helped to prevent the crisis, and rather it was part of the problem, it operated as part of the executive. The chairman was very weak, he created leadership vacuum filled naturally by Lord Bonafinger, Aka (PM) a permanent member of the COE. The Chief Priest (CP) did the unthinkable he “voluntarily” ceded his power to Lord Bona Finger in an IT and the COE did not find anything wrong with the mistake. “Code blue” Code blue was created by the leadership of the COE to undermine the constitution of NBM and the principles behind the creation of the Council of Elders as a democratic unit of the movement. When the word “code blue” is mentioned during COE deliberations it reminds the elders that they should not disagree with the leadership. One member of the COE was deaxed and another resigned in protest, the positions are yet to be filled as at when we met. However, the committee discovered that other factors helped to sustain the crisis, most important of them was the bitter feud between Lord Abebe Bikila former head of Canada Zone and Lord Bona Finger (PM), the committee was able to reconcile both of them and reminded them that as elders in the zone they should be “uniters not dividers”. Others are unaxemanly behavior by many lords such as gossips, lies, cowardice, ego, unforgiving spirit, sycophancy and the use of force to settle issues. We also condemn in all ramifications, the rebellion spearheaded by Monyor and Eghosa, they should always use the proper avenue to pursue their cause. The forming of unparallel government is unacceptable and against the constitution of NBM.


1. Neo Black Movement should go with the flow of today’s world, we are in the 21st century, and it should shift from militancy to a more civil organization that will accommodate its now aging members. The use of force to resolve its problem is unacceptable. No Lord should be subjected physical pain either in a private or public place. To be specific “match” should be banned, and replaced with other innovative civil punishment like paying fine and suspension.

2. Zonal bye-laws should be sent to the national body for ratification.

3. The present leadership should be allowed to complete their tenure which will end in less than a year from now; we don’t want to send a wrong signal that the leadership of the movement can be sacked diabolically. We condemn rebellion; we need a one united NBM in all tiers.

4. The movement should create structures for members with genuine grievances to seek justice. We are suggesting the national body create regional judicial council to resolve issues like this one; it is in our opinion that the national body was slow in applying the right solution to the problem after receiving the first petition from the aggrieved Ayes.

5. The use of deaxeation as an option should be minimized, deaxeable offences should be well spelled by the national.

6. In resolving the crisis the leadership and the Monyor/Eghosa led faction agreed on the following: (a). To strengthen the COE to enable it perform its constitutional function of checks, 3 lords from the Monyor/Eghosa led faction should be appointed to the present COE and other 2 lords to the present Exco. (b).The leadership agreed to lift the suspension of Monyor and Eghosa immediately. (c).The deaxed Ayes should be pardoned if they show remorse and pologize to the victims (The head and Bona Finger). (d)The committee discovered of the 6 deaxed lords by the national body, 2 lords did note part in the attack against the hhead and lord Bona finger. We recommend that the 2 lords (Paul-large and Osawaru) should be recalled by the national body immediately 7. The former Ihaza(Eghosa) a co-signatory to NBM account should release NBM money in the bank to the present Ihaza immediately. List of lords in the reconciliation meeting

Signed. Lord Oba ON2 (Atlanta)………………………………………………………………

Signed Lord Jambarama 1 (New York)…………………………………………………..

List of lords in the reconciliation meeting:

1. Lord Oba-Member reconciliation committee

2.Lord Jambarama Member reconciliation committee

3.Lord Abebe Bikila

4.OlaudaH Equiano-Eseosa


6. Ahmed Baba

8.Oba Ovonranmen-Kabila


10. Muta Muta Baruka-Finbaz

11. Steve Biko-Edwin

12. Camuzu Banda-Obele

13. Water Susulo-Chris

14. Bona Finger-Eugene

15.Kaduna Nzeogwu-Mr. Wise

16.Bazi Bagada-Ogieva

17. Maquamba de first-Uyi